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Hiccup Cure. Squeeze the ear lobe

Submitted by Robin Ayling

Squeeze the ear lobe of the sufferer until he/she is on the threshold between discomfort and pain. I don't know why but in a few minutes the hiccups will stop...

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hiccup cure Comments By: brian on 2004-09-18
i had hiccups for 8 hours strait till i came accoss this tip!!!! it accually worked..and i only tried it becuase i thought it was the dumbest thing i ever heard!!!lol..thxs for the help,i was almost at the point of going insane :)
Maybe I'm wired backwards... Comments By: Scott on 2005-01-17
My whole life, whenever I've pushed on or squeezed my left ear in just the right way, it's made me hiccup. Sometimes quite violently. Everyone's always just thought I was nuts so I don't know if it's at all common or what causes it.

That said I tried this tip and indeed it worked. Odd.

squeeze and breathe Comments By: mattyg on 2006-04-03
8 hrs. of hic ups? That's hard to believe. I had the hic ups for almost an hour after eating some Hershey's dark chocolate. Not only did I squeeze both ears, but I also breathed in fast through my nose and exhaled slowly through my mouth. The nerves were back in control within seconds. Thank you Tipking.

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