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Hair removal. Make your own hair removal wax

To make your own hair removal wax (like Nads) you need:

  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup sugar 

In a microwavable bowl, put all of the ingredients on high for 3-4 minutes. You can put it on the stove too, but there's a chance of burning it. When it cools down, use it like hot (or cold) wax! You will find all the hair you want to remove comes off.

The following was sent in by Caroline W

How to prepare recipe and directions for waxing

Squeeze juice from 1/2 lemon into a bowl, add 1/2 cup white sugar and 1/2 cup honey. Mix well then microwave for 3 minutes.

DO NOT place directly on skin, wait until you are able to touch with your fingers without burning them.

Apply with a flat surfaced item like a tongue depressor or Popsicle stick. When applying, apply in a thin layer about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide following the growth of your hair (downwards).

Apply a strip of cotton material leaving about 1 inch at the bottom so that you have something to grab onto. Cotton strip means something like old jeans. I cut and use old jeans and find that is the best. Cut the legs off of jeans, then cut that into strips of about 8 inches long and 4 inches wide. The inside part of the jeans seems to absorb the wax better, so place on your waxed area with inside of jean material on that. Smooth or rub the material onto the wax firmly so there is good contact. Pinch or grab hold of bottom of cloth and pull/rip upwards and quickly in an upwards motion.

Always apply wax in the direction of the hair growth, and always remove strip in the opposite direction and at a 45 degree angle.

Visitors comments

and then? Comments By: RoadRunningVixen on 2005-09-05
Then what? leave it on? Wash it off? what do I use to rip it off? fabric? tissue? WHAT? please finish the recipe. Thanks.
plus anything nuked on high for 3 minutes will be scalding. Are you sure this is correct????? how do we prevent getting burned?? MORE INFO PLEASE!
TipKing Says: The instructions do say that that it needs to ba allowed to cool. Then it says that you can use it like hot or cold wax. The recipe is suggesting you use it then like regular hot or cold wax.

for those who can't read between the lines! Comments By: sugaring fairy! on 2006-02-28
apply thinly on the area you wish to remove hair from (the sugar mix)once it has cooled (allowing you to touch it without burning your fingers!). Then use cotton strips, as in waxing, apply them to the section of skin with the paste, pat down,and yank off. Warm water will remove any residue past left on the skin.
lemon Comments By: crystal on 2006-07-17
how u use the lemon cut it leave it whole or squeeze the juice

TipKing says: I would think that the tip is refering to the juice of a lemon

? Comments By: ???? on 2006-07-17
wat r cotten strips?
....... Comments By: fg on 2006-07-19
i know!what are cotten strips!
what now?? Comments By: Bad Kitty on 2006-08-06
What do I use to rip it off?

TipKing says: Someone was talking about cotton strips. I have not tried the tip so I do not know!

Tried it. Comments By: Jenefer on 2007-02-11
Messy to apply. Time consuming to cut all the strips of cotton fabric. Made a big, gooey mess and it didnt work AT ALL.
tried it Comments By: Jane on 2007-05-07
to my surprise it works! i used a slightly differnt recipe though,

1 cup sugar

1/4 cup creamed honey (not the liquid kind)

1 tbl spoon of lemon juice ( i didnt have a lemon so i just guessed the amount of juice would be in 1/2 a lemon)

a little bit of molasses

sprinkle some corn starch on area you are waxing so it holds better!

I tried cooking it on the stove but it wouldnt get hot enough to blend really well so i microwaved until bubbly.

i used it when it was still a bit hot to apply, but o well... and then pressed on the cotton strips ( an old sock) let it cool down really well, it works, i just pulled it off now and viola, hair is out!

baby hair Comments By: G on 2007-07-13
can i use it to remove my baby's hair on her forehead and in between eyebows, she is only 8 months.

TipKing says: You should not be trying to remove hair from someone so young.

BABAY HAIR?? Comments By: Selma on 2007-07-15
why cant you leave her the way she is? she's just a baby!!!!!:@
honey? Comments By: J on 2007-08-04
Do you have to use honey, is there any other sticky substance you can use?
Thrilled to be Hairless! Comments By: Andie on 2007-09-06
Tied Jane's recipe (used normal honey, though, and no molasses). Divided everything by 15 (ie 250ml[1cup]sugar became +- 15ml[1 Tblsp] etc) - figured I only needed a very little amount. Microwaved for 1 min. Allowed to cool to touch, then applied to upper lip. Used one of hubby's cotton hankies. Worked like a charm!!! Was a bit red afterwards but looks fine now. Thanks a million, Jane!
lemon? Comments By: ashlyn on 2007-09-08
what is the lemon even used for?
that is what i do too =] Comments By: mimi on 2007-09-08
its a great recipe, girls. i use this also, my mother tought me this and the wax removes my hair fast. its painless and its STRONG. also, put some baby powder on the area your waxing, it actually soothees it.
So much for home waxing Comments By: Terra on 2007-09-14
This did not work at ALL for me, the wax was way too hot to apply to my skin, and when it cooled it would be hard, and I'd have to warm it up again, but to no avail could I put this on my skin without getting burned. Suggestions?
impressed about the recipe but didnt used it yet...how about for men's body hair...you think it will Comments By: jayz on 2007-09-27
do u think our body hairs will be removed after using this recipe... our body hair is full of volume though...how about that? pls reply to this...im beginning to become an ape hehehe!!!
cotton strips Comments By: Jasmine on 2007-10-12
you can also buy cotton strips from the body shop. thirty strips for �2!!
Old middle eastern recipe Comments By: bizilizi in Barleythorpe on 2008-01-02
I remember Arab ladies in the Persian Gulf using this mix with very good results. No microwaves 50 years ago! not sure if they used honey but certainly used lemon and sugar. Found your tip very helpful and have yet to try on upper lip.
It's brilliant... Comments By: Sahar on 2008-01-27
It's a great tip! I had really pathetic looking legs due to having ingrowns from Epilating...but after waxing 3 times they seem to have just vanished! Wonderful Wonderful...
how? Comments By: nad on 2008-02-10
how long do u put it in the frige for and how much do u oppy on ur plce were u wanna wax?
Where are all the educated people at? Comments By: Common Sense Girl on 2008-03-28
I got the BIGGEST LAUGH from this! Thank You Ladies!lol
I agree the recipe was confusing on the instructions, but please..sorry had to take a break, I've laughed so hard, I've got tears coming down my face!:) Common Sense can go a LONG way. If it's to hot to touch, HELLO! Hence she mentions to let cool. I took this as you have the choice of how warm or cool you want to use this. It's YOUR judgment. :) After reading some of these comments, I can now see this could be a problem for some. :) lol
This was great! I may never try this, but it was worth every second being online, just running onto this! Thanks, I really did need a laugh for the day! Sorry I don't mean to come across so rude.:)

how long Comments By: Jayne on 2008-05-17
how long is this solution supposed to take before it hardens?

thank you

It hardens up after mixing lemon juice :O Comments By: Esha on 2008-06-10
It hardens up after adding the lemon juice :O I wasnt able to apply it onl :O It was rock solid :O and I tried heating it again and it got burned :-|
idk Comments By: ashley on 2008-06-18
i dont know how this works it doesnt really do anything how long is it supposed to stay on? and what do you use to take it off? im very confused???
alsoo confused Comments By: hairy on 2008-06-21
I can't get my mixture to even harden in least, what am i doing wrong? Its just a sticky liquid.
is the lemon useful??? Comments By: Luce on 2008-06-24
do i really need the lemon what is it really for?
socks? Comments By: kara on 2008-07-05
are all socks made of cotton? som1 said u should use a sock for waxing but it has to be cotton. how do i know if it is cotton?
white wax Comments By: vishnu on 2008-07-30
how we can make white wax.give me some idea.
w/e Comments By: nora on 2008-08-03
u could use anything that is 100% cotton like ur underwear or a sock... it doesn't really matter... as long as it is cotton
how Comments By: danielle on 2008-08-07
how to u take it off, plezz?xxxxx
home made wax Comments By: lynn on 2008-10-06
I can't believe there is so many dumb people. If you can't follow instructions please don't make this product and if you don't no how to use wax i suggest you go for a treatment from a qualified therapist to gain some knowledge on what wax looks like and what it does, and please please don't use it on babies
duh Comments By: alissa on 2008-10-18
ok like im gunna try thhis tonight and i know how to use it im 15 and its not hard to figure out. And using it on a baby what kind of crap is that what kind of mom are u.
u guys r too funny Comments By: anonymous laugher on 2008-10-26
lol reading these comments. omg some1 wants to use this wax theyve never tried on themselves on a BABY? wtf im sure her heads not a fur ball lol so just leave her alone. wow man too funny
you guys are dumb and saying those things for attention Comments By: Marina on 2008-10-28
ok i know it works
and if your stupid enough to put it on while its hot you need mental help
and as far as the baby hair! are you crazy? why would you wax the hairs on your infants head? ITS NORMAL you need help too. thats why people like YOU shouldnt have babies! and the cotton strips are better to use they grip better.

Wow.. Comments By: Ellie on 2008-10-29
Entertaining. Poor baby. lol

Tried it, it works perfect, thanks.

umm eh? Comments By: ninia on 2008-11-16
so im just wondering and does anyone have a scientific explaination as to how this will work?
wouldnt the mixture just soak through the cotton strips and casue a big mess and achieve nothing?
and to those who have used it, does it make the hair completely go from the roots?

much easier way Comments By: easywayout on 2008-11-16
well my mother used to make that ages agoo, but theres a much easier way of making this wax...all u need to do is pour honey into a pot and put it on the stove for it to heat up and become thicker...then pour it onto ur wooden chopping board(it should be thick so it doesnt go everywhere) then wait to it to cool down before using it....once it has cooled down Not too cold though grab some and play with it as if it was playdough and caramel looking without feeling sticky. AND THATS IT. great stuff...And as for that so called mother that wants to wax her baby, ur a bloody monster..Love ur baby the way it is, even its a hairy little thing. Its baby hair and will all fall out
JANET Comments By: JANET on 2008-11-29
wow!!!! Can't believe the comments. I laughed sooooo hard, my tears were coming down my face. well, I have to say it's all common sense. Thanks for the laugh. Oh, forgot to mention, what a cruel mom accept your baby the way it is. Meannie.
I should've read the comments first... Comments By: WhoNeedsProfessionals? on 2008-12-11
Anybody who wants to wax their baby should be stoned.
DO NOT MICROWAVE FOR 3 MINS! It will boil over and then you'll have an emergency on your hands. Boil for maybe a minute at a time but don't do what I did and walk away to go watch TV. You can go to your local beauty supply store and buy cotton waxing strips. On the the package it should say "For Honey Based Wax" Wait for it to cool.

On the down side, what happens when the sugar doesn't dissolve all the way?

A smooth Pull Comments By: Michael's Hairy Man tips on 2008-12-10
OK. We now have a recipe to make a wax. A couple tips to make it the most effective. Heating the area to be waxed before waxing helps to open the hair follicles making it easier to pull the entire root seed out with the hair, Making the waxing a lot more effective, and somewhat less painfull.

When applying wax always apply in the direction of hair growth then pull away in the opposite direction. As for the cotton strips Linen strips are much better white linen to be specific there are no dies that could bleed or stain, plus the tighter weave of the material makes for a stronger bound to the waxing agent to make for a more productive pull each time. Old Bed sheets are good or just a trip to the local fabric store for a yard of material will really do the trick. To soothe the area after waking applying a topical spray for skin eritation helps a lot the burn sprays help a lot also. Good Luck and happy waxing.

hahahha Comments By: iz on 2009-01-19
thank you made my day.......

WHAT!!!! Comments By: MD on 2009-01-18
for the baby momma DO NOT WAX her head or anywhere else! her skin is too soft and might tear as you wax it. for grown women it leaves us red and irritated, imagine for a baby. As babies age they loose some of the hair that they are born with. Accept her as she is for heavens sake!
Vag Comments By: anon on 2009-01-18
can you use this on your cha cha or what cuz sometimes I have read that some reciepes irate the vag and I need to know before I have to go to the doctor saying I waxed my vag with a home recipe and now there is a problem HELP!
Old Tee Shirts Comments By: Ness on 2009-02-12
Pre-washed old/use tee shirts work best for me as cotton strips. You can make a variety of sizes to best fit the various parts of your body. I find it gets more of the fine hairs as well as long as you make sure to hold your skin taught. Good luck ladies and kudos for going the do it yourself route.
DON'T DO IT!! Comments By: Anon on 2009-02-27
I was about to do this when my friend, the nurse, told me that this or any "sweet" wax mixture causes MAJOR cellulose. So feel free to use it, but you have been warned!
ummm Comments By: rubab on 2009-03-06
if i heat it for 3-4 mins wont i burn my skin?
wat 2 do Comments By: rumi on 2009-03-08
hey thankz for des lovly comnts........but hey wats that major cellulose n stuff........heard it 4 d first time man.....now wat 2 do....i've been waxing for 10yrs now...... :-(
Changed my life Comments By: Nancy H from PQ, MN on 2009-03-11
I have struggled with facial hair all of my life. It took a couple of tries to make this work, but once I got it it works great and so easy. The next time I make it, I will stir every minute to be sure all of the sugar is dissolved. Thank !ou! Thank You!
Changed my life!!!!! Comments By: Nancy H from PQ, MN on 2009-03-11
I have struggled with facial hair all of my life. It took a couple of tries to make this work, but once I got it it works great and so easy. The next time I make it, I will stir every minute to be sure all of the sugar is dissolved. Thank !ou! Thank You!
hope it works (random rating) Comments By: millieeee xo on 2009-03-19
Well, im off to try this recipe tonight, im hoping it works, if not I will be upset. I have a few different materials to try so I can post which ggave me best results.
And wax, a baby? Dear god woman.

Important Comments By: angel on 2009-03-22
Waxing is indeed THE BEST WAY to remove hair.Ive been doing it for ages now! And ppl pls USE THE STOVE..MICROWAVE IS CANCEROUS!! STOP USING MICROWAVES!!!
how long? Comments By: anon on 2009-03-22
if i wax my maustache off (lip hair) then how long does it take 2 grow back on . how many times do i have 2 do it . after how many days or weeks should i do it before it starts growing back.
Wot Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-20
DO NOT TRY IT.it sucks, first of all,it BURNS LIKE ACID. it burnt right through the bowl i was using to heat it and it went all over the microwave plate.then, i was trying to get it off which took lyk, 40 mins AND my two of my fingers started bleeding cuz of that thing and its really sharp. so im warning ya.. dont try it.
ITS TOO HOTT! Comments By: Sammantha on 2009-03-22
I made the wax. However its A PAIN! Its either to hot or to hard to put on my skin!
...........When will my misery end (lol)!

Any suggestions?

i think i have the solution to make this recipe work!!!!! Comments By: Ritu on 2009-03-23
People!!!! i got it! the complaint which is legit: the wax too hard when cold and toooo hot when hot; the solution make it a cold wax. How to do it? After the wax's been cooked let it cool but not entirely. while it's still warm and maleable knead it like a dough all the while stretching it as well in between, adding little water if required.This should turn it into cold wax!!!
Where are all the educated people? Comments By: Janya on 2009-03-31
Common Sense Girl,

It is incorrect to end a sentence with a preposition. Instead of saying "Where are all the educated people at?" you should say "Where are all the educated people?"

Also, it's too, not to (if it's to hot to touch).

I agree that common sense does "go a long way", but, apparently, education does not.

A different Recipe Comments By: Sandra Clements on 2009-04-06
2 Cups Sugar
!/4 Cup Lemon Juice
1/4 Cup Water

Mix all together and boil until it gets to softball stage, (when tested by cooling a teaspoon in a bit of water it will roll into a soft ball) . Pour into a Jar. When cold put it in microwave for 10 - 20 seconds so that it softens. Make sure it is not too hot, it should be warm and malleable. Put a little powder on the area to be waxed (talc or Cornstarch for example) and spread it on with the hair growth. Using cotton strips pull against the hair growth. Can be kept in the fridge between usage.

People who don't know should not try Comments By: ali on 2009-04-16
You need to do some research before you just try the first dumb thing you read on the internet!! The issues with burning, too hot when soft, too hard when cool - that's because you are heating the sugar too much. Sugar acts different when heated to specific temperatures, and I can't believe there have been so many comments, so many readers, and no one has figured that out or said so. Microwave method is totally not precise, and should be done on the stove with a candy thermometer. If the stuff gets too hot when heating, it will be very hard when cooled, and sharp when broken. Once you go to far with heat, you have to start over with new sugar. If it's too watery, you probably didn't use enough sugar, or it didn't dissolve, or it didn't get hot enough. This recipe is basic, but if you are serious, find some real instructions. If you can't do that, you should pay a professional. And OMFG, do not do this to a baby! It hurts even when done right!
yer my title says it all :P go to youtube and see how professionals use this process of sugaring! then you'll get a better perspective, if god wills
Really? Are you kidding me? Comments By: jules2myfriends on 2009-05-11
Are the majority of the people posting here really this stupid or is this some kind of joke? Unbelievable really.

And the biggest idiot? The mother wanting to use it on her baby. That baby should be taken away from her.

IDIOTS... Comments By: PJ on 2009-05-16
Has it not dawned on you fools what the woman was talking about with "baby hair". That means soft VERY fine hair. God save us from so many stupid women!
AMUSING, AMUSING. Comments By: Biggest Blame Fool on 2009-05-22
LOL at the lady who was calling us all fools. Can you not see that the lady specifically pointed out to us that her baby is eight months old?! Where the hell did you get the idea of her talking about her baby hair from? And as the saying goes, takes one to know one :)
Suggestion Comments By: Anonymous on 2009-05-25
Get it over with and go to a salon, or stop complaining and use some tweezers.
another option for facial and neck hair Comments By: oby on 2009-05-27
try the epicare coil hair remover.. havent tried it but people seem to be really satisfied
hasnt worked yet Comments By: Oby on 2009-05-31
How long do you need to leave the cotton strip before you yank off? Mine isnt ever dried enough to yank firmly
"PJ" the MORON 5 commments above me ! Comments By: Lana on 2009-06-05
PJ has claimed that G(the lady that wants 2 wax her baby)meant "Baby hair" as in (fine hair around a womans face). Will someone plz tell that MORON that G has CLEARLY STATED "Can i use it to remove my baby's hair on her forehead and in between eyebows, she is only 8 months." !!! NOW WHO'S THE IDIOT ??? GO BACK 2 SCHOOL FOOL !

oh my god Comments By: ocolinny on 2009-06-12
yeh there are some really stupid people out there, and to the babies mumma, you cant be for real( I Hope). go take a look at youtube there are some good tips there. And this has been around forever, But the lebs have a recipee with sugar that you roll in a ball and just apply and pull , you need no cotton strips, It has a play dough consistency, Thats wat Im looking for , any help is appreciated..
BABY!? Comments By: graicebabs on 2009-06-30
Right, well to be quite honest, who ever made this should have out clearer instructions! ..
BUT OMG. That poor baby, how dare you even think about doing that to such a young child! EVEN MORE A CHILD!

Very immature comments on here, and rather annoying.

"Major cellulose?" Comments By: L. on 2009-07-24
To all the retards concearned about "sweet wax mixture causing MAJOR cellulose"... cellulose is the chief constituent of the cell walls of plants. So if you ladies are thick as wood, may I suggest using hegde shears instead of waxing?
i got a cold wax from a spa Comments By: rhyzzie on 2009-07-31
i got a cold wax from a spa,
well, i can say cold wax is better than hot.
Anyway they told me that i should not wash it for about 4 hours. hope this helps..

help Comments By: vijay on 2009-08-11
Kyaa Yarr Tum be naa? soo i just make dee wax put thee on my Leg? but yaar i Do not undersstnd I is not form ingland,somvun please help ?
No need for strips Comments By: sooth n soft legs on 2009-08-21
all my arabic frends at cos make and use it all the time. ive had it done to me with no prob and no strips!! when the wax is warm aand pliable spred the wax dowm and pull quickly in opp direction of hair when the piece of wax doesnt spread easily anymor u need to use anothr piece. Hair grows back more fine and evntully not at all.
No need for strips Comments By: sooth n soft legs on 2009-08-21
all my arabic frends at cos make and use it all the time. ive had it done to me with no prob and no strips!! when the wax is warm aand pliable "pull"wax till white then spred the wax dowm and pull quickly in opp direction of hair when the piece of wax doesnt spread easily anymor u need to use anothr piece. Hair grows back more fine and evntully not at all.
The Movie Caramel Comments By: Anon on 2009-09-18
You can see how it works for them in that movie. :) They don't use strips at all.
Lemon juice: Comments By: LabRat on 2009-10-11
The acid in the lemon juice keeps it from getting hard, like rock candy. If your stuff if too hard, add a bit more lemon juice next go, and keep playing with it until you find good proportions.
How much? Comments By: Hope on 2009-10-19
all it says is 1/2 for everything!!! HOW MUCH!!! 1/2 a cup a tea spoon???? any one know?!?!?!?
hilarious Comments By: gemma on 2009-10-22
oh please, I seriously doubt the person with the baby really meant it. Many of the questions are so ridiculous and I think that was her point....
Anything else Comments By: Hcp on 2009-11-15
Can u use something apart from cotton strips?
honeywax Comments By: annie... on 2009-11-29
can i use calamansi instead of lemon?
waxing for permanent hair removal Comments By: honey on 2009-12-22
yes! doing this frequently helps to reduce the growth of hair
can we use raisin Comments By: zizan on 2009-12-24
If we use little ''raisin'' with this ingredients what percenties we have to use.
I havent tried yet Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-30
I have not yet tried this yet. I was woundering if you could use 1/2 a table spoon insted of 1/2 a cup. I really dont need that much wax. i suppose i can try it if i dont get any responces by morning. By the way. please do not do anything to your poor baby that would be just mean.
keeping it warm Comments By: Self-taught waxer on 2010-01-01
I have been waxing for centuries. As there are a few different recipes for wax making, once you have your recipe down pat, make the wax and store it in a plastic yogurt container. The consistency will depend upon how hard or soft your wax is. Every time you need to use it,Fill a pot half full of water and place it on the stove on low to medium heat and place the yogurt container in the pot. The wax will begin to melt as the water begins to heat up and will stay a the right temperature to use it without burning you. Once the water is boiling you can remove the pot from the stove and the hot water will keep the wax melted for a full leg, arms, underarms etc; etc wax. Of course you will need cotton or linen strips for this.
ohh myyy Comments By: katelyn on 2010-01-28
this was really fun 2 read :D haha wow that lady with the kid, i should bite u!

im only 14 and im gunna try this wax ideas and just kinda see what happens. i know alot on cosmetics, mostly from exparamenting so dont just take me as some stupid little kiddie plez. <3

btw i just love readin all these personal attacks.... but u deserve it because u posted it on the web- freedom of speech man! haha
*ssry i dont spell well at all and have bad grammar*(if that botheres u)

INSIGHT!!!!! Comments By: Sarah on 2010-02-02
I am arab and I have been making this stuff for a long time, it works really good and the hair eventually stops growing back!!!! As for the "cotton strips" i have never used them, just pull off the wax in an upward position.
it isnt that hard to understand Comments By: peopleareso DUMB on 2010-02-01
it isnt that hard to understand the recipe...like people are sooo dumb man
use common sense how else would you remove the wax!!! and cotton strips is self-explanatory
and why in the hell would you put the whole lemon?

know more about waxing, chennai Comments By: pinky on 2010-02-08
i want to know the clear method of waxing, how to ue it?? how much quantity?? time for leaving, time of removing, in what directions, and one more i have thick hair on my face like moustache, i want to get rid off it, so suggest me some esier tip that should not be expensive also and quantity and method
recycle old denim Comments By: Melissa on 2010-02-08
I have used this method for years. I am excited to try making my own wax, and I am grateful for all the recipes listed here. My advice is to use denim strips for maximum effectiveness. They are thicker than what you can buy, and they can be washed and used many times. Just don't use stretch denim. If the reason is not obvious, this is not a method you should try.
Temp? Comments By: redone on 2010-02-22
I've made this many times with different results. It works great and I've been sugaring for years. Used to always just use warm syrup then I discovered something amazing - when it is the right texture it can be perfect for cold use with no cloths. That's the best and what I've been trying to recreate. Prob is I keep getting it too soft or too hard. Soft will work with cloth and you can always rewarm it and use either way. But cold is great- no mess and great to use while sitting in front of tv instead of locked in bathroom. Anybody who consistently gets this cold use perfect texture own a candy thermometer? What temp do you cook it to? My recipe suggests stirring honey in after cooking sugar and lemon juice. I think this helps keep it from getting too stiff. But I'd still like to know what temperature people are cooking theirs to.
HAIR FREE CARE FREE MALE Comments By: austin powers...with good teeth on 2010-02-26
there i was sitting at home looking at my austin powers inspired rug...when i relized i was way to broke to go out and buy $30 wax to get my lovely g/f to straddle me down and wax my chest....when i came across this delightlful lil recipe... not only is it easy cause all the ingredients were in my house...but it actually works....if you have a bottle of gin to help between strips...well half a bottle later and a hole lot less hairier. this is only one thing....a recipe for sucess!
this better work! Comments By: cheryl on 2010-02-28
I will make this wax soon and if it doesn't work i will be upset!
quary Comments By: chathurika on 2010-03-04
after making a mixture how to apply on to skin.. how many time have to keep it for remove
Ladies ladies please... Comments By: hair today... on 2010-03-22
...a bit of civility, it's only hair removal. Do we not all itch after waxing, is our skin not collectively rare! A bit of decorum sisters please! (Sugaring is an age old tradition of removing hair and when performed correctly is most effective! Proceed with caution and educate yourself. Only then will you be successfully hairless.) I must say though, this is the most hilarious thread i have had the pleasure to read in, oh, well, ever. Thanks for the laughs ladies!

Be kind and don't wax your baby! X

Crazy woman on the loose Comments By: D on 2010-03-22
Wax your baby?!?!?! Please tell us you were joking cause I don't want to believe a monster like you is "mother " to a baby, which will probably grow up to be screwed in the head from your stupidity!! I really hope you were just joking to see people's reactions. Then, good job cause you got it you freaking loser waste of my time!!
wht am i doin wrong? Comments By: Sanam on 2010-03-30
someone help!!
i tried this..n the mixture started boilin over in the microwave. so i took it out n it was still sorta watery, i waited a couple minutes but itwas still watery.
i used an old sock for the strips, i applied a thin layer to the area with a Popsicle stick, n put the strip on, but the strip wouldnt stick, n came off easily!
plz tell me wat i did wrong!!

lime Comments By: kari on 2010-04-08
can u use a lime insead of a lemon??

TipKing says: No

oh dear lord Comments By: kati on 2010-04-28
you guys are greatttt! i wish i had some honey an lemon juice in the house to try this. would a syrup work?
baby hair Comments By: baby hair on 2010-04-28
So I used it on my babies head hair. It worked like a charm. To bad their is no recipe to keep them from crying, i know you feel me on that.
ScArrEd Comments By: JazZy on 2010-05-31
im alittle bit scarred nd conffident at the same time on doing this tip...im scarred cuz sum phsyco ppl are saying this ish gives u cancer,nd im confident cuz for sum ppl this actually worked soo i am gunna try it,,ohh nd btw im only 15 s00 yess my mom is gunna help me so if somthing horibble happens to me she knw who to hunt,,nd also may i quote its realy anoyying to hear other pll complain about other ppls comments so seriouslly back off and get a life!! nd if that mom wants to wax her baby then let her! damm!! if u really care about that baby then YOU should go save her,,cuz honestly talking ish online isn't gunna stop her!! -------<3peace
stupid Comments By: denzeles on 2010-06-21
oh my gosh girls are so stupid why do you worry about facial hair i dont care if a girl have facial hair as long as shes hot
cold wax Comments By: Annn on 2010-07-09
You can buy ready-made cold wax (no need to heat) @ stripit.multiply.com. It is a very famous cold waxa s of this time. :))
Silly people. Comments By: The Batman[girl] on 2010-08-17
Ok. So the lemon juice. Your supposed to use concentrated lemon juice, that you can buy premade at store. DONT USE A FULL LEMON. and wow seriously cotton strips??? You can use old jeans also. And yea most likely ALL socks are cotton. If not just go out and buy actual wax strips. AND WOW LADY ARE YOU CRAZY? on a baby? I'm 15 and I know that the babies skull isn't fully developed yet. It's ok if your baby has a unibrow. That only time it's gonna matter is when she's in like middle school. And WAX HURTS. so your gonna kill your baby if your try to wax it just saying. OH AND ALSO. YOU GUYS ARE ALL FREAKING ARTARDS IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND MY DIRECTIONS. just saying. But SERIOUSLY if you don't get this. You should just go get waxed professionally. And then get some help. Justsayin(:
you have to heat it up hot enough Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-14
you have to heat it up hot enough so it will penetrate into the cotton and harden. It's almost like making candy, but you don't cook the mixture to that high of heat. I have heard that using strips of denim works well.
More Information. Comments By: Jess on 2010-09-03

Seriously, this is probably the best video you will probably find and it is really easy to understand and follow.

I'm 14 and tried it and it worked perfectly, no problems at all. I took 2 strong pain killers 20 minutes before I tried it and there was next to no pain at all.

But seriously guys: learn to spell, don't be so ridiculously stupid and DEFINITELY DON'T USE IT ON A BABY! .. Crazy woman.

liess Comments By: usra on 2010-09-04
it dose not work at all it just is painful and most of your hair dosent even come off so you should just buy wax strips the simple way out .
wax Comments By: josh on 2010-09-13
i made wax, after that i wait until it cold and it became hard and i cant apply it. so i melt it in microwave and after that i cook it again, i add 3/4 cup of water and it's working....and i use baby wipes as a strip.... and finaly i remove my hair at my legs......
cleaning the skin after the waxing Comments By: SH on 2010-09-30
can anyone tell me how to clean the skin after we finish waxing.only soap and water do not help.even its lot of mesh on the floor,how to clean that?.
Works great Comments By: Ash Dash on 2010-10-16
Make sure your hair is long enough. I found this recipe along time ago and it works best hot! If you tried this and it didn't work grow out your stubblies and try again.

LEMON SUBSTITUTE Comments By: oiley on 2010-10-25
A friend of mine said she'll come teach me to make some wax for me, n she's still not come until i stumble onto this receipe today, m really excited to find this recipe but still have to try it, but she mentioned all the ingredients mentioned here without the measurement But here wat she told me: "if u dont have lemon, u can use WHITE VINEGAR." hope this help...have to try this receipe soon.
what cotton it sticks on your legs stupid Comments By: bubsycat on 2010-11-04
anyway use old jean strips trust and what kind of foolishness waxing baby inform social services to arrest the drug addict parent
cotton strips questions Comments By: quarilari on 2010-11-06
i use ripped up pieces of an old sheet when i do it.
Thanks Jane Comments By: honey on 2010-11-23
I only gave 4 stars coz I did not try it yet but it was very good to know that the wax can be cooked in a microwave so I am very interested in trying it. I always cook it in the Arabian way which is: 1 cup of water, 1 cup of sugar and lemon juice, this recipe must be cooked by flame then let cool down on a wet surface and we use our hands instead of cotton strips. that one is perfect but needs practice (to train your hands). regarding the honey only recipe, I tried it before but is not good for all types of hair or even for people who have a lot of hair is not also good. thanks Jane
????? Comments By: ANON on 2010-12-24
I think its better to cook it on a stove than in a microwave cause my stuff is all watery and sticky but isn't tacky and hard like how it really should be.
use other tool Comments By: SC on 2010-12-29
can i use my watson facial steamer to heat the wax? although its kinda small
Really ladies? Comments By: Abigail on 2010-12-30
Goodness. Now that I've read through all of those comments, I am simultaneously amused and horrified. First, I'd like to join the masses and tell that atrocious mother to give up her baby to someone who cares about it. Secondly, cancer? Really? Direct exposure to microwaves is harmful, yes, but just using a microwave to heat something won't hurt you. A microwave works by exciting water molecules in substances. When the molecules move, the faster they move, the hotter they become. It won't give you cancer to heat something up. Especially a topical solution. I gave 3 stars only because I haven't tried this yet, but I plan on trying it out soon, after I look at YouTube to be sure of everything. Remember ladies, if it didn't work for you, you probably weren't doing it correctly. Cheerio! =)
Good tip :) Comments By: Leana on 2011-01-09
this really worked. and for the person who said "Then what? leave it on? Wash it off? what do I use to rip it off? fabric? tissue? WHAT? please finish the recipe. Thanks.
plus anything nuked on high for 3 minutes will be scalding. Are you sure this is correct????? how do we prevent getting burned?? MORE INFO PLEASE!
TipKing Says: The instructions do say that that it needs to ba allowed to cool. Then it says that you can use it like hot or cold wax. The recipe is suggesting you use it then like regular hot or cold wax." is clearly not a smart or creative person who can't figure out anything with having the directions baby them.

worked excellent for me Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-26
The recipe worked excellent for me. The key for any of the recipes from my experience is the make sure its at soft ball candy stage. this means when you take a bit of it and put it into a cup of cold water that the resulting ball of candy is soft and pliable. Thank you very much for posting this.
Excellent!!! Comments By: Ren on 2011-02-07
I tried this and it worke like a charm!! Thankyou so much xx
Helppppp!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: beautynotthebeast on 2011-02-26
when i use the cotton strips and pull off, the hairs don't pull out. I'm pulling them off in the opposite way too, its really not working.
I'd pluck with a tweezer or thread
but i would rather use this way because people i know have tried it and said it permantely removes after some times using this wax.

But i need help...help? what am i doing wrong?

This Works Comments By: Anon on 2011-03-16
Sugar wax works. If it didn't work you; you made it wrong. Make sure that you make it on the stove. Boil the mixture stirring the whole time. It will turn to a dark caramel color when it's done. If it's too gooey cook it longer if it's too hard you cooked it too long. And here's the hard part... you have to let the mixture cool before you apply it. I am a man and this works on my facial hair. IT WORKS!
wax facial hair Comments By: tabinda on 2011-03-17
I am 45 yeats old woman and having facial hair on my whole face (cheeks,upper lips,chin and neck)
can I wax all these parts.Pl help me .

Dumb People Comments By: Hailey on 2011-03-30
I have never seen so dumb comments on any forum or article ever in my life...
Spend 5 bucks and get a jar from store...and please please DONT USE IT ON BABIES....

you are marvellous personality teacher Comments By: ghazala on 2011-03-30
i tried ur recipe and done it! i save money spending at palours which were expensive,God bless u . keep giving us a great guidelines .thanxxxx a lot

3 Stars as I haven't tried it yet Comments By: Moonie on 2011-04-08
I would definitely give it a try... N I had a good laugh at all the stupid comments.. n please do re-read instructions... don't just glance it... read n understand then u'll know what to do... if it's too hot.. cool it down to a temperature that u feel comfy with... don apply on ur skin when it's burning hot for goodness sake... sugar when melted give off ALOT OF HEAT~ sigh~
Thickness Comments By: Mercedes on 2011-04-25
How think does it need to be?
LEMON JUICE / CALAMANSI EXTRACT Comments By: yshielle on 2011-06-02
can i use calamansi extract than the lemon juice or not ??
Liquid.? Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-05
Mine Comes Out Like A Liquid.
Is that Right.?

ingrdents.? Comments By: jade on 2011-07-28
uhhh what if we dont have honey..can we replace it with something and can we use lime juice instead of lemon juice thz (:
All of this for sugar waxing Comments By: Anon on 2011-07-29
although this does seem to be the simplest way to make the sugar wax from all the comments and problems people have had you can see it's obviously not, i'd prefer to do it on a stove so i can keep a closer eye on it and be able to monitor what i'm doing besides the stove way works easier with less issues
CLASSIC! LOL Comments By: Anon on 2011-08-22
Omg please ppl DO NOT USE WAX ON A BABY!! Poor child! How dumb are some people the instructions are clear n comman sense prevails. How can u not know what cotton is n u if its hot..WAIT while it cools or u risk of burning urself! Pretty damn obvious! Good luck seems like some will need it!! P.s thanks for the laugh tho! :D

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