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Contact Lenses Ė Common Sense About Contacts

You have not been able to see clearly for some time now, and you realize it is time to make a visit with the eye doctors. If you havenít had glasses before, you might want to consider contact lenses, because they are so easy to wear, easy to use, and often they are better looking than most glasses are going to be.¬†

Getting a pair of contact lenses can be very different from buying a pair of glasses. Often times you will need to be fitted for a pair of contact lenses so they will fit properly and you can see better. Contacts are going to give you the freedom to see, when you are running, walking, working, watching television, and when you are on the computer when you were seeing blurry before. 

What are the downsides to wearing contacts? 
Some wearers find that contact lenses irritate their eyes. Often this is because the contacts are not made to fit their eyes. You can order contacts anywhere online or offline, but you need personal service that allows the contacts to fit the size of your eyes. Just as there are shoe sizes, contacts are available in sizes as well. 

Contact wearers sometimes find that if they lose one contact, they canít see until they order another pair of contacts. Having two pairs on contacts on hand is going to solve this problem, so you always see clearly.¬†

How to choose an eye doctor
When you are first looking for an eye doctor, you must realize you are trusting your eye sight to this person. You are trusting that your eyes are going to see better, that you are going to feel great about the final look of yourself, and you are going to be able to afford to pay the bill that comes along with going to an eye doctor. 

Some of the topics that you should think about when you are going to find an eye doctor for the first time, or if you are looking to change, eye doctors are: 

What are the fees for an office visit? Sometimes, eye doctors may offer specials, great prices on contacts or glasses, but their office visit charge is twice what it really should be compared to other doctors offices. 

Another thing you may want to really consider is what is the reputation of this new doctor? Ask your friends who they go to see. Ask co workers who their favorite eye doctor is. Of course, no eye doctor is going to be on the very top of everyoneís list, but you will hear some interesting things about eye doctors once you start asking around.¬†

You will be able to find out if they are reasonable, if their service is great, if you have to wait a long time for your order, if they have a personable staff, if they have odd hours for their office visits and so on. These things help you decide on a doctor that you may be considering. 

Learn about how competent an eye doctor is by talking with others. How their contacts feel. How their glasses look. Where they given a variety of options or just one option in picking their glasses or contacts. These are important factors when you are deciding where you are going to trust your eyesight. 

Convenience is a big factor when deciding on an eye doctor that you want to trust for years to come with your eyesight, and your exam. An eye doctor that is only open a few hours a day, means that you will have to take off work, get out of school, or find the time to get to the office during those hours. Longer hours, evening hours or even weekend hours are going to fit more everyoneís schedule. This eye doctor cares most about his patient and meeting the patients needs.¬†

The fitting process is not one that hurts or that really takes all that long, but something that needs to be done so your contacts fit best, and your eyesight is well protected. 

The fitting process should be one that is comfortable for you. If you find that something is going well, you have to speak up and tell your eye doctor. No one is going to be able to fix something unless you tell them that it isnít right to begin with.¬†

After you have been examined and fitted for your contacts, you will need to make an appointment to have them dispensed to you. When your contacts come in the first time, someone should show you how to put them in, how to clean them, how to care for them and your eyes. An eye appointment is more than just an examination to order you contacts. Do not let the doctor off the hook if you are not sure how to use them and how to clean your contacts. 

So what all is involved in getting a pair of contact lenses? 

  • You want a doctor that you can trust your eyesight with.
  • You want to get to know more about the different practices that are out there.¬†
  • Make sure you feel comfortable with your doctor, his or her fees, and what choices are available to you.¬†
  • Donít let someone in the office talk you into anything. Get what you like and want.¬†
  • Learn about the fees, when they are due and if you can afford your new eye doctor.¬†

Your purchasing a pair of contact lenses from a local eye doctor should be a great experience that will help you see clearer and more of your life!

Visitors comments

Good Article Comments By: ChriS on 2004-12-18
I already have done this.

Before, I used to wear hard contact lenses, they felt ok sometimes but other times they would hurt eyes and would take a long time to put in.

I went back to opticians and I had to wait for them to be ordered and spoke for along time about what could be causing the stinging in my eyes.

By the time I went and ordered the soft contacts, my eyes had gotten worse, more blurry than it used to be. It really was bad but when I got my soft contacts, which were massive and jelly-like, I could so easily put them in. They're harder to take out, but its SO clear. I felt like i'd just been given a new pair of eyes. I could see people I knew, without them thinking I was blanking them.

I used to be annoyed at wearing contact lenses/glasses.

But now I have these soft lenses, I think they're well good!


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