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Exfoliating moisturing skin scrub

Submitted by Vicki

Mix 2c. Epsom Salts with 1/4c. favorite scented body lotion, 1Tbs. each glycerine, & jojoba oil in plastic container using a disposable plastic spoon or knife (I use a left over popsicle stick that I wash & save). 

Use a recycled margarine tub in which to mix & store so there is no danger of broken glass or contamination of food container. Label & keep out of little ones' reach. 

Use small amounts to gently scrub skin of arms, legs, hands, & feet before shower (stand in shower cause its messy & don't use on wet skin cause it would be too harsh.) If you can, get someone to rub it on your back too. 

Shower as usual. If my skin is really dry, I just wash private area, armpits, & feet, & just rinse the rest of me. Helps get rid of dry, flakey skin & smells great. Be careful, because it will make the shower floor slippery. A rubber bathmat or anti-slip decals help. 

I usually squirt some shampoo on the floor of the shower & spread it with my feet after I scrub, then turn on the water (I also adjust the water temp before I start so I don't get scalded or frozen.) I tried white sugar & baby oil, but like this much better.

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