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Asthma. Tip for an asthma attack

Submitted by paulie

Ifyou are having a asthma attack open the freezer and breath in as deeply as possible this will help breathing become eaiser.

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cool air aggravates Comments By: Anon on 2004-09-08
In my experience it can be an extreme air temperature change that triggers my asthma. It seems that cool or cold air aggravates the situation of an asthma attack.
I have been doing this for years Comments By: Cris Q on 2005-06-06
if I laugh too much ... certain foods ... humidity ... allergies ... it all sets it off .. but tried and true for me is the freezer.
I hate the cold Comments By: jessica on 2006-10-04
my asthma is so bad that just going out in to the cold air can set off a severe attack. my trik is to cover my mouth with a scarf when i am goin out in the cold.
Haven't tried, but would probably work for me Comments By: Reahb on 2007-04-12
My lovely asthma is triggered by heat+humidity. I can tell when the humidity goes up better than most barometers. The key for me is cold air, usually a fan blowing directly in my face or getting in the car and pumping up the A/C to cool the smaller area quickly.

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