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Depression during the holidays. Fighting Holiday Blues

Are you the type of person who always finds depression sets in around the holidays? Do you have a tough time celebrating every holiday or just on certain holidays? Fighting the holiday blues is something that all of us are up against at one time or another. Depression is a part of life, but getting over the thoughts and feelings of the blahs is a task that is not difficult to face. Here I want to tell you more about how to fight and how to get over the holidays blues so you can enjoy your holiday celebrations fully!

When you first feel the blues coming on and your attitude is taking a turn for the worst, it is time to take action. Do what you need to do to make yourself feel better, forget your problems and to enjoy the holidays. Don�t forget, these tips and ideas will help you get someone else out of depression and the winter blues as well. 

Why do we get depressed?

Often we feel lonely or overwhelmed as the holidays approach. Overwhelming feelings of the holiday can cause many to want to forget about the holiday all together. Even in a houseful of people, a person can feel lonely causing depression if they are not a part of the hustle and bustle of the holidays. 

If you feel lonely in a houseful of people, make an effort to become a part of the group, make an effort to get out of your shell and join in what ever is going on even if it is just watching a football game or sitting around the table talking. 

Fighting the blues

Cheer someone else up! If you are really feeling down on yourself, down on your luck, and that the holidays are nothing special find a way to cheer another person up, this is one way to fight off depression and make yourself feel better. 

You can donate time in a local hospital where people are really having a hard time dealing with being in the hospital over the holidays. Find a child who does not have much and make their holiday outstanding. Give food, time, or a donation to a local food bank to enhance someone�s life and meal over the holiday season. 

Keep in mind, these are not just things you can do over the major holidays but the smaller holidays as well. When you see someone�s eyes light up you are more likely to feel good about yourself and the holiday season. 

Send cards and care packages to those in the military that can�t be home for the holidays. Send cards to those who are in care home, mental homes, or those who are in orphanages to brighten someone else�s day. Showing that you care to others who have nothing can make you feel very fortunate and better about yourself. 

Keep all of your holiday entertaining simple and carefree. Enjoying the company, the guests and the people you come into contact with is more important than what color the cookies are, what you are wearing and how clean your home is. Keeping the holiday season lighter without all the additional worry is going to make your attitude change and make you feel better about the holiday season all around. 

If the holidays are very grim and dark for you this year, surround yourself with as many people as you can. Force yourself to talk with others about all types of topics. Learn more about people and carry conversations by simply asking others about their life. Talking and interacting with others will make you feel better about yourself. 

If the holidays are very grim and dark for you this year, think about taking a mini vacation to the sunniest place that you can. For some people, just getting more sun, feeling the summer breeze and getting away from the holiday rush for a day or two is just what you need to get out of the holiday blues. 

Do not expect too much around the holidays. Do not worry about how many presents you are going to get and who received the best presents, but enjoy the sounds of the season, the colors, the lights and the entire holiday season as much as you can. The holiday is more that the value of the presents you received but the hugs and friendship that you experience during the holiday season. 

If your holiday attitude has changed because of problems with in the family, learn to put these differences aside during the holidays. Enjoy each others company as much as possible, as you never really know if there is going to be a next year for any one in particular. 

Do not hold grudges so you can allow your happy life to continue. Depression builds because of what is going on and the problems within the family. Leave problems go and deal with just having fun over the holiday season for the best results.

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