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Blonde Hair For Blondes. Hair dye tip

Submitted by CL

I know it sounds dumb (for a blonde no less); but for this tip you have to have naturally blonde hair, sorry. 

If you have caramel, honey or any light colour blonde hair and want to kick it up a notch by making it even lighter try this. Mix 1/2 water, 1/2 hydrogen peroxide, put it in a clean spray bottle and spray it on you're hair after you wash it. 

For the fastest effect let your hair dry in the sun. If your hair is darker and you're worried you might turn orange try a smaller ratio of H2O2 and adjust it as needed. I've lightened my hair out to a frosty blonde and eliminated all the brassy dull tones. 

To keep the colour as light as possible try John Frieda's Sheer Blonde collection, it's the best line I've ever used on my hair. It keeps it bright and clean looking, the purple styling products are great. The colour additive really makes hair shimmer, just put a dark towel on your shoulders until it dries so it wont stain.

Visitors comments

it works! Comments By: nowacutelilblonde on 2004-09-06
i know alot of people say that hydrogen peroxide is really bad 4 your hair...but i did it and it totally worked! i mixed the peroxide and water and a teensy bit of lemon juice in a spray bottle and sprayed it all over my hair and sat out until my hair got hard and crunchy...after that i took a shower and my hair was soft and soooo blonde!!

tip:put some sunscreen on i got burned sitting out in the sun :'-(

its ok for those darker blondes Comments By: darkerblonde on 2004-09-26
i have dark dirty blonde but i have like 6 different kinds of blonde in my hsir but all my firends or those toe head blonde so i was thinkin of bleaching my hair but i still love my natural roots so i went for the streakin thing and i did my bangs with this and it turned out ok but my boyfirend and his friends say it looks hot
doesnt work Comments By: natalie smith on 2004-10-14
this tip does not work. the hyrdrogen proxide does nothing.
Use this solution more than once Comments By: CL on 2004-10-19
Regarding one of the comments claiming this tip dosen't work; it probably wont make any difference in your hair colour the first time you use it. Use it every day until you get the colour you want and then use it once or twice a week to keep the new roots light. Hydrogen Peroxide is a lightening agent used in everything from toothpaste to hair dye. Give it a chance and it will work.
its great Comments By: LEX-E on 2005-01-15
this mixture really does work! its great! my hair used to be a dull blonde but now is an awesone light color adn its soft adn silky! try it!
? Comments By: French_girl on 2005-03-24
But when ou hair grows - is it darker or not? I'm afraid if I use H2O2 - my hair become darker
PROCESS HELP- PLEASE Comments By: Cameron on 2005-06-02
Can someone please help me? Does Hydrogen Peroxide burn your scalp? How much is 1/2? 1/2 a cup, maybe? What is the process? Can someone explain this to me please? I read the instructions, but didn't feel like it was enough. Does the peroxide HELP more than the lemon juice in making one's hair blonder? (My hair is a natural dark blonde.)
H2O2 will work Comments By: Anon on 2006-01-21
The H2O2 will work because in blonde dye, that is what makes it get blonde. Makes sure it doesnt sit on your skin for very long if your shin is sesative though, it burn like a mother, not ot mention it will make your skin lighter in the spot that you left it:S
if i were to.. Comments By: alyse on 2006-05-25
if i were to use this on medium brown hair.. what do you think would happen? also, where do you buy hydrogen peroxide?

TipKing says: If you are in any doubt do not try, you can get hydrogen peroxide at a chemists (UK) drug store (US)

I did this Comments By: [[[[[[caityQ]] on 2006-06-07
I have what people call dity blonde hair, so i usually dye it a red color, i havent had a chance to go to the store and bye more dye, so my roots were coming up and the color was faded and it looked really bad, i did this and now my hair is beautiful and i get alot of compliments
pinkish result..... Comments By: pinky on 2006-12-14
i have ash blonde hair,and just sprayed straight hydro. p. on there,and dried it with a blow bryer,several applications,and oh,yes,it keeps lifting,but now i have a most interseting strawberry blonde /brassy pinkish gold color.i must say i am astonished and don't know how to proceed,but at this point i'll probbaly just charge ahead,and hope for the best.
sheer blonde Comments By: Anon on 2007-08-17
i use it and i love the stuff. i also like the Kerapro and Redken 5th avenue. it isnt just for blondes but it does work well. ever since i started on Keraro i have had the shiniest and softest hair ever. all my friends ask me wat hair products i use.
the honest truth Comments By: alex on 2008-05-14
ok people...this is something that is only a sure things for blondes. everyone else try at your own risk. when it says 1/2, it means ratios...like if you have a half a cup of water, you add half a cup of hydrogen peroxide...if you have 3 cups of water, you add 3 cups of hydrogen peroxide. like i said, its a ratio. its best to put it in a spray bottle, spray your hair thoroughly, and comb it to even out the mixture. (my cousin pour it on her hair and had uneven color) comb yyour hair away from your forehead so you dont have a part...it makes the streaks look more natural if you have natural highlights. good luck : )
Not Practical Comments By: Cupcake on 2009-04-11
I graduated from hair school in 2008. There is a reason we DONT USE IT IN PROFESSIONAL SALONS!! Just so you know, HP has about the same amount of level of acid that your stomach has....now do you really think you should be putting it on your hair? I have dark ash blonde hair & everytime I bleach it, or lighten it with high lift I have to use a toner because my hair turns gold/red. HP cost about $2 less then bleach from Sallys. So spend the extra $2 for results that you can control. If your having a really hard time with gold or red coming through then buy a protein color filler. I have been using this as toner and you dont have to mix it with developer. just goes straight on your hair after ou bleach or lighten to get out the red/gold. Its purple colored. You can purchase bleach & protein color filler for about $8 at SALLYS. They have a blue bleach I recomend for you girls who have trouble getting the gold & red out. You'll have great results without spending a crapload at the salon & it costs about the same as the box dyes at the store which I dont recomend. Anyone can shop at SALLYS, not just professionals or cosmetology students.

If you are using HP on your hair & it work for you, then score. You have hair that minds....for the rest who have not tried this....I wouldn't recomend it.

even for dark blondes it's great :) Comments By: josie on 2009-06-23
it's perfect, and I'm not spending a fortune at the salons anymore. mix half and half with a leave in conditioner, spray in, blow dry, done :) Just keep touching up the root area, and this even covers grays, in case you were wondering. it lifts gradually, so you can do it gradually and when your roots grow out, it all looks natural unlike getting a partial or whatever at a salon! about doing this over lowlights I have no idea but on natural hair it's wonderful and looks natural. your hairdresser may not agree, but they'd make $ if you had them do it, and I have gotten many compliments on my color, even from hairdressers!
Helpmenow Comments By: Karen on 2010-04-22
What if you are trying to lighten up a bad color job from the salon. I am a natural dark blonde but my hair is covered with color. What should I do?

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