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Apple cider vinegar for hicups

Take a deep breath (don't let it out) & drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. If you can't drink the vinegar easily smell it first & that will help.

You may have to do this about 1-3 times but it always works. My family swears by this! I do it all the time!

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Strait Vinegar Rocks Comments By: Guy on 2006-11-04
I just used vinegar and it worked the first time !!
Great tip! Worked immediatley Comments By: tom on 2009-05-17
Instant relief
ahhh it worked... Comments By: it worked! on 2009-05-27
I think it worked but just waiting a few minutes to be sure. The vinegar wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I hate hiccups so much so thanks. Seems to have gone away I have to remember this... ahhh relief! :)
seriously it worked! Comments By: Nic on 2010-04-15
My friend had the hiccups for about a day and we decided to look up remedies. The Honey one did not work but this one did right away. However he really hated it... very funny to watch him grimace!

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