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Improve your conversation skills and become the Conversation Guru

Do you find it hard to carry on a conversation with others? Have you always wanted to be able to talk freely about any subject with anyone that you meet? You can make a good impression with others as you learn to express yourself freely. You can use the ideas and tips here to improve your communication skills. Changing how you talk and how you carry on a conversation is not something you are going to be able to change overnight, but a task that if practiced you can increase and better in just a few short weeks!

Part of changing yourself and being different involves your attitude about others. How you see them and what you think that they are �seeing� in you. If you have an attitude that is going to show that you are scared of others, that you worry about how others perceive you and if you always worry about what is being said after you walk away, you are always going to have a hard time talking with others about anything. 

To change your attitude and to forget about how others are thinking about you and what they are hearing when you talk you have to remember that the entire process is words, thoughts, feelings and ideas. While it is impossible that others are always going to love what you are saying and that what you are saying is always going to be important, you have to remember that we each have a right to express ourselves about all topics. 

To learn how to talk more and to communicate with a better sense of self worth, you need to listen to what is being said. Listen to others opinions and how they are expressing their ideas. Each of us has a different idea and right or wrong, if we do not express them we can�t offer different ideas or experiences about any type of topic. 

Listening skills are important to carrying on a conversation. You need to follow the topic and understand what is being said in order to contribute. Often listening well is just a matter of giving others the time to express their opinions and then you can offer your opinion. 

When you are standing in a group or if you are standing with a person one on one, you have to keep focused on what is being said. What are the topics right now and why are you involved in this conversation. 

You can�t think about what happened the last time you saw this person, you can�t worry about the babysitter, and you can�t worry about what is thought when you express your opinion. You want friends and associates that are going to appreciate your thoughts and ideas and the only way to do this is to express yourself by talking with others. 

Communication is often an action that is just a conversation that is taking place because of necessity. Even if you don�t want to talk with certain people, you can easily jump in on a conversation by using just a few sentences in what you say. You don�t have to talk for minutes on end to be part of the conversation you can reiterate what others have been saying, you can offer a brief opinion or you can simply agree with others all to be a part of the conversation. 

Eye contract is important during a group or a personal conversation. In order to have others listen to you, you need to look at those who you are talking to. If you are standing around in a circle where three or four people are talking, and you are staring at the ceiling while you are talking or stating your opinion, you are not being heard. 

Others are going to feel that you don�t want to talk or express your opinions and that your opinions are not important because you aren�t involved in the group. Look others in the eye, or at least as close to that as you can to get the attention of the entire group. 

To jump in on any conversation, even if you are not well versed about a topic, you can ask a question. Questions are one of the easiest �ways� to get in on a conversation and to communicate with others.

If you are practicing in opening up and talking more, keep your comments short and to the point. As you feel more comfortable getting into conversations, you can expand with how much you are talking and the topics you are communicating about. 

How can you practice communicating with others? One of the best ways you can start conversing more and with others is by using the phone. Having conversations on the phone you can talk at ease with others, and as you continually are talking on the phone, you feel more at ease in expressing yourself, carry this over to in person conversations. 

If you want in on a conversation and don�t know much about what is being talked about, you can offer congratulations, condolences or you can give credit to others. Complementing others to get in on a conversation is one of the easiest things you can do. Don�t be afraid to jump in on the conversation even in if you are just asking questions or offering your opinion to others.

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