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All About Tomatoes � Summers Best!

Have you been dreaming about a great healthy garden all summer long? Nothing says summer like tomatoes. You have been working with your plants all summer long, now it is the time to start enjoying those luscious tomatoes, to better your body, to enhance your mood and to give you the nutrients that you need to feel great all day long!

There are several types of tomatoes that you can grow in the garden, and even if you don�t have a garden, you can find many of these same varieties of tomatoes in the fresh vegetable venders that are located all through your town. 

If you have a garden, and you want to experiment with a few different types of tomatoes for your home use � plant a few different types of plants. Look at the tags. There are yellow, orange, and red tomatoes. You can find tomatoes that are big, small, hard, soft, and tomatoes that are sweet or on the sour side. 

How can you determine what type of tomatoes you are going to like the most? First, you have to look at the color of the tomato. Is there a color that you like the most that you would expect your tomato to look like? I like my tomatoes a little green, just barely totally red, I like the just turning red coloring when I am purchasing tomatoes, but remember everyone has their own preference. Buy a few if you don�t know what your favorite is, and determine if the color has a bearing on the taste and what you like the most. 

Secondly, when choosing a tomato that is going to make your taste buds rip and roar, you need to experiment with a few different varieties between hard and soft. While your parents might have liked the nice soft deep red tomatoes, or your friends demand hard and half green tomatoes, you should really discover what type of hardness your like your own tomatoes to be. This is just one of the ways that are going to help you truly enjoy more fruits and vegetables on your dinner table, when you learn to understand just what types of tomatoes you want to eat most. 

Do you want to eat tomatoes from a bowl or do you like sliced tomatoes? You can have both if you love the sweet tastes of tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are small fruits that are similar in size to cherries. Cherry tomatoes will grow on a tall vine like plant, that you can harvest varies amounts of cherries form the same plant. Cherry tomatoes are also good for your body. Cherry tomatoes have 1.6 grams of fiber, which we all know is great for a diet of any type. 

You can purchase small boxes of cherry tomatoes in the vegetable stands, they are very inexpensive, and they are a great addition to just any meal. You can cut cherry tomatoes in half and put on any salad, or you can slice it up and put it on sandwiches that won�t fall out of the sandwich when you bite into it.

Tomatoes are also nutritious. Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A and tomatoes are a great source of potassium. If you hate taking vitamin pills, add more tomatoes to your diet and you will find that you can eat well, and eat something that tastes great at the same time without having to worry about boatloads of calories!

If you eat a tomato at every meal or if you eat a cup of cherry tomatoes at every meal, you will find that you will only be taking in about five grams of carbohydrates, which is really low. Low carbohydrates means you are going to be gaining less weight. 

Tomatoes in the summer months are at the least expensive but even in the winter months, tomatoes are still a great price for the amount you can eat without having to worry about too many calories and too many carbohydrates. 

How can you serve fresh tomatoes after you have found what variety is your favorite? 

  • You can eat cherry tomatoes right out of the bowl after you wash them off. 
  • You can slice up a big tomato and eat it off a plate with a fork with a little salt, a little dressing, or just a little mayonnaise.
  • You do not have to put anything on the tomatoes at all; you can just eat it like an apple if you want the best of nature all at one time!
  • One of the best ways you can enjoy a fresh tomato is sliced on toast, with a light bit of mayonnaise spread over the bread.
  • Sometimes tomatoes are served as an appetizer in many types of restaurants. Tomatoes that are covered in a dressing of your choice, broiled for five minutes, and then served warm are tasty treats that you will come to love and enjoy.
  • When you are making dips, macaroni salads, potato salads or just a vegetable salad you can dice up tomatoes and add a bit more vitamins and nutrients to what you are eating.

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