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Lipgloss. Make your own lipgloss

Submitted by kimberley

To make your own lipgloss you need:

  • vaseline
  • eye shadow (find a colour you like)
  • olive oil
Smear vaseline on your lips then add the eye shadow, blending in well. Then add a tiny bit of olive oil to make your lips shiny.

Visitors comments

Olive Oil Comments By: sarah on 2005-04-01
The olive oil dried up really fast, so it didn't work, but I love the other parts
Burning Comments By: Anon on 2005-04-27
If you put the put the olive oil on then go out in the sun your lips could burn.
uh, wutever Comments By: Anon on 2005-05-24
thats stupid! you could make a whole thing of lipgloss and you do that!? you suck at crafts!
it sounds too easy! Comments By: samantha on 2005-08-18
ms. kimberly this lipgloss recipe sounds too easy to work.and it is the eye shadow tastes gross and the olive oil burnt my lips.the only good thing was the vaseline.
Retard Comments By: Emily on 2006-07-22
that is the most retarded thing I have ever heard. olive oil goes on my saled not on my lips.
about Lipgloss Comments By: Lovelyv on 2006-08-02
The Vaseline and the eye shadow is commonly submmited as a recipe for making lipgloss. However, I would stay away from the olive oil..you could use old or cheap listicks and mix it with shea butter and add flavors like..powdered kool aid or cocoa.
For the person who wrote a comment calling this person a retard...maybe you should learn how to spell salad:)

good recipe Comments By: mel on 2006-09-22
OMG if the shadow tastes so bad DON'T EAT IT!! Emily who doesn't know how to spell salad your the retard!! And you anonymous! Olive oil doesn't burn on your lips idiot! Sarah you are so nice and so is Lovelyv for not making stupid comments.
p.s. oil is what makes up most lipglosses!!

awesome recipe Comments By: mel on 2006-09-22
If you could make a whole thing of lipgloss with the recipe why don't you? you're just like Emily another stupid retard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great idea Comments By: Maggie on 2009-01-22
This worked really well and was really easy to do, I even made it with my Girl Guide group and all the girls loved it

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