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Tiger balm for mosquito bites

Stop mosquito bites from itching. I suffer from these all the time and tried everything from stopitch to tea tree oil - nothing worked. Tiger Balm is the only thing that works instantly.

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tiger balm Comments By: Lori on 2006-08-31
which tiger balm is for mosquito bites? my 13 years old suffers from mosquito bites realy bad. thanks

TipKing says: I thought there was only one kind of Tiger Balm!

Which Tiger Balm? Comments By: root-two on 2007-08-31
There are two types: white and red - I found that the red worked best (and it smells nicer ;-) ) after having a nasty reaction to the mother of all mozzie bites. Just be careful not to use too much or it'll sting far worse than the bite ...
cheers Comments By: josh on 2008-10-26
thanks alot it really helped

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