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How to have clear skin in 2 weeks

Submitted by don

About three weeks ago I was really annoyed at my skin - its was horrible , so I soaked dettol in tissue paper and left it on my face over night, in the morning I was expecting a clear face but what I got was a horrible brown scarring.

I thought for the first 4 days it was permanent and was in a state of shock, my mum also believed it to be permanent , but she took a hold of my diet and every morning I had to drink a juice/smoothie of random vegetables and fruit- I cannot stand them but it is easier to drink than eat ! 

By the end of the first week the burnt skin started to peal and new skin lay underneath- the relief was tremendous!! I will never ever apply a chemical or soap to my face skin, I use a light mix of e-45 creme and water, now 3 weeks later and loads of fruit and veg- no sugar- and I have no acne ! Plus my concentration at school and my mood has been vastly improved.

Heal from the inside by drinking 5 or 6 fruit or veg a day and taking as much sugar out of your diet as possible- I did this all before my girlfriend came back from her holidays- so you can to!!

Good luck- remember - no more silly remedies toothpaste ,dettol, etc

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What's wrong with tooth paste? Comments By: Sara on 2004-10-10
Sugar won't give you acne my dear, I agree though you should eat lots of fruits and veggies! It is good for your overall health. By the way, who said anything bad about tooth paste? Tooth paste is an excellent remedy for pimples. Just dab some over your pimples over night and go to bed, in the morning your pimples should have shrunk a bit. I can't do it because im allergic to tooth paste, but it has worked for my friends.
toothpaste is okay but DONT USE MINT! Comments By: tess on 2004-11-12
i use toothpast on my zits and true that it works but ive learned from experence not to use mint toothpaste. it burns the skin which causes the brown spots which are actually scabs that formed under the toothpaste. try a non mint. its not as intence.
spots Comments By: sara on 2005-05-18
i never ever get spots not even teenage spots.Am i sick or is it natural?????

TipKing says: It is a blessing

Spots? Comments By: Angelique on 2005-06-22
What are spots?

TipKing says: Another word for Acne

ToothPaste is good Comments By: Peehee! on 2006-07-31
I like to use toothpaste... on my teeth
Body's Natural Healing Power (Not juices) Comments By: Viral on 2006-11-12
Not sure whether JUICES healed the problem in your case. Bcoz... A human body has its own tendancy to heal along with time. Our body tries to heal most of the problems/burns/etc. in its own slow procedure. Though Juices may have helped a bit, but not majorly... i think. All in all, it should be the Body's Natural Healing Power.
helped me Comments By: chelsey on 2007-07-16
toothpaste did help me. althouth, it isn't very good for your face! but hey, it gets rid of acne doesn't it!!!!
the acne Comments By: angelica on 2008-11-03
tooth past is the best thing u could use for acne u will not have it if u use it 4 2 weeks

Zit tips Comments By: Emily on 2009-04-01
I you have spots dont worry just eat more veggies(6 or 7)and remember to wash your face with a face wash 2 a day.
Your spots will soon improve.


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