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Make Your Kitchen Different

Once every year, or maybe more often if you like change, you should rearrange your home to make it feel new, different and more comfortable, changing your home to fit the way that you use it daily. You can make this a spring cleaning task, a when it is too rainy too do anything else task, or you can change things in your home just when you have the urge!

You might be thinking, why would I want to change anything in my house? Well the real answer is because when we change things in the house, even the smallest items. We can make our day go more efficiently working in the kitchen, in the laundry, in the home office or we might just feel more organized. We feel more at home, and feel as if everything is just great when we make those small changes. 

You do not have to break the budget to make changes in the house either. Some changes that you make in the house can really surprise you without costing much at all. While I am going to give you a few changes you can make in your home for your personal benefit, use your imagination and get crazy organizing, cleaning, and enjoying it all at the same time!

Look around your kitchen. What are some of the things that you hate the most about your kitchen? It could be the message center, where the mail goes, where messages lay, or it could be the small desk by the phone. 

You might not like the papers all over the fridge or the junk drawer that seems to take over more than just one drawer. Perhaps it is the way that everything under your sink is just a big mess. Well, here is where you can make the changes that are going to fix the things that you hate the most. 

Start out with that message center. How can you make it look nicer, appear neat and still have everything that you want there?

Take all of the phone lists, numbers, and such from the board. Get on your computer and type of this list. Laminate the list and then hang it back on the board. Throw all the other pieces of paper, the shreds of numbers and things that you do not need anymore. Now you still have what you need and where you need it but you look more organized and it did not cost you anything but a few minutes of your time. 

What else is hanging in the kitchen or on the message board? Receipts, mail, notes, bills to pay, and often reminders are also hanging on the message board. Do yourself a favor, take all the receipts, and put them in a huge envelope in the home office. This is going to save you time when you need to find anything. Nothing can be thrown away that should not be thrown away. 

The mail should sit on the counter, be sorted daily, put on the desk in the office daily, and junk mail should be shredded. This keeps mail from piling up on the message board. 

Therefore, when you come to take on the task of sorting out the message center, keep in mind just clearing out the message center and putting things where they belong is going to become a habit that you will just love to look at!

Now think about: what about that mess under your sink? Have you been searching for a way to clean it out, to organize it, and to still have everything you need within your reach? 

What you really need to do first is to clean out everything that you do not use. Get rid of the cleaner you thought you were going to use, but now it is way out dated. Old cans, jars, pans, or pots that you have stored in the in the cupboard under the sink should be taken out and pitched. If you have not used it in over two months, you most likely are not going to need it. 

Using two pieces of wire shelving you can create shelves under the sink that is going to separate what is stored under the sink and give you even more storage space because you are putting the entire space to use, not just the bottom of the cupboard. 

Going through your fridge, your cupboards, and going over the counters in your kitchen, look at the things that you do not like and then change them. If you need a little paint, paint it. If the cupboards need a good wash, do it for a great clean that will leave your entire kitchen more lovable and livable.

Do you have large spoons that you keep in a container on the counter? Sometimes going to the thrift store and purchasing a new holder is all you need to spruce up your kitchen. It does not take much to make your entire kitchen look great, while making it a move livable space at the same time. 

Teapots, containers, cups and even cookie jars can be switched around, painted or put away for a season while you use other containers. Switching containers and cups on the counters in your kitchen can make it feel like you are in a new kitchen � try it and see for yourself!

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