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Soap pads. Clean your irons plate with a soap pad

Remove brown stains from the base of iron with a soap-pad.

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iron cleaning - soap pads damage surface Comments By: D James on 2007-07-13
dont use soap pads - these scratch the surface of your iron - removing any non-stick coating which makes the iron even more likely to stick and burn!
WHAT??? Comments By: Dumbfounded on 2008-12-07
Now come on!!!, I'm a guy and not even I would be so dumb as to try and clean an iron soleplate with a soap pad.

Worked for me Comments By: rpjg on 2008-12-09
On polished stainless steel hot plate of Bosh Iron.
Using a Brillo pad with No scratching

what is brillo pad? Comments By: louie on 2009-04-05
I have never heard of this pad before where do you get it

TipKing says: It is the name in the UK for a soap filled steel wool pad.


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