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Beware about new haircuts

Submitted by ami

when you want a new haircut and you choose a haircut from a magazine it will probaly wont be the same or not even similar for some of the following reasons:

  1. you might have a natural curl that can be noticed more when you have your hair shorter
  2. you may have thicker/thinner hair than the magazine mode.

Visitors comments

Very True Comments By: Amber on 2004-08-23
This is totally true. I had the cutest haircut that I wanted that I found in a magazine. My hair stylest did the best she could do....but I think my hair is just too thick.

It didn't look ANYTHING like the picture. But, it still looked good tho.

same here Comments By: Ami on 2004-11-19
thats what happened to my hair
Good Hair Stylists Comments By: Tammy on 2005-06-17
A good hair stylest should be able to tell you whether the cut you found in the picture will work with your hair or not. Not to mention, your face shape as well. As well, if that cut isn't right for you, the stylist should be able to present other pictures to help you in picking the right cut. Especially when you go to a stylist that you pay $45 on up (jeeesh!), for a 30 to 45 minute consultation to get a shampoo and cut only. Alas, it seems this is not the case for many people, and so they come away disappointed.
Face Shape Comments By: Heidi on 2006-06-29
Don't forget facial shape! That's very important. As well as how large your forehead is...Like if you don't have a large forehead, try not to get bangs. Also, look at a picture of your hair in the back to see if you need to thin it to save trips to the hair stylist! Overall, decide on which haircuts goes with your facial shape best, then choose the one you want.
Regret after cutting. Comments By: Laetitia on 2006-08-24
Think it thoroughly before you change your long hair into short haircut out of emotion ! Cut it to a certain length first and see if you like it or not. Coz once you've decided to cut it short, you cannot turn back at all. Regretting at this time won't help you at all.
true!!!! Comments By: kim on 2009-03-18
i got a bob cut sini say " she has tinner hair."

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