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Has your hair stopped growing?

If your hair is not growing just put it in a ponytail when dry (this will prevent breakages). If you put it in a ponytail everyday it grows faster and a little extra tip is eat a lot of protien it encourages hair growth.

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superb Comments By: anon on 2004-11-26
this tip is great ive been wearing my hair in a a ponytail evever since ui decided to grow it out of a bob and and it is now past my shoulders, it also makes it look longer.
eat what? Comments By: kamari on 2004-12-29
what should i eat to make it grow more?
TipKing says: The tip says 'Protein' which is meat etc

Or.... Comments By: Me on 2005-05-13
I've heard that ponytail (depending on the elastic you use) can actually break hair. Try braiding. I've found braiding really increases hair growth and volume!
hmm Comments By: tasha on 2005-06-06
So tipking says that putting your hair in a ponytail is effective in growing your hair - but! how long til you see results>?
hair growth Comments By: e on 2006-02-19
what foods do you have to eat to make your hair grow?

TipKing says: I suppose just a healthy diet.

thin hair too? Comments By: shrtstuf on 2009-02-07
What if your hair quit growing and it is also thinning. Will a ponytail still work on growth. Could it be a vitamin or some deficiency? It's been about 3 years for me. However my daughter wears a ponytail everyday and her hair is thick and to her butt and grows fast.
Male Hair Comments By: Sweet Load on 2009-02-24
what about male hair, how can we have ponytails as the hair are thin and very few.
please any tip for make it thick and healthy.


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