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Boil? Make a poltice from egg yolk & salt

Submitted by suzy

Make a pollis by taking an egg yolk and salt and mixing together to make a thick paste. Pack onto the boil and cover. It may take several times but it will pull the head out. Change regularly.

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prrrr... Comments By: poopy on 2006-07-31
umm, make sure not to put egg stuff on open cuts and open anything, it'll make it infected
try it....its wonderful Comments By: anon on 2009-02-03
I was raised on a farm in west texas and we as kids got really dirty. We used salt and egg poultices for facial bumps and boils...it is FANTASTIC. I am now 59 years old...and still have and never have had any blemishes. We used this at least once a week just as a precaution, and none of the 3 of us has ever had skin (on our faces) problems. It is a heck of a lot cheaper than otc "remedies"
Whole egg with salt poultice Comments By: Dr Isaac Karimi physiologist on 2011-03-31
Every mother is a minidoctor and poultice is her magic remedy.

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