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Flowers. Floral decoration tips for your home

The summer months creep up so quickly and you seem to always be working in your garden. After your spring and summer gardens are blooming, the flowers are colorful, and the weeds are cut back, you might be left feeling a little restless as you sit by the gardens. This is a great time to learn about how to use your flowers for other home treasures, and there are many ways that you can use your flowers to create decorations for your home. One great way of using your flowers that you have grown from seed for detailing in your home is to press the flowers for making pictures that you can hang on the wall. 

It won�t matter what room you want to change around, because there is bound to be some type of beautiful flower in the garden that will match the colors of this room. It is also important to remember that you can use contrasting colors when decorating your room, and the contrasting colors of the bright and bolds against natural colors are a fascinating attracting for just about any room in the house. 

Pressing flowers is fun and easy, and it is a hobby that you can enjoy yourself, with friends or with children. One of the things that you will need to remember is that you will want to pick your flowers when they are fresh, fresh with the morning sun and dew on the petals. You won�t press your flowers right away, but after the moisture has dried off of these flowers you can continue with pressing them. 

You need to look at the flower and decide what exactly you want to see when the flower is flattened and how many petals you want to be seen when you have pressed it. Just putting a flower in a book and pressing is not always going to give you the best results, sometimes you will end up with a flat color with very little texture, but using your imagination, moving the petals, the leaves, or the angle of how you are going to press the flower you will come up with great detailed pressed flowers that you can use for decorating in your home. 

Using the heaviest book, or two books if you need, you can use two paper towels, two pieces of wax paper or two pieces of notebook paper to set on each side of the flower that you are going to press so you don�t make a mess in the book itself while the flower is drying. Determining how you are going to place the flower in the pages, and the shut the pages will give you different views of a pressed dried flower. Most often leaves are going to just be put out flat so that they can dry while the remaining portions of the plant is being pressed and dried. 

This is the most inexpensive method of pressing flowers. There are flower-pressing devices that you can purchase, which may only cost a few dollars, but they have screws to tighten the pages together. Flower presses often come with thin transparent paper that you can remove and change as needed when pressing and drying flowers. They are a bit nicer to use, but if you have a few heavy books around the house they will work well also. 

How long do you have to dry the flowers before pressing them? Usually if you are picking the flowers in the morning, you can wait until later that same afternoon and the moisture will be gone from the exterior of the flower. The interior of the flower will dry while it is being pressed. Pressing a flower that is still wet from the dew or rain will make the flower turn black or sometimes you will see fungus or bacteria grow on your pressed flower because it was wet. 

You can use the same book to press a number of flowers. Putting the book on the bookshelf where it is tight or putting more books on top of the book that is pressing flowers inside of it will ensure that your flowers will be pressed flat and smooth. 

You can put any type of flowers, ferns, leaves, colored leaves, and even tall grasses in a frame after they have been pressed and dried. Drying and pressing flowers of the same variety, and then putting them in the similar frames will create inexpensive and beautiful decorations for any room in your home. Kitchen pressed herbs in frames are great display ideas, roses or petals of roses pressed and in frames are great for displays in the bathroom, and any type of flower or color of flower that you like can be used!

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