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Vacationing with a Small Budget

I bet from the title of this article you feel that this article is going to be all about money, but really this article is all about how you can have a fun and fulfilling life without having to have tons of money. You can see the world, you can have a vacation and you can create memories for your family even if you are on a very tight budget. 

One the first things you need to do so you can live as if you were rich is to make a listing of ten things you want to do from visiting local attractions, going on a day trip, visiting relatives or friends, or taking a week off work. From this listing you are going to accomplish what you can with as little money as possible – but the real key is in planning it all!

First let�fs look at your list. Of course you have listed at least one vacation because who doesn�ft want to take a vacation. Planning a few days away from your job and your home during the week is going to be one key in saving money and getting away. During the week, tickets for amusement parks are cheaper, hotels are cheaper and even to park at the camp ground is cheaper. Plan your get a way for during the week, starting on a Monday or Tuesday, you will see a big difference in price compared to going or arriving on the weekend like Friday or Saturday. 

Now getting somewhere is also something that you can do without spending all of your budget. Driving is still going to be one of the least expensive methods of getting anywhere compared to flying when you taking more than three people on a trip. If there are just two or three of you, the best flying rates during the week can be comparable to driving though. 

Take as much with you as possible. This means, yes you are going to have to pack a cooler of everything you are going to eat for the trip to where you are going. This means that you and your family might live off of peanut butter and jelly or bologna sandwhiches for a few days, but it is about 1/8th of the cost of eating at all the restaurants for breakfast lunch and supper when you are traveling all day or when you are going to a popular vacation spot. 

Crackers, potato chips, lunch cakes, and all types of foods are packaged so you don�ft even have to cook. You can find open, heat and serve foods that could last you all through vacation without having to spend more than $20 for a three day trip.

So you are going to go on a trip. You want to get new clothes but you don�ft want to go over board. Purchasing just two new outfits, or even one, and then mixing them with items from your closet you could easily have enough dress clothes or casual wear for your entire trip. If you are going to the beach, all you really need is a swimsuit, a towel and a few pairs of shorts. 

Take an outfit from your closet in case you want to stop somewhere that requires a little more dress but you don�ft have to purchase anything new. No one on your vacation is going to realize that you are wearing the same outfit, suit or dress three summers in a row but you.

Take batteries and toiletries with you on your trip from the stock you have in your home. You already have a stash of these things in your home, and purchasing them when you are out on vacation you are most likely going to pay three times the value of these items. The things that you forget to pack are most often what is going to cost you the most money. 

Many times, no matter where you are going or what part of the world you are going to see, you can get free tours, guides and such by calling the local tourist offices. Use free guides to see the sights, historical monuments and to learn about where you are visiting. Sometimes you even get free passes to places you want to go just for being in the right place at the right time. 

Be sure to pass on purchasing things in gift shops or in historical shops so you don�ft spend more money on something that is only going to sit on your self when you get home. Use your camcorder, or your digital camera to capture all the memories of where you are vacationing. You don�ft have to get all of your things printed out when you can view them on the camcorder fast and free. 

Save money on the trips that you want to take by staying with friends, relatives or family that live in another state. Be sure to return the offer of having them stay with you anytime that they want so that your entire friendship is built on fun and not just using your friends when you need a place to stay. 

Instead of calling home when you are vacationing, use your text messaging or an email account to let your family know that you made it to you destination just fine. Often a phone call is going to cost way more than other means of communication. 

Take toys and accessories with you. If you are going to visit the beach, or if you are going hiking, taking your gear with you prevents you from having to spend more money on the things you need most when out on vacation.

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