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Salt. Stop acne by swimming in the sea

Submitted by phia

If you have spots its good to go into the sea(salt water) because this helps cleanse the spots.Then scrub them hard with fresh water after.

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excellent Comments By: kendi on 2005-04-01
I like going to the beach just because of this! though you have to stop wearing makeup for a while, after the spots heal up, it's not a problem. :D The combination of the salt water and sun work to clean and dry out the pimples. any open wound will heal faster this way as well.
Absolutely True! Comments By: Anon on 2005-06-04
I live in Northern California and unfortunately we can't really enjoy our beaches like in other places (the water's always too clod). However, I go to Italy every year in the summer and I look forward to it all the time simply for the fact that I know my skin will look amazing becasue of the salt water/sun combo I'm exposed to. In less than a week all the spots and acne are gone.
yes! Comments By: kaylee on 2005-06-25
yes this certainly will work because the saltwater will act as an antiseptic and will also get rid of oil! oil is what cloggs pores and the saltwater acts like salacitic acid, but without that horrible stinging! also saltwater is more gentle.
Amazing Comments By: Tasha on 2005-07-20
This also works for poison ivy. I live in Texas and get it horribly. I love going to to coast to get in the water! Heals it so fast!
sea salt mask Comments By: Shannon on 2005-08-26
you can buy natural sea salt (unprocessed) and put it on your face as a mask several times a day. It works really well just as an epsom salt bath heals wounds.
sea water helps,,,, Comments By: donna on 2006-10-17
When i go on vacation my acne goes away, but unfortunatly when i come back it comes back too, so i will try the sea salt at home! lucky you if you live by the ocean!
ahh Comments By: meeh on 2006-12-15
i went to the beach one night, and i have really bad blemishes. i woke up the next day face looking smooth and clear, made me wanna go back=)
works like a charm Comments By: unknown on 2006-12-30
6 years ive struggled with off and on heavy too moderate acne, in the summer its fine because i live by the sea and i can swim, little did i know i was stupid at figuring out why.... i purchased a bag of sea salt from the drug store... cheap and 3 days later you wouldn't know i ever had a problem.. i find it way better and much more convenient then swimming in the sea. 1 tip, toss a handfull of sea salt in hot water in your sink and leave it set for a minute, make sure the water is as hot as u can stand it too be :)
TRUE! But... Comments By: Nikki on 2007-08-12
what if you dont live next to a sea or beach or anything? can you use regular sea salt and water?
Excellent!! Comments By: Smiley on 2007-09-25
Someone gave me this advice this past summer and it really works when you take a milk & sea salt bath.
Swimming in the sea cool Comments By: Anon on 2008-03-11
I want to go swimming to summer because I have really bad acne well it's going away but not all the way lol
True Comments By: Goran on 2008-05-03
i live in PA so unfortunately i dont have an ocean near me but in a month or two i am going to florida so i cant wait..until then im just scrubbing my face, neck, back and chest and hoping it will rid my acne. so far its making them smooth. how long until they start dissapearing?
It didn't work for me? Comments By: ExCuseMe on 2008-11-07
I don't know if it worked or not, but not sure because i go swimming quite often even before getting acne, so sometimes after swimming, I feel like It worsend or got better
Tidmans sea salt Comments By: c kemp on 2009-01-13
Hi,I live in the uk and used to suffer from bad acne,when i go abroad and swim in the sea it clears up nicely.When i returned home from my last holiday i found a product called Tidmans soothing sea salt,it is sold in sainsburys and holland and barrett for 2.29 for a 500g box which lasts about 2 weeks,i simply dilute a handfull in a warm sink and then rinse my face.i then use a basic moisteriser. My skin is now perfecly clear.This stuff should be sold as a main stream acne treatment,i highly recommend it.
:) Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-13
It's true-saltwater really works! The other day I was looking at pictures from Summer & wondering why I had blemishes now but not back then? The Answer: Saltwater!
Def. would recommend a salt/sea scrub.
Works wonders.

Yay!! Comments By: Ruby on 2011-03-13
I've tried just about every spot treatment and they all did nothing for me. I was really upset about my spots until I read this. Luckily I live kinda close to the beach so I started going to the beach alot and it really seemed to work! It's weird how natural stuff works better! I think the sun helps for spots alot too :) I <3 summer!!! xxx

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