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Fabric softener. Using vinegar to soften fabric

Vinegar is your friend on laundry day. Use it instead of fabric softener for a natural softness to your clothes. It will help reduce that static cling.

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FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! Comments By: Stephanie on 2005-03-02
I use vinegar on my husband's (smelly)work clothes. It totally works! It removed the odors and left them fresh and clean smelling! Which is odd seeing how vinegar smells itself. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone who have clothing that needs some freshening up!!!!
yes but... Comments By: acezz4e_tish on 2006-01-17
i still use softener in the dryer cause vinegar alone i have not found to reduce static. if it did i wouldnt get shocked all the time being outside. the added softener to the dryer helps more with static. also bounce in your pocket is a gr8 pest control in the spring and summer.

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