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Garlic to help cure an ear ache

Crush a garlic clove and wrap in kitchen towel, then squeeze the juice into the ear, wrap a small amount of the crushed garlic in a little bit more kitchen towel and place gently in the ear and leave for 30mins or so. Will produce a cooling effect, although it smells, it works.

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wouldn't recommend it Comments By: Jena on 2004-11-28
I followed the suggested garlic oil treatment for an ear ache and it burned like hell--I definately wouldn't recommend it!
1 Comments By: Amanda on 2005-03-18
I have also tried having garlic in my ear when i had an earache, but it also burned my ear .. Didnt work.
garlic for earaches Comments By: Moosha on 2005-04-03
I have used a garlic infusion which is successful for my daughters ear aches and infection. I heat about 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil, then add 4 large minced crushed garlic cloves, crushing the garlic against the side of the glass in the oil with the back of a spoon over and over and over.

I then suck up the warmed (not HOT) oil/garlic infusion into an eyedropper, fill her ear canal and close the opening with cotton batton. I then massage her gently just behind the earlobe, under the ear opening, down the side of her neck toward her throat, in gentle, slowly angling frictions toward the throat from the ear area.

This helps it work its way into the eustacian tube. I prefer to do this when she is due for a nap if she is likely to pull the cotton out otherwise. I also treat with Tylenol Cold medicine for infants at the same time, using the recommended doseage only.

There's no way I would pure garlic juice in an infants or anyone elses ear, to0o harsh..

Earache Comments By: Jules on 2006-03-21
This really works!! My mother used to do this to me and I do this with my son also.
warm up some olive oil and put it it in the ear either by dropper or cotton ball. Let the cotton ball saturate with
the oil then squeeze into the ear. Move the ear around a bit so the oil penetrates well. Leave in the ear for as long as you want. The pain almost goes away immediately. Also, If you check your local drug store they sell "sweet oil" and if you read the ingredients it's 100% olive oil. You pay much more for it this way.

This Truly Works! Comments By: Jenny G on 2006-09-30
I just tried this on my son tonight and it worked wonderfully.
Four large cloves of garlic is too much to use.... Comments By: Sally on 2007-11-06
garlic is very potent. one clove of garlic crushed and mixed with one cup of olive oil and then strained to remove all particles of the garlic from the oil is a safer recipe. I would never recommend using crushed garlic directly on any area of skin or ears, or any sensitive areas.
Olive oil is safer and relaxes the ear.
I love garlic, but is must be diluted greatly to be non-irritating internally or on the skin anywhere.

olive oil is the one Comments By: jay on 2007-12-14
i just tried warm olive oil in the ear for my son and it deadened the aching sensation really quickly.twinned with a painkiller. brilliant.!
olive oil has traditionally been used to reliev earache Comments By: Ibrahim Munir on 2008-12-30
garlic must not be used alone for earche. I do recommend one clove to be crushed in a spoonful of olive oil then with a cotton pud or (edge of a spoon) place two to three drops of the oil in the ear and that how it worked with my little son immediatly.
Burns like hell! Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-24
I would not recommend putting garlic oil in your ear. I mixed a small amount of fresh juice and olive oil 50/50. A few drops in the ear and almost immediately felt a burning pain that lasted for quarter of an hour. Be warned!
I have always used a small whole clove Comments By: Susan on 2009-12-11
I have always used a small whole clove wrapped in cotton with a couple drops of olive oil. This never burns, and works great overnight.
CAUTION! Comments By: Virginia on 2010-01-04
OK...when my son (who is 28) was little (1-2), he had a food allergies that caused terrible ear infections. A few times we used liquid garlic and they were 'healed' NO kidding! The doctors thought I was nuts, but, hey, it worked and he had no problem with it.

Now, I have a terrible ear ache and surfed the web to find these remedys...and I am sorry, but not fresh organic garlic ever again. Maybe the olive oil thing would have been better...I am 54, and not a wimp, I have a huge pain threshhold...but this is horrible! My husband and I squeezed liquid garlic from my organic garlic cloves using cheese cloth...and OH MY GOD! I thought I was gonna DIE! I HAD TO flushed two quarts of cool water into my ear and then swabbed it with alcohol to displace the water...it throbs still, and I can hear my pulse like crazy! I am going to put a warm compress on it, and go to bed and show up at my doctor office at 9am. I also take Mucinex 2 tab's 2x a day for years...so. I have never had an earache in my life...

Whole garlic glove WORKS Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-27
Choose a small clove, cut the tip off to provide a blunt end, put some olive oil or aloe gel on the clove and put in your ear. It works! A week of ear drops from the doctor failed but the clove of garlic worked within hours. Don't crush the garlic and don't use it without olive oil or aloe gel or it will sting.
Works, but be warned Comments By: Samantha on 2011-01-04
I used this therapy. I believe I scored the garlic too much. I also used a light weight gauze. If you feel a burning sensation, remove it from your ear IMMEDIATELY. It should not burn. I did not remove it and ended up with burns inside of my ear. YES, the earache went away. But the burned part of my ear is rather uncomfortable. I recommend getting AURO - natural earache relief drops. I got them at the local pharmacy less than $4 USD.
It works! Comments By: Bob on 2011-03-13
I have used this method for minor earaches! I wrap a small piece in tissue and leave it in overnight! Woke up the next morning and the pain was gone! Don't put it in the ear canal itself but just inside the ear! Most of the time it will just fall out itself!

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