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Determining if Furniture is Well Made

Does your home need a good once over, a new piece of furniture? If you are looking for a new piece of furniture and you want to get a great piece of furniture for your money, you can follow some of the tips that I am going to give you so you can have a great piece that is going to last for years to come. 

First, before you head out the door to purchase any type of furniture you need to think about what you might want your new piece to look like. Determining what you might like before you head out the door or on the Internet is going to help you figure out what you want to look at before you get to the store of your choice. 

When you find that one piece of furniture that fits your idea of dcor, you can look at how stable the piece is. When you touch the top does the sides move? When you put your hand on the side of the furniture does it move or does it sit solid? The more solid the furniture that you have, the less it moves the better the furniture is that you are purchasing. Look for a piece of furniture that is not going to move when you touch it or put your hand on it. 

What is on the back of the piece of furniture that you are looking at? It the back panel nailed on or is it screwed on? The back panel that is screwed on is going to last longer than panels that are nailed on. The nails will comes out when the furniture is moved or it is taken from one area to another, but the screws that are put into the backs of furniture are going to hold much better and for a much longer time, meaning that your furniture is going to be stronger and well worth the money that you are paying for it. 

While you are pulling out the drawers on this piece of furniture, do they move easily and without forcing them or are the drawers difficult to move? The drawers that dont slide easily could break faster because you are more likely to force them and put extra stress on the wood when moving them in and out. 

Doors that are on any type of furniture that you are purchasing should close neatly and without too much effort. The doors that close easily and that fit nicely flush against the piece of furniture that you are considering purchasing will last longer. Doors that you have to force shut or that you have to force open are going to have additional stress put on their wood and they can break, or bow easily. 

If there are long shelves on the piece that you are buying, there should be no cracks in the wood at all. The boards should be straight and in a line not having any cracks that could get bigger and break altogether. The extremely long boards that are include in a piece of furniture should have some type of braces under them to hold up the weight that you are going to put on the shelves. The shelves without bracing can bow over time, causing a bad overall look and possible break. 

Purchasing a wood table? Look for a table that has braces on each leg so that no matter how much you are putting on the table, the table is well supported. You should also look for a table that has a center leaf that is one piece of wood, that is not going to crack or bow under the weight of when the table is put together. 

For all types of furniture that you are considering purchasing you should have hinges and braces that are stainless steel that are strong and that will support the weight of the furniture well. Hinges on the doors should flush when closing and they should be coated with some type of material that will help prevent rust if you are using them in the kitchen. Some metals will be waxed so that it will keep the moisture from rusting the metals faster. 

Chairs that are you are considering purchasing should also be stable, tough and last you years when you thoroughly check out what you are purchasing before you purchase it. The seat of a chair should be porous materials that will let the heat from your body evaporate. Hard chairs that are shaped to meet the shape of your body are more comfortable than what they might look, and hard chairs are not going to absorb the sweat from your body so it wont be stinky or sticky. 

The front of the seat of a chair should be rounded, so that it will aid in the circulation of your legs. The chairs that are straight and hard can be hard on your legs over the years. When purchasing a chair that is going to swivel, look for a chair that is not going to rock as the same time but will turn only in circles. The chair that is meant to swivel but rocks is going to break or bend faster leaving you wanting to purchase another chair before long. 

Purchasing furniture is a task that you should consider before purchasing any one item. Furniture should last you longer than a year, and often when you search for heavy duty and stable furniture it is going to last you more than ten or twenty years, so be sure that your choice is one that fits your personal preferences and the shape of your life.

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