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How to make money on online auctions

Have you been living in the same house for more than five years? Do you have growing children? Or maybe you love to shop? You can make money from the things that are in your home, so you can go out and buy other things that you need. 

Ideas Ė sell childrenís toys that the children have out grown.¬†

No matter what age your children are, they have toys that gather in the closet, under the bed, or in the closets that they just donít play with anymore. Sometimes children get too many toys and just play with a few that are their favorites. Other times, children just donít want to play with some of the toys they used to play with.¬†

These are the types of toys that you can put at the online auctions and make a few bucks. Of course, the better the condition that the toys are in, the more money you can make on the toys that you sell. 

You are going to make more money when selling toys online when you take photos of what you are selling and you describe how the item is played with. If you know how much the toy cost when you first purchased it, and you list this, it makes those who are bidding on your auction feel as if they are getting a great deal when they pay half of what you did on the toy that you are giving them.

Ideas Ė sell clothes that you donít wear often or that your children have out grown.

Along with the children that are out growing their toys, they will outgrow their clothes even faster. Clothes that you purchased last month sometimes donít fit your children in the next month. Instead of packing up those clothes and putting them in the garbage, you should put them on the online auctions and make a few dollars.¬†

How can you make more money when selling clothes online? Take pictures of what you are selling. Photos are going to show the exact color and the condition of the clothes you are selling. If you put items together into outfits, you are more likely to get more money than you would have if you sold the items separately. 

Another way that you are going to get more money for the clothes and outfits that you are selling online is to state if you are washing before you ship. State the size of the clothes, how often you think these clothes were really being worn and if you have to put the measurements of the legs or sleeves in the description of what you are selling. Often, from store to store, sizes will vary a little and this helps those who are purchasing, so you are more likely to get a better price for your clothes. 

Ideas Ė sell that stuff that just sits in your attic collecting dust.¬†

Things in your attic that you have not used in the last two years should be gotten out and gotten rid of. If you have not used it for two summers, the chances are that you are not going to use that item in the next two summers. 

You are going to get the most money for items that are older. Even if items are not old, or antiques, you can still get a fair price when listing them online. Coats, boots, spikes, exercise equipment, luggage and so on, these are just a few of the things that we pack in our attics and you can sell online. If it weighs less than fifty pounds, you can easily ship any item through the postal service and expect to get a fair price for it. You should realize that you are not going to get what you paid for the item, but it is better than having all this stuff just sitting in your attic collecting dust. 

Where to find things to sell. 

So you think you donít have a lot of stuff in your home that you can sell? Where are you going to find some other types of goodies that you can sell online? You can also find goodies in the local thrift stores, purchasing them for pennies and then selling for dollars online at the auctions. You can find that your parents, brothers, sisters or even your friends are always trying to give you Ďthingsí Ė these are also things that you can put up for sale online and make a few extra dollars for yourself!

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