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Making it Through Mid Life Crisis

Getting older in life, most people find that it is a difficult time. Various reasons exist about why people have a hard time dealing with life when reaching their forties, but when reaching this point in life, it is known as your mid life. 

The middle age, the years when you are forty are called mid life because often people are going to live until they are seventy or eighty years old. In reaching your forties, often people have difficult times with life because they will reevaluate their lives, what they have accomplished and what is going on in their lives. 

In reaching the middle years, there are often problems in marriages, families, in careers and such. Relationships are difficult at this time as emotional and mental problems are heightened because of the re-evaluation of ones lifetime and accomplishments. 

A mid life crisis is the examination of your life, what you have done and havent been able to do yet. One thing you can keep in mind is that some people dont go through a mid life crisis, while other men and women can suffer terribly from re-evaluating their life during this time. There are also triggers to bring a mid life crisis about. Triggers that can cause one to feel more effects of a mid life crisis are death, divorce, career changes, moving and such. 

Dealing with a mid life crisis is possible. You can feel the effects of a mid life crisis as you continue to feel your life is going no where, if you find that you are not happy with your life choices or when you feel you are being forced into places in your life that you are not happy with. 

How can you make your mid life crisis more manageable and get through it without getting a divorce or having to change your job? Following these tips you can learn more about mid life crisis problems and how to avoid them. 

If you should find that you are having a hard time going through the middle years, learn to change how you measure success. If you have enjoyed your career, you love where you live, why measure yourself against someone else. It could be that you can have the biggest house in the world, but no one to love you, so the measurement of your success and the measurement of anothers life cannot compare to your own. 

Ask yourself what you are really missing in life. If it is more friends, a family or a career that you enjoy you can change these things. Do not try to measure your life by what you have physically in things as this is never going to truly make you happy in the end.

Dont make radical changes all at one time. Dont dive into anything. What took you years to get in life, like your job, your position, your family or your friends, it will take you years to get back again if you were to change these things now. 

Making big changes all at one time is likely going to leave you wanting to go back to what you had earlier in life, before the major change. If you want to make big changes in your life during your mid life years, do it in steps so you can learn to accept it in stages, and you always have choices in going back or continuing on with the change that you are making in life. 

Learn to make yourself grow up. While you may think that you want to have more fun, you cant be reckless in life and still expect the other portions of your life to be constant and ongoing. Acting like an adult and having fun is going to help you get through those mid life problem years without having regrets. 

Make the changes in your life that have been leading you to feel as if you want more. If you have been too busy to visit with your parents, long lost friends, or if you want a new job, get it by making small steps before you blow off the handle and loose everything you have worked so hard to get like your reputation, your position, and your feelings. 

Dont be afraid of change; dont be afraid of getting older and enjoying life in a new way. Getting older only means that your life is more stable and you are in better positions to enjoy life in different ways such as traveling, music, etc. 

Learn to hold on to your marriage at all costs during this time. It can be difficult as you want to try other things in life, but in the end, as your life begins to change and settle, you will miss those memories and will hate the hard times in making new friends, and meeting a new person that is all important to you for your even older years.

Visitors comments

marriage and mid life crisis Comments By: anon on 2004-08-29
My husband and I have been married for 22 years. Now he is tired of me and everything that is going on in his life. I am trying to be undstanding abouth this but it is very hard.
my husband too Comments By: kay on 2004-09-04
My husband is going through this too. I have just filed for a divorce after trying to fight it for about 3 months. He has no interest in working on our marriage, but says he doesn't want a divorce.

He moved out about 3 weeks ago. I told him if he left, I was going to file. He had spent the last 3 months spending less and less time at home. It started with playing golf all weekend and got to where he only came home to sleep. Said he just wasn't happy and needed some time to himself.

I'm pretty sure he's seeing someone else and the stress was making me ill. I now have my own place with my daughter and am recovering. It does get better.

my husband is 43 & I'm 29- I think he's going thru a midlife crisis Comments By: Lillie Neal on 2005-01-13
I don't think my husband is doing the cheating part yet, but he talks about how he feels old & out-of-shape.He has a good job, has just been promoted to lead position after being on the job for a little over a year- he works 6 days a week 10hrs a day Monday thru Thureday & on Friday & Saturday 8hrs a day- he's at work alot,never comes home late.Always calls on his breaks about every 2 hrs- I don't think there's any possibility that he's cheating.We've been married for almost 8 years in July- I have a 10 year old son from a prev relationship & we have a 6 year old daughter together.Other than him thinking that he's old & out-of-shape,I'd have to say that he's a great husband & father.I always try to boost his ego/self-esteem when he gets in a down mood about his age.

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