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Fingers glued together?

Submitted by Micaela

If your fingers get glued together with nail glue or something simular, use nailpolish remover with a cotton ball and dab it over the glue.

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This really worked Comments By: Donna on 2005-03-26
Thank you, this really worked. I glued two of my fingers together with super glue.
It did not work. Comments By: Theresa on 2005-12-18
my daughter glued her fingers together and the nail polish remover did not work. Any other ideas? Or does it depend on the type of remover?
Dont knw if it really works Comments By: Navee on 2007-02-01
I had my fingers glued together and Turpentine was my solution
Worked for me!! Comments By: Justin, 12 on 2007-04-07
It wprked! i idin't glue my fingers together, but i glued and object to my finger as a joke! It wasn't very funny after i showed my dad... Thank you!!
I did better with soaking in soapy water Comments By: Rob Afterlife on 2007-08-18
I did better with soaking in soapy water as someone suggested. I tried the nail polish remover but it didn't work. I had glued my finger to the side of the glue tube where it had dripped down. When I soaked in in the soapy water for a minute, I was able to slowly work them apart. Good luck.
fingers glued together. Comments By: DG on 2007-09-13
Warm soapy water!!!
Good Idea Comments By: Anon on 2008-03-29
Yeh I got the glue tube stuck on my finger when it leaked. The nail polish helped to get it off & then I soaked it in warm soapy water. Its coming off now. Thanks for the tip.
Getting rid of Super Glue on fingers Comments By: Pete on 2008-06-03
If the nail polish remover or the soapy water did not work, let the hand dry completely and use a file to gently file off the glue. This worked for me!
It sort of worked Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-09
My fingers were stuck together with nail glue so I put them under warm water and put soap on it and I was able to pull them apart but now they feel weird. I tried nail polish and it got some off but not all. Is there anything else I can do?
Combination worked Comments By: Tess on 2008-10-01
I glued two fingers together with super glue. I soaked in warm soapy water, then applied nail polish remover, soaked again, then cut the glue as it pulled apart from my finger slightly. After I got my fingers separated, I was able to peel the glue off -- tedious, but successful.
unglue fingers Comments By: stucky on 2008-12-16
Painters Acetone will remove super glue
removing super glue Comments By: mr stone on 2009-05-06
I managed to glue 2 fingers and my thumb together.Soaked my fingers in hot soapy water, no joy. Then read through these tips & found soaking in hot as you can handle soapy water whilst gently prising apart with spoon worked.It took 45 mins.Cheers.. couldnt face going to the hospital.
super glued your fingers? Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-03
use simple green. it worked wonders for me, stuff dissolved right quick. i washed my fingers and was done with it.
It really worked! Comments By: Theresa on 2009-11-07
I glued my fingers togeter with nail glue and i used soapy warm water and nail polish remover and in 10 sec. they came apart.
we forgot rule number one: Comments By: cyAnonAcryalte man on 2009-11-28
never try to pull apart by force.
yes nail polish and warm soapy water worked here today.
Thanks to all

use simple green Comments By: jeanie on 2009-12-09
just glued my fore finger to my thumb. tried polish remover. saw simple green on here. it worked in less than 5 minutes. easy . thanks
Simple green Comments By: Jules Newcastle on 2010-01-12
What is simple green ??

TipKing says: It is a multipupose cleaner. I have never heard of it. I had to search on Google.

Soapy water works! Comments By: Betty on 2010-02-06
Happened to me 10 min ago. First I used 100% acetone for 3-5 min. Then 3 min soapy water (really soappy) worked like a charm.

haha Comments By: Jane on 2010-03-10
or just do what i do slowly pull apart or in my lil sis case rip it quick lol
Had to use a combination Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-03
I knew to try the acetone polish remover but after about 7 minutes of soaking I was ready to try something else. HOT soapy water, prising with a spoon, short acetone soak, back to HOT soapy water, sawing with metal nail file until apart. Took me about 5 minutes. Now I'm filing off the residue glue. That seems to be working ok too.
it worked Comments By: jesse on 2010-06-27
nail polish remover then warm soapy water worked in seconds
Clorox Green Works Comments By: James on 2010-07-04
I just used an all-purpose cleaner called Clorox Green Works and it separated my fingers in seconds with the help of the little nail file thingy on a pair of nail clippers.
I just soaked in the Green Works for 30 seconds or so, then slowly wiggled the pointy tip of the file in between my fingers until they popped apart. Didn't take long at all.

Fingers and thumbs Comments By: Claw boy on 2010-10-13
I hold the record for 4 fingers on one hand and 2 fingers to a thumb on the other hand. I find the 3 fingers and thumb are great for opening another tube of glue to reapply over the affected areas. This will wet the hardened glue and then...dammm... I'm stuck...help... keyboard has stuck to my omni-claw.

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