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Greasy hair away in seconds

Submitted by Kirstie

Apply baby powder to your hair brush and brush through the greasy area, the powder absorbs the grease, a quick fix but wash out same day, a good fix for blondes as it brightens the hair too.

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Brown haired girl saving MASSIVE time... Comments By: Mikaela on 2005-09-30
I am a professional with four boys with very little time. I chose to straighten my hair so this was taking up 2 hours every other day. Now, I can go up to 4 days without washing!

I, although this isnt suppose to work for dark haired girls, tried the baby powder thing AND IT WORKED. I can get another 2 days out of a washing with fresh smelling hair. My hair in very long and wirey. I HAVE to have it smooth and silky, therby having to iron it.

Beware, we dark haired girls need VERY little or it will make your hair look weird. Dont sprinkle on, it will be too much. Put a bit in your hand and flip your head over and run it through starting at the scalp.

You wont have the volume as if you just washed but it wont look unclean. Us girls have got to stick together and get out of the house before the boys! The early bird gets the worm!

Hmmmm Comments By: Becca on 2007-08-11
Are yous sure? I can't imagine it working but will try next time instead of just tossing it into a bobble.
Works! Comments By: Kassi on 2009-06-01
I found this tip before on another site and asked my dresser about it. She didn't know aboutit but said no harm done! I did it and it worked GREAT! I am asian and have close to black hair and the worst that happened was once, I put to much in and it looked like i had dandruff!
how much Comments By: saeeda on 2009-07-22
how much do u put it n do u wash it afterwards...

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