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Garlicky fingers. Garlic smell on your fingers

Submitted by matt

There's noyhing worse than slicing garlic and having the smell lingering on your hands/fingers for hours. It's so easy to remove.

Just rub a stainless steel knife over the affected parts under the tap (faucet) . You will find it will remove all traces of the garlic just like magic !

Visitors comments

sounds dangerous Comments By: Sarah on 2004-10-01
It actually did work for the most part but it seems a bit dangerous. Some people might get the wrong idea and cut themselves. You may want to reword it. I dont know anyone that stupid, but they tell you not to stop chain saws with your hands or genatles on the warning lable lol.
Use a stainless steel spoon instead Comments By: anon on 2009-06-26
Use stainless steel spoon. It is much safer and it really works just as well

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