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Bee Stings, Garlic will soothe bee stings

Submitted by Manuela Bisignano

Cut up garlic very small; place it on the bite and 9 out of 10 it will be gone the next day - no itching

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Agreed Comments By: jay on 2006-07-31
Yes this does work. I keep garlic powder in the first aid kit. Make a paste and it takes the sting/pain out of the bite. Then apply ice.
Yes I would try Comments By: Mary on 2007-08-15
I have used garlic for stomach pain when cut into very small pieces, it worked for me. Thanks I believe in garlic power.
made it worse for me Comments By: daisychain on 2008-09-01
I tried garlic paste on my sting and it immediately increased the intensity of the pain. Not sure why--quite mysterious. I washed it off and am trying baking powder now.
not bad Comments By: jennifer on 2009-07-11
my mom just now got stung by a wasp and we were trying garlic and clorox and putting it the sting it works for awile and it takes away most of the pain. i would recomend this for anyone that just got stung by a wasp or bee ect.
wasp sting Comments By: daniel on 2009-08-09
The penny and garlic did work
Raw Garlic Does Work Comments By: Hilda on 2010-12-20
I got stung by a bee on my tongue (yes my tongue), I was outdoors, taking a sip of my lemonade slush from Sonic and and apparently the bee got in through the straw, so my next sip I slurped the bee and as i was crunching on the ice slush, the bee stung me and i accidentally crushed it within that same time frame, so I spit it out and that's when I knew it was a bee. Anyway...immediately ran to kitchen, cut raw garlic in half & applied it for an hour or so, was fine after that. (and that was my first bee sting ever).
stung on my tongue first ever! Comments By: princess on 2011-08-26
Ok so I was sippin on my soda and felt a pain on my tongue..I thought the straw had a cut in it and my tongue got caught so when I looked into the straw there was the bee crawling back into my straw.. I can't tell if the stinger is in my tongue or not but it hurts my throat hurts! This is my first bee sting in my life..what do I do????

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