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Simply Drink for a smoother skin

To clear acne, pimples, or even get smoother skin, just drink lots and lots of water. It will drain your system of impurities and clear up skin within two to three days.

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Very True! Comments By: Gary on 2005-07-04
One of the major keys to improving acne is the consumption of ALOT of water!! I have always heard this!
Right Comments By: cherisa on 2005-09-01
Water cleanses your body of its impurties. God put it on this planet for a reason. There's a reason why we have more water than earth, because water is so healing. Consequently anytime you clean your body of its impurties, you ease the burden on the liver of the cleansing the body. This frees up the liver's energy to improve the hormone balance in your body if your body has an imbalance in hormone regulation. Exercise has the same effect as well. Do yourself a favor and drink plenty of water and get plenty of exercise. Your skin will let you know when you are doing the wrong thing and when you are doing the right thing. See my post for Easy, Surefire Ways To Get Rid of Acne for more information.
question? Comments By: anon on 2005-12-30
is tap water just as good as spring water in clearing up skin? where i live the tap water is pretty clean, not as fresh as bottled water, but does that matter?

TipKing says: It depends on the quality of the tap water where you live. Some tap water can be quite poor. Better to use the most pure type of water.

please som1 answere this Comments By: Nina on 2006-07-12
does it count if you are drinking the water in like tea or coffee etc?
thats were i get most of my water intake from
is this Okay? or do i need to drink water on its own..?

TipKing says: The water you drink in tea and coffee does not count as the caffeine is a diuretic. Look it up on Google. Diuretics make you need more water. Try adding a little sugar free juice to the water.

How Long Please?x Comments By: lovesubabex on 2006-11-01
How long do spots and stuff start to fade when youve drank water? x
totally Comments By: Chick on 2009-01-06
this totally works, plus its healthy for your body. drinking water can hydrate you the best. and to tell if your hydrated enough, i know this may be gross but, check your pee. if its yellow, your dehydrated, the normal colors supposed to be clear. well thats how to tell how much water you need.
nosey acne Comments By: Britney on 2009-08-27
i have a lot of pimples and black heads on my nose, but no where else........... its kinda weird!!!!!!!! So how do you treat that kind of acne???????

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