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Spots and acne. Try not to squeeze spots and acne

Submitted by laura, skincare and make-up consultant

although it looks disgusting when your spot gets a head,its best to try and avoid squeezing. i know its hard and i dont blame those who do but just remember this the white wich appears in the spot is a collection of white blood cells and antibodies trying to kill off the infection which has caused the spot getting rid of these will make you feel better but the infection is probebly still there and increases the risk of it returning

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I agree Comments By: christa on 2004-08-16
Squeezing a pimple pushes the infection deep into the skin, increases inflammation, and increases the risk of scarring. It also can spread the infection to surrounding pores and increases the amount of healing time.
About the pus.... Comments By: Mel on 2004-09-11
Its not just white blood cells. It's pus, which is made up of white blood cells, dead cells, and cellular debris. Mine get super infected and require antibiotics if the pus is allowed to remain under the skin.

Squeezing is what causes the problem - if you gently use a clean finger nail to lift of the top layer of skin over it or use a sterilized needle to pop it, then let it drain without squeezing, it usually clears up in a day or two.

please help Comments By: lucy on 2005-08-03
Well if you never pop the zit how do you get the pus and bacteria out, i haven't been popping my zits and now there just red and the head is white, i need to pop them to get the pus out, or else it'll just absorb back into my skin....right?

Squeeze them Comments By: not needed on 2006-12-29
Go to www.stopspots.org. But anyway if you get a white head on the spot cover your fingers with tisue and gently squeze
this forces pus out stop when clear fluid or blood comes. Then dab the squezzed spot in tea tree oil or somthing this clears it up so much faster. Leave your stop if it is just red beacause it will come back bigger.

Hope it helps

Experimented Comments By: Bob R. on 2007-09-30
I had two identical pimples appear within a half inch of each other on the side of my mug.

I gave them both 3 days to grow, chose one and squeezed it using all the proper methods (cleaning and antiseptic). The other one was left alone.

In two days I was hard pressed to see any remains of the squeezed pimple but the other one seemed to be still growing even though I was washing it and applying medication.

I, like others have always heard the negatives about squeezing pimples and how they will just get worse but I don't buy it anymore if the squeeze is done carefully. I honestly believe you can cut the life of a pimple more than in half by attacking it properly instead of letting it go.

zits and squeezing Comments By: Andy on 2008-08-03
its simple, squeezing the zits is best. It gets rid of the infection and speeds up the healing process, all this talk of infection etc is just a tale your mum told you to stop picking at them.Squueze them , enjoy it and stop them!

Squeeeeeeeeeeze It! Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-08
Basica, squeeze the spot because it gets all the bacteria out right? instead of it all clogging up, of course! then after a day or something, you'll find scabs on your face which are totally disgusting, then get scrubs and everything and rub your face (or wherever it is) really hard. yes, it might hurt but trust me, it'll do the job. then after you scrub the area really hard you put clearasil or tea tree oil over it and it will be better in less than a week. i always do that :)
hope it helps.

Hmm... Comments By: Doll-Face on 2009-02-24
Yeah Anon, that's why you have so many spots...

Try not to squeeze, it may get rid of whiteheads quicker, but can permanently scar the skin. Blackheads are better to squeeze, just don't go over the top.

Zit Down, Spit messing aout. and Acne your age!!! Comments By: OMM...why would i tell you on 2009-08-28
Squeese them i do so all my pors are one then i use some spot cream, and black head stuff. No black heads, and only a slight scab that soon goes. My mum used to squeese her spots when she was little and no scars or marks on her face. No spots or black heads on it too. So spot telling liess.
What realy to do Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-10
Squeexe it with clean hands and make sure u get all the pus out and ure fine if u do it with dirty hands and leave bits of puss in thts when it getts realy badly infected and scars...... otherwise the pus stays in and wont stop growing realy....... if its white and hard to squeeze pierce lightly with a clean( i mean like one dabbed in disinfectant) needle
squeezing Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-22
when you squeeze a spot it acts like squeezing the middle of a tube. bacteria will go deeper into the skin aswell as coming out. if you are going to squeeze then use a tissue and try not to spread the bacteria around your face.
Dont squeeze... Comments By: Thomas on 2010-08-02
Im 14 now, i used to get spots alot, so i picked the white ones because people say thats when its time to becasue they blood cells have kiled the infection. but i think this is wrong, but anyway i recently started to not touch my face at all. i dont use any products becasue your skin gets used to them. all i do is splash with my face with water every morning and afternoon. more have gone now that its summer holidays becasue there is no stress from school.
be very careful!! scars will happen! Comments By: older and wiser! on 2010-09-28
I urge you to be careful when squeezing spots! I had loads when I was younger, one day I squoze a spot on my cheek bone, there was so much stuff in it I just kept going, couldnt believe how much was coming out! it turned out to be actual fat from my cheek! it must have somehow got into my pore tube..I now have a big dent in my face, it is a flat scar. It has actually changed the outline of my face! I urge all to try and leave if you can.
spots :( Comments By: summer on 2010-10-08
I have loads of spots and i bought the clearseal gift package which comes with morning and night cream the scrub and the pellit pen ive been using it for around weeks they got worse!!! help? im a teenager 13 so my friend think it might be hormones i need help !
Hmm. Comments By: OMG SPOTS!! GRR on 2010-12-10
Well i do try not to squeez my spots, but last week or so i squeezed this little spot, and it grew into a big red one, i didnt touch it and it died down, now its just small with a little white head... im not sure whether to leave it or gently squeeze it...
yellow heads!! Comments By: Chelsea on 2011-01-27
i get loads of spot all the time i never eat fruits or vegatables i hate them, but appernetly they help reduce how many spots u have i alway wash and tone my face daily it doesnt seem to work i really need help i dont no what i should do anymore they really get me down.
Squeezing spots Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-02
Im 13
I have recently squeezed my spots and now added baking soda and water. The spots seem to have gone down now.

About squeezing spots: Comments By: Anon on 2011-06-04
Squeezing spots leads to scaring of the face skin tissue, you can apply natural lemon juice to beech it if you wish.

You will get into a natural habbit of squeezing resulting in more scares.. in other words DONT SQUEEZE YOUR SPOTS! :)


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