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Sorting Out What you REALLY Want in Life

Daily life is more than just getting up and going to work, feeding the children, and making supper, there just has to be! Daily life is meant to be enjoyed, every minute of it! If you think you are not enjoying life as much as you want, if you feel that you are just getting by and pleasing others � than this article is for your use. I want to teach you more about being assertive, getting what you want out of life, and enjoying life every minute of every day!

What are a few questions that you must learn to ask yourself when you are seeking real daily happiness? 

  • What do you have to have?
  • What do you want out of life?
  • What would be nice to have?

How are you doing to answer these questions? You need to classify what�s really important to you. Do you want to be head of the PTA or are you more inclined to be the type to have all the children over for slumber parties? It really is your own decision; you shouldn�t feel stuck in any one role of your life. 

If you are devoting too much time to something that you don�t like, only to please other people, than you are really doing the things you do in your life for the wrong reasons. Look for and do what you like most. 

The importance of establishing priorities in your life can�t be stressed enough. If you don�t sit down, write out and then live by your list of what is really important to you and what you love to do the most, your dreams of having a full life won�t really ever come true. 

Tips to helping you decide what is most important to you personally in life:
Take a month out of your life. Write down everything that you do. Where you go. Who you talk to and where you have been. As you are writing this things down during this one month of your life, put a note, did you have fun, did you laugh, were you there for your son/ daughter/ spouse/ career/ money or just because you were expected to be by someone else. 
If you are not answering that you had fun, that you didn�t laugh, or that you didn�t want to be where you were, doing what you did, you should stop doing this!

What you need to do is take a look over your month long listing of things that your did, that you enjoyed, and that you loved most, and make yourself do them more. Possibly it was reading a book, taking a walk, petting the dog, taking the escalator four times with your friend while you were talking, or what ever � but you enjoyed it so do it more often. This is going to help you get more out of your life. 

In thinking back about your daily life what are some of the things that you often finding yourself wishing that you had, that you did, or that you could experience? Some of the most exciting things in life are not going to happen unless you put your foot out there and take a step. 

What I mean is that if you want to learn to roller blade, go white water rafting, to hang glide, or if you want to learn a new language, fly a kite, dye your hair dark or if you want to get colored contacts then do it! To make your life more meaningful to yourself, you only have to please yourself. 

On the other hand, if what is really going to make you happy is to quit working, then you better have a plan on where your money is going to come from. Some of the smallest things in life can make you appreciate your life and enjoy life more than you might have ever thought!

Your want, need and wish list can be as long as you would like it to be. Take each day slowly, making changes that affect you in a better way then anything else in your life. Don�t just make all the changes in one day or you may find yourself in some type of social, mental or even physical shock. Make your self-changes daily. Take steps, but small steps into getting what you want in life so you enjoy every minute of it all!

  • Make your life different 
  • Make your life more your own and more enjoyable.

Just a few hints on going through that list that you created. When you are reading it, you may find you want to add things to it. Go ahead, this is only natural. You may find that something that you have wished for in your life turns into a need in your life. For example, you might find that you need that extra time in the morning when the kitchen is quiet so you can drink your coffee and read the paper. Get up before everyone else, or arrange your life so you can be in the kitchen after everyone else leaves for the day.

One by one, work on your listings of what you want and need in your life making them yours.

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