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What You Can Do with CD and DVD Cases

Much of our music and videos have been arriving in those hard plastic square containers. But, after using a CD or DVD we are often now putting our discs into holders, containers, and into organizers so we are not left holding all of these square containers that are going to be in our way and make our home look so overwhelmingly cluttered. What do you do with your CD or DVD cases? 

I am going to give you a few ideas on what to do with these cases so you can recycle your plastic and still feel good about putting your CD�s and DVD�s into their proper organizing containers on your entertainment stand. These are also the same CD�s that you keep stored in your vehicle, in your office and in your home. CD and DVD cases are often a clear plastic, with a paper insert that tells about the music or movie that you have purchased. Depending on which one of these ideas you pick to work with, you can create a colorful display, game, toy or even a useful household item!

One thing that you might be surprised that you can do with your old CD cases is to make a display on the wall. This is going to be any type of display that you want. You can make a large square, rectangle, or even a scattered look, but the colors are going to be up to you. You can put pictures of the family in the CD holders where the album covers were. You can put blank pieces of paper or colored paper in some of the CD holders. The display that you create is going to be one of a kind. 

With photos of the family, you might want to include a solid color background paper so your photos are easier to see. You might want to use photos in ten out of every fifteen and then put colored paper in the others just so you can see the picture easily. You can make your display as large or as small as you want. You can even cut pictures from magazines and newspapers that you want to put on display as well. Cute animals, flowers, and so on are the types of photos you might want to add to your displays. 

Create a shelf of CD cases by gluing them together. Taking a �lot� or �bunch� of CD or DVD cases you can glue them together and create one long plastic thing. You can use clear CD holders or you can put special paper in the CD holders to make a rainbow effect or just one color effect. You can stack the CD cases together so you realize exactly what your display is going to look like before you start gluing them together. 

Use them for storage of your other CD�s and DVD�s that you burn and create on the computer. If you like to create CD�s and DVD�s and then give them to friends, relatives or if you are just putting them in storage, the hard plastic CD cases are going to come in handy for protection. 

Glue four or five together and use them as bookends. You can put any color in the CD or DVD cases that you want, and glue them together with elmers glue or super glue. You might even get more creative and put one color in all the cases and then wrap a little thin bow around all of the cases These make the cases look like gifts that you can use as a decoration during the holiday seasons. You are recycling and reusing your cases!

Glue some together in different amounts, and allow your children to use them as stacking blocks. If you have a very large amount of CD and DVD cases you can work on gluing three, four, five or more together. Children can work on stacking these items together to create walls for their toys, to create castles, and garages and so on. As you collection of CD and DVD �blocks� grows, so does the projects that your child can build! You can keep the colors the same, different, or use numbers or letters on the sides of the CD and DVD cases so that they can build things that say something. 

Along the same lines of putting numbers and letters on the CD or DVD cases where the music cover originally was, you can teach your child how to spell and count using these same CD�s and DVD cases. Great learning tool for the imagination that children are going to love.

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