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Make your own fruity lipgloss

Submitted by kimberley

To make your own fruity lipgloss

  • 1 tsp aloe vera gel
  • 1 tsp vaseline
  • 2-3 drops flavoured oil (your choice)
Mix aloe vera gel with vaseline, then add flavored oil. Transfer to a small container. Now, you have a wonderful home made lip gloss!

Visitors comments

how to make pixy stix lip gloss Comments By: Jules on 2005-04-01
*petroleum jelly
*1 whole pixy stix
*a lil container

mix all those things together in the conatiner (which u will often find at Joann's) then micorvave for 4:00 mins. then 2:50mins again, til it all melts. its very tas

YOU DIDN`T TELL HOW MUCH OF EACH Comments By: CONNIE on 2005-08-10

TipKing says: The amounts are given in teaspoons. (tsp)


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