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Salt water for ulcers

Submitted by Kirs

Either dab salt on the ulcer itself or rinse your mouth with salt water several times a day, it instantly reduces the stinging sensation and the natural antiseptic will get rid of it at the same time.

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Pain Comments By: lawrence on 2004-08-22
Although this works, it hurts like hell
uclers Comments By: anon on 2004-09-10
it works for about 2 minutes then the stinging sensations come back, but i couldnt take much of the burning that was coming from putting salt straight on the ulcer i only left it on for about 6 seconds and thats all i could take.
13337 Comments By: anonymous on 2004-09-24
this is brilliant. ever put salt on slugs? this is like that. it burns that slimy white substance out of your mouth, therefore reducing the pain. it comes back though, so it needs to be done at least once a day. i reccommend leaving the salt directly on the ulcer for at least 5 minutes. it hurts really bad for the first 20 seconds, and then you're over it. this is hands down the best treatment for reducing the pain of ulcers.
OMG Comments By: Ben Purton on 2004-10-31
Yeah putting salt directly on them hurts like hell, in fact it dont get much worse, but the pain goes in about 15-20 seconds, so to tell you the truth you dont haave much time to get rid of it even if you wanted too, and by then the pain has gone, it heals them pretty quick too, just dont waste money on products you buy in the store like ANBESOL its rubbish the pain goes for about 7 mins thne comes back, salt is the best and cheapest way.
Tried and true Comments By: ab on 2004-11-12
I've been using this for years and did a search to see if other people do it...it is definitely the best. It hurts-yes, like hell-for the first 30 seconds or so. But if you leave it on long enough - a few minutes - it seems to totally numb it and the ulcer feels less "open" and stingy.
~*~ ACE ~*~ Comments By: anon on 2004-11-29
i have just this second applied some salt to my very big ulcers and yes it hurted ALOT, for 10 seconds or so, but now it has got rid of the aching pain i hav suffered from all day! i'd reccomend applying salt to the ulcers 3-4 times a day! gets rid of them MUCH quicker and soothes the pain! GREAT TIP :-) XXX
Salt Comments By: anon on 2005-03-29
This really works. i used to get them all the time and know i still get them but they are a lot less shorter and painful.
painful Comments By: okiechick76 on 2006-05-10
yeah painful more like burns like hell but it keeps coming back is it really worth it?

Timmy says ouch!!! Comments By: Timmy on 2007-07-31
hi my name is T-T-T-Timmy, I have just found this and must admit it hurts like hell when i first applied the salt, but it was kind nice to feel the ulcar burning away, it felt as if i was actually killing the damn thing!!!


Arhhhhh!!! Comments By: Anon on 2007-12-19
I have just dabbed a load of salt onto my crater sized ulcer and have just peeled myself off the ceiling, I do think it is burning it away though.
Mental Comments By: Jack on 2008-01-21
Wow. The pain is excruciating for the first 40 seconds for me. After that though, it just turned more like a normal cut, except really numb. I did try it teterday however, and the whole side of my face ached for about an hour. hmm
i just tried it. Comments By: kellie noble on 2009-04-26
i ran out of bonjella and tried the mothod of putting the salt straight on i didnt know how long to leave it so i left it until it stopped burning.
it did bleed the slightest bit but im guessing this is normal??

oh yesss Comments By: milly. on 2008-03-25
I love the pain. is that normal?
Salt 4 Ulcers Comments By: Kat on 2008-04-08
This is so true, I have an ulcer have had the same one for a couple of days now i decided to have cold salt water but personally it didn't do a lot for me, the most effective way was when i put pure salt on my finger and then straight onto the ulcer painful lol but in the end result... Well worth it!
Pain Comments By: Alex on 2008-05-16
The pain is awesome! Take it like a man! [or woman]
Hurts but worth it Comments By: Anon on 2008-05-28
The pain is something I've never experienced before. I put pure salt on the ulcer with the tip of my finger, and it burns like hell for 40 seconds or so, but after that it starts to sort of numb it. For the next hour or so, the entire side of my jaw was actually in pain. It hurts all the way into my teeth!

Better than salt water though.

Jst wondered if other ppl did it Comments By: Paul on 2008-06-27
The pain is almost unbareable, i got a nice gash rite round my mouth inside from boxing so i put salt on it. I dont think it get srid off the pain but the initial pain of the salt is so much that you dont notice the normal pain for a few hours lol
It really works Comments By: Toby the ulcer sufferer on 2008-07-26
I swear this technique actually helps heal ulcers quicker, especially if you catch the ulcer early and do it just before be: when I wake up in the morning the ulcer is a mere shadow of its former self! It does hurt a lot, it actually brings tears to my eyes every time I do it, but it works really well and the pain doesn't last long.
ew ulcers Comments By: ulcer killer on 2008-08-04
i just put some salt on it there, ouch it hurt really bad but after a few minutes the pain went away. now my ulcer is feeling a bit better.
salt in the eye Comments By: ken on 2008-08-28
Yes putting salt on my mouth ulcer puts a tear to my eye,
So...to combat this, I put salt in my eyes,
and now both my mouth and my eyes sting like hell.

Go salt!

the only way Comments By: A on 2008-09-20
I get bad ulcers regularly and if I'm feeling brave will put salt directly on (hurts unbelieveably then almost feels good) - gets rid of them much faster - or rinse mouth with warm salted water if not feeling so brave, which also helps but they definitely stick around for longer. No pain, no gain!
heck, why not... Comments By: Doms on 2008-11-05
after 3 days of anbesol et al - my friend recommended a hot salt water rinse, as hot as you can take it & as salty as you can take it. I piled in the salt and rinsed - I felt so much better and so quickly. However, I am now going to try the direct salt route....pray for me !
Salt + Ulcer = Win Comments By: John on 2008-11-09
I remember i complained about ulcer pain to my mom and she recommended salt and warm water. I tried it but wasnt satisfied. So i just put salt on it directly. It seemed to have healed it rather quickly!
I think what happens, is the salt helps to clean out and bacteria that is left in the crater like thing. I'm no scientist, but i want to say salt can do that. Also the pain that is causes seems to numb the area for awhile. :)

Scared Comments By: Taylor on 2009-02-04
I've gotta really really super bad ulcer underneath my tongue, and I wanna get rid of it soooooo bad! I'm half scared to use the salt water, cause, I hate feeling pain.
Salt your mouth off Comments By: EDMUND TOH SK on 2009-03-25
my lips became bigger and numbed after that. But salt really helps kill the ulcers. SO PUT MORE SALT ON IT BEFORE IT KILLS YOU!
Comments By: Roland on 2009-07-10
i have tried doing this for the past 10 years. although it's painful, the ulcer heals faster, usually in less than 2 days.
hmmmm Comments By: Courtnie on 2009-08-17
I have braces and ive got an ulcer right on the side of mouth, it is so painful. I got it from a cut caused by my brace. Im actually really scared to put salt on it as i loath pain!
the pain is nice Comments By: Bekki on 2009-08-19
Yeah i put the salt straight on with damp tissue or my finger and it is painful but in a strange way its a pleasurable pain, i like getting ulcers just so i can put the salt on it. i have 2 right now, just salted them up,as soon as the pain stops they're just dead little lumps in your mouth. do it.
Love It!!! Comments By: M on 2009-08-31
Been putting it on my ulsar 2 times a day, kills like hell but if the this ulsar wants a war - thats what he will get!!

Come on SALT!

salt n vinegar Comments By: ulcerboy on 2009-10-22
some salt and vinegar in a cup with some warm water really stings for a min then it goes numb
OUCH Comments By: Crueltyinc on 2009-11-06
Holy @$^& that hurts like hell. I've tried using it every once in a while before, never occurred to me to leave it on (then again I was never strong enough to try it for more than a few seconds!). Not sure what it does, but the first time I did, a thin film of blood came out. Not sure if that's typical (or good), but it seemed to take a small amount of pain out of the equation.
Dont hurt that much, Comments By: Ad on 2009-11-10
Just done it.. It didnt really hurt much for me tbh. It seems to have helped though
Rock and Roll! Comments By: Lee on 2009-11-30
aaahhhh sweet pain! but it seriously does speed up the healing process incredibly!
I was feeling a little masochistic yesterday and the THREE ulcers i have were driving me crazy so i thought screw it, salt water apparently works, how about just salt... 100% WIN!

SALT ROCKS Comments By: RAWR on 2009-12-31
Salt is the ultimate, best, cheapest and most effective way to get rid of oral ulcers in the mouth. Though it burns, bear with it. Feel the pain.................
Ulcer City Comments By: Giles on 2010-01-29
Iv got a big 'full moon' ulcer right now... iv been putting pure salt on it for 2 days, twice a day and then rinsing with salt water twice after to really attack the ulcer internally... RESULT: alot of pain, especially on the second rinse as the ulcer is basically a huge hole and the salt water is cleaning the middle of the wound. After treatment, my Ulcer hurts for like an hour... i will let you know how long it takes the Ulcer to vanish as normally without salt treatement they last about 2 weeks.
I agree Comments By: SteveJones313 on 2010-01-29
Works for me, everytime.
Just tried it - Hope it works! Comments By: lauren on 2010-02-08
I have an awful ulcer on the inside of my cheek. Its like a huge crater of death and its making me miserable. After reading these suggestions, I just went and put salt directly on it. It hurt really bad for about 20 seconds then felt a lot better. Now maybe I can finally go to sleep. Hope it gets rid of it! Wish me luck, please..
try Honey guys, although SALT works Comments By: Deno on 2010-02-11
I have been having a big ulcer whihc touches the inside of my gum and cant eat anything from the left side. I used salt directly on the ulcer and it pained like hell but after some time it became numb.... Also try applying honey directly on the ulcer it will give a nice cooling effect
13 yr old Comments By: that crazy giiirl on 2010-02-24
welll,i'm thirteen and i put ALOT of salt DIRECTLY on my ulcers,i just did it actually.i mean,if i could
do it,can't you? it hurts a bunch.but i get used to it,if you keep it on for a while and kinda HOLD TIGHTLY on the area around it,if its on the inside of your lip,it doesn't hurt that bad... anyways if ou have it on for a while,it actualy goes away & you can feel it shrinking.bleeding is a good sign tooo(: i hate ulcerrrs x999999!

This kills Comments By: Nikki D on 2010-03-27
Holy mother of all things painful! This kills like you would not believe! I have always used this method and at first it makes them worse but eventually does kill them off. Bonjella and all the over the counter stuff just doesn't work! Marmite works too but I hate marmite so much and it actually hurts 10 times more than salt!!! Yes, it really does! Drown the ulcers in salt people, man up, take the pain and get rid of the evil painful craters of hell :-(

Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuch Comments By: Nikki D on 2010-03-27
Holy mother of all things painful! This kills like you would not believe! I have always used this method and at first it makes them worse but eventually does kill them off. Bonjella and all the over the counter stuff just doesn't work! Marmite works too but I hate marmite so much and it actually hurts 10 times more than salt!!! Yes, it really does! Drown the ulcers in salt people, man up, take the pain and get rid of the evil painful craters of hell :-(
no pain no gain Comments By: ULCER WARRIOR on 2010-04-10
The pain wasnt even that bad! I just did it then! Great tip AZZ..
hurts Comments By: anon on 2010-04-14
it is the most effective way, i've used it for years, doesn't hurt as much as people say
Ouch. Comments By: blah.. on 2010-05-14
seriously, guys count yourself lucky.
i have 3 mouth ulcers.
2, medium sized painfullish ones.
then one huge one, the dentist was even shocked. it hurt like fucking hell!
its a rare ulcer, its like a normal painfull ulcer with another one on top of it.

It worked!! Comments By: Matthew on 2010-05-14
It did hurt but not long. The pain isn't that bad. Just think about how tortuous an ulser is. Compare 20 seconds to a week LOL. :D I hope this worked wonders for everyone else!

Mouth ulcers Comments By: J on 2010-06-05
Tried abesol I really think depends where the ulcer is in your mouth, sometimes it works sometimes not this time,used iglu a new product it's good but need to keep applying it once it wear off. It has excellent barrier again hasn't work I had my ulcer for 4 days now now it's salt time & iglu on top so I keep u posted what the result.. & how long it take to clear.
Sooo Sore��� Comments By: Ellee on 2010-06-16
ouch sitting at work in a call centre with a mouth ulcer is not good, so i have my salt and vinegar crisps and have got the salt from the bottom of the packet. i was in agony but it feels okay now.. just a little numb
Ulcers hurt, salt helps Comments By: Haley on 2010-06-17
The salt will HURT. A lot. But it also helps a lot. Just think of how much pain your ulcers are causing you now. The salt will ease that within the first two minutes. Keep at it for a few days and it should go away not to long thereafter.

I don't know where I'd be without salt.

Go Salt! Comments By: Amy on 2010-07-05
I have the biggest ulcer in the back of my mouth between my gum and my cheek. its even starting to make my face swell!! Salt and hot hot water though makes me feel soooo much better!! and i love the pain, i imagine it screaming "im melting" *evil laugh*
You Sissies Comments By: Salt Man on 2010-07-22
I keep a large chunk of rock salt on my ulcer all day. Suck it up.
it does help Comments By: Katie McElwee on 2010-07-23
I've had this ulcer on my lip for a few days now, it started out a small litlle dot and got bigger. i just started rinsing with salt water today and already it's getting smaller. Yes the stinging came back, but, only bc it's on my lip right against my bottom teeth. so they're rubbing against it when i talk. Other than that it doesn't hurt at all. But I would definitely recommend this bc it does help. Not as fast as you would like, but it helps. I'm doing it for the second time right now as we speak and it feels like a little bump on my lip.
Also Comments By: Katie on 2010-07-23
Try using salt water, rather than putting the salt on the ulcer itself. For me it's completely painless.
SALTY ULCER BALLS! Comments By: Kelly McCracken on 2010-08-03
Ooooooftttt!! Sore as anything! This thing better go away or I hold you lot resposible you hear!?
Painless Comments By: anon on 2010-08-30
Uclers are so annoying. Especially looking at that big hole in your mouth. Glad to hear that my ucler will go away soon if I apply salt.
Painful Comments By: Mavis on 2010-09-16
i tried the salt method it is really painful it feels like i am in a car accident the first time i felt like screaming and yelling but i think my ulcer has really heal a little as it dosent hurt that much anymore....:)
Ulcer Begone Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-27
I wanted to LOL when I read all the comments, but could only smile to myself because of my horribly painful ulcer. I've also salted my ulcer, and I'm going to do it again tomorrow. The battle continues...and will be won.
Ouch :( Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-09
I've got three ulcers caused by my braces, 2 on the inside of my top lip, so I can't close my mouth [or my braces will rub against them] and one on my bottom lip, I'm too worried about the Salt, or Salt Water! Surely there's a way that DOES work, but doesn't hurt like bad? :/
Comments By: Becka on 2010-10-15
I love this thread, everyone feels exactly how I am feeling, have had a huge ulcer in my cheek for over a week now, it even had a big white line stemming from it and my gland has been swollen :(
Another Solution Comments By: Linggak7 on 2010-10-16
Well, salt does cause pain. basically, it's depriving whatever that cause ur ulcers of water, which is why it burns like hell. then again. there is anothe long-time cure for cancker sores and ulcers. Forget the over the counter meds. coz, its like killing a fly with a gun. try rubbing some butter on ur lips (some even say on the ulcer) every few hours or so, and follow thru every morning. if ur an indian, and know what GHEE is, that works even better. If u dont have butter or Ghee, then u shud try diluting the salt into water rather than applying it directly. I used to do that a LOT and i love the pain (idk why) but i realized while the pain does go away after a while, salt water is more thorough and less excruciating. =) get well soon. peace.
Holy Burning Salt Hell Comments By: Rebel on 2010-10-27
So i have bad tendancies of busting my lips open and right now its the worst its ever beem. i have them almost covering the right inside of my cheek and creeping out the edge of my inner lip. i geuss this is what i get for boxing but i guess its worth the price when you win. you regret it later though when you cant eat or play trumpet for ure 2 college band classes. for years ive been trying to find a fast solution to ulcers and i hope this one works. tried a weak salt mixture at first and it didnt burn at all rele actually felt soothing, then i tried rele heavy concentrate and i bout ripped my face off my mouth hurt so much. if this works as suggested im gonna start carryin salt water with me for when my mouth gets hurt :)
Be Honest.... Comments By: John on 2010-11-11
..those that put salt directly on it, as a regular rememdy, enjoy the pain. I know i do. >:D
Aye? Comments By: jayee on 2010-11-13
My bf actually told me to do this, and my first initial reaction was "get the **** out....!" but i ended up pouring some salt onto my ulcers anyway. And, there isnt any major pain like some state - I barely felt anything. I have yet to leave a comment on whether this would work but its better than spending $15+ for things like zovirax......
dabbing directly salt on the ulcers is effective Comments By: Loh on 2010-11-20
i did it on fri (2 times), sat (3 times) and feel good today. I just put salt again just to kill the germs again. Each time it is so painful and i have tears rolling out. But i feel now.
age old remedy and it works Comments By: Claire L J on 2010-12-31
I have visited the doctor in the past with an ulcer on my tonsil and she suggested salt water. I have used it for years and its does work, the salt fights off the bacteria at the ulcerous site that causes that classic white coating and pain. I would note that I do get some inflammation round the area and have found Corlan tablets (hydrocortisone tablets) effective use directly on the ulcer not swallowed. These are only available from a doctor.

Another good medical treatment I also used for large, inflamed ulcers is adcortyl in Orabase paste which seals the ulcer and acts on the pain and swelling using another steroid ingredient.

Any other treatment such as bongela are useless!

Salt on ulcers 4 life Comments By: Joey on 2011-01-01
Putting salt on an ulcer.... Taste like justice.

The best part besides the pain is the uncontrollable drooling.

Ahhhhrrrrrrrrrr Comments By: Diamond on 2011-01-31
My Ulcer Is Massive So I Put Some Salt On It Leave A Big Grain On It Then Wait Till Its Desolved After Try Rubbin Some More On Then The Pain Goes It Stings Tho !!
Amazing! Comments By: chloe123 on 2011-03-30
I have a big ulcer in my mouth i have been using bongela but seeing as im under 16 i'm no longer able to use it. I moved over to iglu but this is not helping me! it is very big and sore. I tried salted water but i've never had such a sore pain that i can't hold it on for long with out tears coming to my eyes. But i have seen all these amazing comments on how it goes quicker, so i'm taking it and going to use salty water from now on! should i wash with a drink or get some tissue and hold it on? its right at the front inside.
works like a treat Comments By: free from pain! on 2011-04-09
Excellent! Thanks guys! I seriously physched myself up to add the salt onto the ulcer that appeared just yesterday. I did hurt but I think I thought it would hurt more than it did - which was great. Instant results though....I couldnt even use my tongue to touch the ulcer because it was sooo painful. But the sal felt like it was burning the bacteria away. This should be your only solution to removing an ulcer! those pharmacies are ripping you off!!!!
painful Comments By: sam on 2011-05-10
After applying salt, my whole lips swollen up. Imagine 2 big round ulcer 'emerge' into one massive huge ulcer.. Hope it will go away after I wake up.
Salty Ulcers hurt! Comments By: Denise Hudgens Wan on 2011-06-05

Die, ulcers, dieeeeeeeeee! Comments By: Anon on 2011-06-20
Ulcers have been making my life hell lately. I recently took to gargling with warm salt water for as long as I could stand it. It hurts to bad it makes my face burn and nearly brings tears to my eyes, but I've noticed that the ulcer looks 'cleaner' afterwards and -- even better -- stays numb for a long time. My husband said that's because, in addition to cleaning the area out, salt has killed some of my nerve endings. He says it's because salt is a neurotransmitter. Maybe he's just talking out his ass about that, but for whatever reason, my mouth is not just a giant ball of stinging pain at the moment. After reading this, maybe I will go put some salt directly on the damned things. Die, die, die!
ulcer blues :( Comments By: ;laurie on 2011-07-17
im am doing this as we speak not really that painful but it burns alot. however last night when my best friends mum did it tears were running downmy cheeks lol

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