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Junk Mail. Tips to avoid junk mail box mail

Do you find that your mailbox is always overflowing with credit card offers, trip offers and mail that you just do not know where it came from? Are you tired of receiving special offers and additional offers in the bills that you do open? What are you going to do with all this paper? Are you ready to clean out your postal mailbox and cut down on the junk that you get out of your mailbox all the time � here are a few great hints so you can take revenge on all that junk mail that you get. 

First you open your bills to find not just your bill, but three or four additional little slips that are junk. Order checks. Order mailing labels. Order this and order that. Everyone is always trying to sell you something. Instead of throwing it in the garbage, I suggest that you put it in the envelope that you are sending your payment back with so that the company has to deal with all the junk mail that they are sending you! 

Be sure that you keep your check separate from the junk that you put in the envelope so they can easily find your payment, but sending all that mail back to the companies that send them to you is going to eventually cut down on your garbage as well!

What else do you get in the mail that you just don�t want? Try out those menus that come from places that are often too far to order from, that you have no interest in ordering from and from restaurants that you would never eat at. 

While it may cost you a few cents, mail those mailers back. Put a stamp on an envelope; tell them to take you off their mailing list. Another thing that you can do is black out the address, and put return to sender on the flyer so that the post office has to send the mailer back to the company where it came from. 

Tired of other types of junk mail in your postal mailbox? What you need to do is put an X over the address, and put return to sender. No longer lives here. Return to sender. Or write on the envelope your own choice of words. After a few times of sending these �Return to sender�, the advertiser is going to take you off their mailing list because you keep sending their mailings back so they figure that you really are not at this address. 

What types of advertisements can you send back? Anything in an envelope addressed specifically to you. If you mark it Return to sender, Unknown person, or such, the post office is going to return that junk mail back to the sender. If enough of us did this, the advertisers might consider revamping their address lists!

One other way that you can start to take control over how much mail you get at your home is to switch to electronic format. You can have just about any type of bill delivered electronically and then you pay it electronically. This is going to cut back on the junk mail you get in your box and you never have to worry about someone taking your information because they are not going to find it in your garbage! 

Going paperless might sound easy but it does take a bit to get used to. Sometimes you can think you are forgetting something because the process is so entirely easy to follow. You can have your bills sent to your email, and you can use calendars on your desktop or through other programs to remind you what day of the months that certain bills are to be paid so you never forget, even if an email didn�t get delivered to you.

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