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School grades. Tips for Better Grades

School is a difficult to task no matter what age you are. If you are facing the task of going back to school or if your child needs help in getting higher grades, you can use my ideas and tips for getting better grades. Even though school can seem easy as you once start your classes, as you continue on, the learning process does get more difficult. 

The process of going to school does involve learning so it is never going to be easy, but getting the best grades possible can be all part of a routine that helps you get better grades. 

Preparing yourself, is one of the first things you need to do when going back to school or starting a new school year. While you might think that you only need to show up and get to class, keeping a clear mind is also going to help you concentrate on the task. Your clear mind is going to need to be clear of worries about your family and money. 

The same goes for your children. Children should not be worried about anything that goes on at home while they are in school. If your child is worried about you, the cat, grandma or sharing their room with cousins, they are not going to do as well in school. If your child feels stable in their life, they are more likely to do better in school. The less stable the home life, the less likely a child is going to do well in school because he or she is going to be experiencing stress in life. 

Make time to study, this is always an important tip no matter what age or grade level you are at. This could be five minutes every morning, or it could be half an hour during lunch but taking the time is great to study, you will feel better about your learning and how you are learning. Making the time to study is important so you learn as you go instead of having to cram at the last minute. Learning as you, go will help you retain more of what you are learning instead of just learning it for the test and then forgetting it. 

Learn association tricks so that you can remember strange names, dates, and such. When you are learning technical names, history, or if you have to remember long terms and definitions, using association tricks is going to often help you remember the hardest things that you are learning. Association tricks are taking names or phrases and creating something that you are going to remember. 

For example, if you are studying historical places, and some of the places involve beaches you can associate the names of the beaches with the state, and then it will click as to why this is such an important area to remember. 

Reread when you have the time in the morning or in the evening. Reading just what you have gone over that day in school is important to helping you remember what you have been learning. Rereading what you have been learning that day is also going to help you remember more of what you have been studying that day so you can do better when it comes time for the test. 

Ask questions of the teacher and of other students. Sometimes when you ask a question when you don�t understand something or a topic, the conversation is going to stick in your mind. If you are training your child to get better grades, ask him or her everyday about what they learned and have them explain to you what they have studied. 

Asking your child about what they did that day in school is going to help them remember more about what they are to be learning, and what they have already learned in school. Talking aloud about what was studied is going to give them a better in depth experience about what they are going over in school. 

Give pre tests at home for yourself or for your children. The more often your children are given pretests the more often they are going to be better prepared for the test. Giving a pre test is simply going over what could be on the test at school. 

For example, a spelling test should be given two or three times a week so that at the end of the week when your child does have a spelling test in school, they are prepared for what the words sound like aloud, and when they are under pressure of someone watching them while taking the test. This can be difficult with math questions, but for history, spelling and language this is not such a hard topic at all. 

Whatever methods you find work best for you or your child in studying should be the methods that you continually use over the course of the school year. Keeping on a schedule with studying, reviewing, and pre testing, school is going to be easier than you might have thought after all.

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