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Best way to shave your legs

Submitted by Kirstie

Soak your legs in the bath to soften the hairs, then exfoliate or use a loofah, this prevents ingrowing hairs, then shave with hair conditionerin the place of shaving foam, leave them beautifully soft.

Visitors comments

Very luxurious Comments By: TipKing on 2004-08-07
Someone obviously knows how to pamper themselves. Great advice!
i love to pamper Comments By: alex on 2004-09-27
ok well my friend told me about the conditioner on ur legs and it works. i love this idea so im going to try it the conditioner really works. good job!!
Which way exactly? Comments By: anon on 2006-05-06
which way are you supposed to shave with a razor? up or down?
TipKing says: I tend to save up into the grain but I think that that is not the best way


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