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Recipe for a Celeb face mask

Submitted by Missy

First put a humid towel in front of your face to open pores, then put honey all over your face. leave about two inches from your ears and and an inch from your chin. Then put some uncooked oatmeal on top and leave on for about a half hour, then rinse off. for best results apply every 2 weeks.

Visitors comments

Wow Comments By: MIranda on 2004-08-05
This really worked I did it and I am now addicted thanks Missy. !!!!!
woahhh Comments By: anon on 2004-08-13
my face kept breaking out and never usually does, so i researched and i came to your site. this really worked, and my face is silky smooth. Thanks!
OH. MY. GOSH. Comments By: Michelle on 2004-09-28
This is the greatest home beauty tip EVER. If my computer let me give this 6 stars, i would. Thanks Missy, your an angel
WOW Comments By: YES on 2005-04-13
Your face mask was absolutly great.
Awesome Tip! Comments By: Krissy on 2005-08-09
Thanks so much for the face mask! I loved it so much! It made my face so soft and the best part was I haven't have gotten any ane since i did it. Me and my friend Dannie (nick -name) tried it out and we loved it so much. Thanks a ton!
COOLIO Comments By: Kim on 2005-10-10
It was awesome it tottally worked my skin is silky smooth lol i LOVE it
pores are not like a window or door Comments By: suz on 2005-11-11
according to a famous dermatologist in Manhatten, pores do not open or close. Yes they can be refined through exfoliation, toneing, and using a facial once or twice a week...but pores do not open or close.
i'm excited!!! Comments By: mel on 2006-07-30
I havent even tried it yet but based on the ratings and comments above i cant wait!!! I'll let ya know how it turned out.
Seems like a good tip Comments By: wondering on 2006-07-28
Seems like a great tip seeing the comments above. I always use humid towels to "open pores" and have heard about using honey. But may I ask, what does the honey and oatmeal do? Is the oatmeal necessary? And why leave the spaces between the eyes and chin like you said?
miss lady Comments By: mandy taylor on 2006-08-18
hi iwanted to know what the honey was to dones it refine the pores
or dones it just give you silkie skin

just wantto be clear before use Comments By: Anon on 2006-12-19
hi...i liked it very much..but is it after appling honey we just have to springle oatmeal ON it or mix both and apply it.and can u pl give me some more receipe for sun tan skin...pl help.
tight Comments By: anna on 2007-08-26
this is a good mask i tried it an love it it is amazing thanks for telling me about it me and my friend love it ot is my friends best friend
Holy Shit Comments By: aniluap on 2008-04-17
this is ssooooo amazing use it !!! use it!!!
Will it work? Comments By: gracie-lou on 2008-05-01
I have quite bad acne and suffer from breakouts :( will this help my acne?? Because ive tried clearasil n clean n clear n stuff .... it dosnt work!!! I eat helthily n drink plenty of water n take off ma makeup .... will this work???
SUPER FABULOUS!! Comments By: Nini on 2008-07-21
Every week I have a get together with girlfriends and we like to have a beauty day so we wanted to go cheaper and make our own stuff... AND IT WORKED!!!! thank you so much my skin feels regenerated and like new. So now when im out i can flaunt my GORGEOUS skin!!!!!!!!!
answer please Comments By: Sarah on 2008-08-19
umm everyone says this is good and i will try it ...
but i have a question is it okay if the oatmeal is flovoured ? will it make an effect to the face ?

Delicious Comments By: George on 2008-12-15
I ate the remaining mixture in the bowl and it was super scrummy. Thanks Missy for this Christmases dessert.
The more simple the better. Comments By: Christa on 2009-07-25
Strawberry packages of oatmeal smell great and work just as good aas the regular..

AWESOME!! Comments By: renee on 2009-08-19
I tried it yesterday night and it made my skin so smooth and soft and it was glowing. Thank you so much for this recipe, I LOVE IT!!!

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