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Embarrassing Cover Ups. How to hide your embarrassment

Are you the type of person that is often found to be in an embarrassing situation or maybe others just easily embarrass you. You can take control of the situation no matter how bad the embarrassment was and put the attention off you. The most embarrassing thing that can happen only leads to putting the attention on you. 

To control the situation and to get over the problem you have to make as if the situation does not bother you, use humor to control the situation, and to put yourself back out of the spotlight so that the embarrassing situation does not seem so bad after all. 

Controlling the Situation 

If you have done something that is embarrassing, maybe you passed gas or you spilled a drink, or you said something terrible, just apologize and move on with what you were doing. Making a big deal of what every was embarrassing will only make the other people feel more embarrassed as you continue to apologize and make a big deal about the problem. 

Embarrassing situations happen every day. Everyone has problems that are embarrassing or they have done something that is embarrassing at one time or another. The best possible way to get past it and to make the situation comfortable once again is to apologize once and then change the subject. 

A major part of overcoming embarrassing situations is just making the moment seem smaller and less important than what you might feel that is was. So you spilled juice all over your papers that you were going to give a speech with, just get up there, make your speech shorter and make the problem �go away�. Embarrassing situations are only made worse when you prolong the moment or event. 

Learn not to put yourself down and not to make yourself more noticeable than needed. When the embarrassing moment is over, do not start saying things like, I am so stupid, or I am so clumsy. If you start putting yourself down because of an embarrassing moment you are only prolonging how much everyone is thinking about the problem.

The embarrassing moment happened and it will be forgotten as the events of the day or night move on. If you continually are making remarks about yourself being stupid, slow, clumsy or what ever to get over the embarrassing moment, others might start believing in what you are saying with is something else that you don�t want to happen at all. 

If you have had an embarrassing moment that you just want to forget, then forget it. Don�t rehash the topic by repeating or telling an embarrassing story about it to others who didn�t know about or see the embarrassing thing happen. Retelling the story again and again to others is only going to open up you emotions and feelings to the embarrassing situation. If you keep bringing the incident up, more and more people are going to know about the embarrassing situation that happened and they are going to tell others as well. 

If you have experienced an embarrassing situation, and it involves just one other person learn to live with it. Make an agreement between the two of you that the two of you both realize that it was embarrassing and that it won�t happen again. Make it understood between the two of you that even though you have had an embarrassing moment that the two of you still respect each other and that you are going to remain friends. 

When an embarrassing moment happens and you have said something that is just embarrassing to yourself or everyone else, quickly apologize and change the subject. Everyone is human and at one time or another we are all going to say something that is embarrassing, changing the subject makes it seem less important. 

Even if you have said something that you know you should not have said, all you have to do is change the topic of conversation, walk away, or turn the station and the moment is forgotten about. Changing the subject or the main entertainment to get everyone�s mind off the embarrassing problem is going to minimize the situation all together. 

If you find that an embarrassing moment is just following you all through your day, make a joke about it. When you can show others that you don�t mind and don�t care about any type of embarrassing moment, you can feel better about the entire situation. 

When another person makes you embarrassed and you are highly upset about it, the best thing that you can do is to confront that person in private. Do not try to get everyone else�s opinion about it, but confront the person that intentionally embarrassed you so you can understand if it was intentional or not. Most likely, the person did not mean to embarrass you and they feel bad about the situation as well.

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