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Exercise. Bits about Exercise

All through your life you hear about the importance of exercise but you may not realize how important exercise really is until you have a health related problem that requires you to get more exercise or if you have met someone who wants you to exercise with them. 

With everything that goes on during our busy schedules, the weeks seem to fly by and we are getting less and less exercise. Exercise is important not only to keep your physically healthy but to give your body an outlet for mental stress as well. Physically doing something allows your brain to relax and not to Ďthinkí too much!

If it has been sometime since you have done any type of physical exercise, be sure to visit with your doctor and have a physical exam before doing anything strenuous. Your doctor can tell you the best methods of exercise for your needs and what you are limited in doing. If you are in the best of health here are a few tips on adding exercise to your life:

When you are starting out in a fitness program or if you are joining a sport to get a little exercise, avoid a competitive position while you are still in the basic training. As you get back to a level of fitness that is required for any type of competitive position you are better able to enjoy the sport entirely instead of Ďburning outí because you are not fit enough to be at that competitive level.¬†

For those of you who have been out of a regular exercise program for some time, you most likely are going to want to limit your activities in a sport such as basketball, football or such because of the high risk of injury. As you train more, and as your body strengthens more, you can then go back and join the more intense sports that you enjoy. 

What are some of the best exercises you can do when you have not been exercising in a long time? Walking, light jogging, and bicycling are some of the best ways to get back into shape. As you exercise more, you can start running, hiking, weight training and aerobic exercises for some of the best results. 

No matter what type of exercise you are going to be doing, five to ten minutes of stretching is going to do your body a world of good. Stretching out those muscles that you have not been using and relaxing your body before exercising is important. 

As you are just starting out in any exercise program, spend just a few minutes a day doing it. It is impossible and dangerous to spend an hour doing aerobic or swimming on the first day of your exercise routine. Start with just a few minutes Ė five to ten at the most, and then work up daily as you feel stronger and as your physician permits you to.¬†

Learn to listen to your body. If you are feeling really bad after the first few days of exercise, or perhaps you have done too much all at one time, take the next day off. Listen to your body and how your body is feeling when exercising. Sometimes your body could just be saying it is sore from working out or from walking that extra mile, but other times your body could be sore from doing too much in the heat or the extreme cold. 

What are some of the non-aerobic exercises that you can do when you want to get out and put a little more exercise in your life? A few non-aerobic exercises are bowling, volleyball, softball, baseball, and golf, but it is important to keep in mind that these are still strenuous activities, some of which involve running and jumping or jarring of your body. 

If you have been exercising for a bit and you want to step it up a bit and get your heart moving, you can try basketball, bicycling, handball, racquetball, soccer, swimming, tennis and walking. It all depends on how good you feel and what your doctor says according to your exercise plan. Some people who are in good health will step it up a bit more and look for high aerobic rates. 

Some of the best exercise that you can do for cardiovascular fitness involves stationary biking, hiking, ice-skating, jumping rope, mowing the grass, skiing, and running. There are so many more that you can take your choice from what you love to do the most. 

One of the biggest things about getting fit, and being healthy is exercising. Even walking every day is going to add more fitness to your life than if you were sitting on the couch watching a movie or sitting behind a desk day in and day out.

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