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Whitlow, Hot water treatment for whitlow

Submitted by kobby

At first symptoms, just immerse affected part in hot water about 3 times daily and in a day or two the Whitlow goes away

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it dont work Comments By: anncole on 2004-09-12
I tried this tip and with me it did not work and now it is very painfull so got to go to Dr
Hot water !!!!! Comments By: Dr Mengeler on 2005-02-01
Bathing the whitlow in hand-hot salt will help draw it out. If after a day it's still there you should see your GP for a course of anti-biotics (usually flucloxacillin)
Magnesium sulphate helps draw this out and can be bought from the chemist.
Just hot water alone won't do anything but warm your hand !!!!

repeat whitlow Comments By: Dougie on 2006-10-06
I have not had one for 55 years then got two within a month. First time was very large and the hot water soak method did not work. As I kept banging it when driving(Ouch!) I went to the doctoe. he inserted a needle down the finger to numb it then sliced it open with scalpel. Four days anti biotics. Now have another so am off to see him again.
childs whitlow Comments By: rachael on 2007-10-08
Hi ye sthe hot water help but only in softening it. my daughter is having a repeat one on her thumb which total consumes the top to the first knuckle. the only thing i have found to help is not constintly dose it with iodine and dry it out
sudocream Comments By: Emma on 2008-02-21
Hot water is just excrutiating, so I knocked that right on the head and tried sudocream and a plaster, which drew it out. It's still there so I may have to see a doc, but believe me, it's less painful on the outside than in. good luck sufferers, cuz they really do hurt don't they?!
Hot salty water Comments By: Ben on 2008-03-03
Soaked my finger in hot (as hot as i could stand) salty water for 10 maybe 15 minutes (this was yesterday) this softened the area allowing a soft application of pressure to burst the whitlow and relieve the pressure. he area was then covered in antiseptic cream and bandaged. Today the area is still slightly sore but a lot better on yesterday.
Drying up the witlow Comments By: Annie on 2008-03-14
They really DO hurt!! I had one on the corner of my thumb. It kept opening up again and again. In the end, I stopped washing up or anything where i was in contact with water, put on a thick coating of Sudocream (only anticeptic I had in the house!) and wrapped it in a plaster to hold it closed. This was also to remind me not to put any pressure on it and open up the wound! Within 24 hours, it looked dry and healing nicely. I am still (another day later)careful not to put pressure on it while it continues to heal in the air.
Soap & Sugar polstis ?? Comments By: Mr C on 2008-04-17
I was told by my mother in law to mix some sugar and soap together and put it on the gauze part of a plaster and apply plaster to infected area. I done this and it worked a treat in pulling the pus out and eventually drying it up.

I'm sitting here now having just done the same again as I have a really painful one at the moment so let's see if it works or whether that was a fluke / one off !!

Whitlow Comments By: Caitlin on 2008-05-02
Well i have got 1 currently and what i have done is got a small sewing needle and make a tiny little pierce when i can see the puss to releive the pressure!!! this really helps and it doesnt hurt!!! then to make sure every thing comes out all i do is mix up some soap and sugar and put it on a plaster.. keep it on for a few days and its gone
Nope! Comments By: f on 2008-05-10
I got my first whitlow around 1 week ago, and it was huge, right on my index finger, its gone down since, but the area was red, its now a red/purple color, i have tried to push a needle through it, but it doesnt work, way to painful, the skin is soft and if you touch it its quite squidgy (thats not a word), anyway i might have to go and seem a doctor because everytime i try to cut it open it hurts...my finger has a heartbeat...i really hope i dont ever get another one, but yeah there really painful and cant wait to get it sorted out.
TCP in an eggcup!! Comments By: Deb on 2008-05-19
I have a whitlow now and it is just unbelievably painful - have just gently prodded it and released some of the pus and then soaked it until it went yellow and wrinkly in tcp and boiled water in an eggcup and have now covered it in a plaster to keep it clean. Am hoping that will do the trick if I keep repeating it - TCP smells so strong tho, the whole house stinks now!!!
Whitlow Comments By: Nick on 2008-06-13
A whitlow can become amazingly painful. The best thing to do is go to the docs and get some antibiotics. You don't have to see your doc usually there is a nurse who can see minor ailments and prescribe 'biotics.

Performing home surgery is bananas, not only do you risk introducing further varieties of nasties, you are putting yourself through unnecessary pain and discomfort. Get to the quacks !!

hot!!! Comments By: L.Luong on 2008-06-17
this method doesnt work. going to go to a GP and get some antibiotics. so painful!!! its thobbing and is purple in colour! not a good enough excuse to get a day off work tho... :(
Didn't work - go to the Nurse Comments By: Ian from Kettering on 2008-07-04
Whitlow on edge of little finger. Battled for days in hot water and needling it - wow the pain.! Magnesium Sulphate no good either. Off to Nurse who prescribed antibiotics and told me "No more pins as you'll introduce more bacteria." So now into Day 1 of 7 days Flucloxacillin 250mg at 4 per day. Its still red, swollen and throbbing. I'm 64 and have avoided these damn things for all this time..!
Throbbing Comments By: Anon on 2008-07-07
I have had this thing at the side of my thumb nail for months i have been poking it about cutting my nail down the side so now not only have i got a whitlow but an ingrown thumb nail. i off to doctors quick i cant stand the pain and yes i have tried boiling water and i didnt work
Why do we get them? Comments By: Dave Howes on 2008-08-10
I am 62 years old never had one before,have had 2 in a month,1st one became septic and burst with a needle then Germolene ointment,now another on my lttle finger sore as hell,keep knocking it.Hot water eases the pain a bit.
iodine marinade Comments By: Ouch that hurts on 2008-08-12
Hot water sounds a bit vicious to me. I use warm (40 Degree) water, soak for about 30 minutes 3 times a day. Then dry and carefully use a cotton bud to lift the nail a litte while it is soft to release the pressure. Introduce a couple of drops of iodine solution which will help with the infection and hardens and dries the skin. After about 5 days of doing this you should see a huge improvement.
Hot water and tcp? Comments By: Suz on 2008-08-14
I've had whitlows before and found the hot water and tcp worked on it after a day or two. Now I've got a monster one that's taken over my fingertip, very painful and throbbing. Treatment not worked this time so doc's for me next!
DO NOT PIERCE Comments By: Rebecca H on 2008-08-18
I am a Beauty Therapist and have suffered numerous times with Whitlows! Under no circumstances should you ever try to pierce or brek the skin to relieve the pus! Can result in a secondary infection.
Apply an antiseptic cream and cover with a cushioned plaster to prevent banging or knocking the area ( which is obviously v. painful) Take ibroprufen evey 4 hrs to reduce swelling and reapply cream and change plaster daily!
If swelling persists or worsens over a few days seek medical atention for antibiotics (flucloxacilin)immediately!

Hot water and tcp!!! Comments By: Nai on 2008-09-01
have had this horror on my finger now for over a week!! its HORRIBLE!!! it started the moment i bit the side of my finger nail (the little bit that sticks up!!) i knew i would get a whitlow!! the swelling started then the same puss under the skin that got bigger and bigger quite quickly! my mum said to put a plaster on it to draw the puss out. I soaked my finger in boiled cooled water with a bit of TCP in then dried with a clean cotton bud then put a dab of Savlon cream on it with a big plaster left till the next morning (24hours) and it worked! for a day! it returned and i repeated step 1 and 2. same results but had spread to around the top of my nail!! it is red and throbs like a bitch. the skin had become really sofa and the infected areas top layer pealed off to reveal angry yellow puss that oozed everywhere!! It REALLY hurt!!! so again (stupidly avoided docs, have 2 young tods and a new-born, feel run raged enough!!) repeated steps 1 & 2 area did clean well this time and i have left it to dry in the air which has resulted in the whole finger to peel. its still throbbing the nail hurts and i keep knocking it!! i have docs on wednesday will get it checked then!!! wont be bitting the sides again!!
What i did or do for a whitlow Comments By: DP on 2008-09-05
Now this is going to hurt a bit,but it WILL be al1 better in 6 hours,if the Whitlow is at the side of the finger,where you have pulled the skin,or dirt has got in,then get in a nice hot bath,soak what ever hand it is in the water,and this is the pain bit,take your finger and squeeze it until the puss comes out,wash it and do it again(or ask your partner to squeeze it,as you bit on a flanel)yes it will hurt but,after you have put some,t.c.p or spray disinfectant on to the finger,it will all be worth it in 6 hours.....well it works for me,and i am out of pain in no more than 6 hours and i get them a bit as i work with water..hope it helps...
What i did or do for a whitlow Comments By: DP on 2008-09-05
Now this is going to hurt a bit,but it WILL be al1 better in 6 hours,if the Whitlow is at the side of the finger,where you have pulled the skin,or dirt has got in,then get in a nice hot bath,soak what ever hand it is in the water,and this is the pain bit,take your finger and squeeze it until the puss comes out,wash it and do it again(or ask your partner to squeeze it,as you bit on a flanel)yes it will hurt but,after you have put some,t.c.p or spray disinfectant on to the finger,it will all be worth it in 6 hours.....well it works for me,and i am out of pain in no more than 6 hours and i get them a bit as i work with water..hope it helps...
Whitlow on toe Comments By: Harris on 2008-09-08
I have what I believe is a whitlow on my smallest toe. It is so painful I can hardly walk. I place a plaster on it covered in Zambuck cream. This I believe softened it allowed the puss has come out and relieved the pain slightly. HAs anyone any experience of having a whitlow on a toe.
Heat treatment Comments By: CFB 69yrs on 2008-09-15
I rested my whitlow against the outside of a cup of hot coffee (or tea) whenever I had a cup, I feel sure that this helped reduce the activity of the bacteria. I also applied Magnesium Sulphate paste, but I'm not convinced this did any good. Infection started Thursday, was painful Friday, Saturday & Sunday and on Monday morning I sqeezed out the pus then the pain and swelling went.
dunt no what to do now =S Comments By: Charlotte on 2008-11-07
ive got 1 on my toe and i put it in hot water and salt for about a week and then i went to the doctors she pierced 2 needles into my foot and pushed it then the put a plaster thing on which had magnesium on in she also gave me some of that fluxaphillin thing.. but it still hasn't gone away im on the 6th day of doing it so i think im gunna go back to me nurse.. any help ?
whitlow Comments By: asd on 2008-11-09
keep your finger dry completely with out touching a single drop of water for a few days and it will cure..

relieving Comments By: hugo on 2008-11-22
I had whitlow twice and I found that if you what until you can actually are the pocket of puss just insert a sterile needle into the pocket and jus sqeeze all the puss out and you will feel way better in a few hours and the next day you will even forget you ever had it jus take care of it and wash hands frequently through out the your day
Whitlow - painful as Comments By: Jill on 2009-02-05
Have had this cursed thing on my right hand for ages, so sore, tried soap and sugar poultice - very good, keep finger as dry as possible, sore healed and the pain eased in about 10 days.
Wee Lump Thingy Comments By: bob is your uncle on 2009-02-20
i bathed mine in hot water for about a half hour then gently applied pressure to the lump and eventually it popped up the side of my nail i made sure i got rid of everyhing then put some tcp and a plaster on it sorted, it is painful to press but 1nce it pops the pain relief far overcomes the short pain
Not on your nelly Comments By: Mr White on 2009-03-18
I gained my first Whitlow a few days ago and, after getting advice from the Matron at the school I work for, applied a hot, salty pultice to the area, using bread to soak it in. The swelling went down a little but but came back with interest over night. My middle finger now has its own postcode. It looks like I have borrowed it off of Frankenstein's monster. I have got the antibiotics now.
ouch Comments By: becky on 2009-03-20
i always get them on my toes and is realy painful when wearing certain shoes the mthod i have found best i putting a spoon over a kettle when it is steaming and placing the hot(warm) spoon on my whitlow about twice a day which draws out all of the goo x
whitlow on toe Comments By: Gail, Northampton on 2009-03-28
HOT WATER DOES NOT WORK, ouchhhhhh! this is really sore, cut nail to short, had this for 4 days, toe is now purple and angry red, went to chemist who gave me magnesuim paste, then wrapped, when pain relief eases of it still is throbbing and very painful, cannot walk properly, if not better by tomorrow i have been advised to see GP and antibiotics will be needed
Forget The Doc Comments By: Jon on 2009-03-27
My oh my we are a paranoid bunch.

Whitlow is so easily treated. Hot water will soften the tissue and a clean needle (boil first) will pierce the infected area. Finish off with a quick rinse (salt water ideally). Apply savalon cream and plaster up.

The doc will do the same. Antibiotics are not needed unless you have a low immune system. A healthy person can leave whitlow alone and it will usually heal itself.

I,m tired and fed up Comments By: sufferer on 2009-03-31
this thing is now 10 days old have been taking anti biotics for 5 days now and it aint gone down yet.all i can say is oooch mate.been soaking in luke warm waterwith detol anytime get an attack.and it seems to calm things down.see what happens after the course of antibiotics.
Not hot water! Comments By: David on 2009-04-06
Whitlows appear on people who immerse or wash their hands in water a lot, as the cuticle softens and lets bacteria in. So, soaking the finger in hot water may make the problem worse!
ouch my finger Comments By: scott on 2009-04-09
I've got this, it is the most severe pain I've had . A friend of mine who is a Pharmacist recommended the hand-hot salt water finger bath, aswell as a magnesium sulphate poultice....touch wood the swelling has gone down and also the pain is going ..yippee.
sulphuer paste Comments By: colin carr on 2009-04-19
i have just got rid of a whitlow by using sulphur past to draw it out it not as painful as cutting it
Doc no help Comments By: TR on 2009-05-05
I went to the doctor. I have had them for 2 years on my fingers and toes. Doctors told me there is nothing I can do and that it will eventually go away on its own. Too help clean the area and help with pain I have uses a paste of salt and antibacterial soap and scrubed it well and rinsed. If you catch it early enough and put Abreva on it it wont even get bad and goes right away. If you do not catch it right away it swells and gets big and then eventually starts to scab and goes away. I know it is very painful, itchy and ugly. I wished my doctor would have done more for me.
Had mine for a year now...happy anniversary! Comments By: Jade on 2009-05-06
Bloody most painful, ugly, minging thing I have ever had. The pain is reoccuring (at the minute it is covered in magnesium sulphates with a fat bandage covering it). I find the doctor a bloody waste of time, and wonder is this thing ever gonna go. Trust me if hot water worked i think it would have gone by now!
WHITLOW ON THE TOE Comments By: Patto on 2009-05-26
How can you justify antibiotics for all? I'm in terrible pain and willing totry magnesium sulphate... let's wait and see (not had one of these pesky things since I was at school!)
Magnesium sulphate Comments By: shig on 2009-05-25
I suffer with these pesky painfull things, I bring them on myself unfortunateley by biting my nails.
I have tried all sorts, hot water tcp sudorem and a hot pin too release the pressure (after a couple of stiff drinks)
Onlything that works for me is cover the tip of the finger with the magnesium sulphate and cover with gauze and plasters. Thed pain and swelling goes down overnight every time.

Relief Comments By: Paul on 2009-06-01
Got it 1-2 days after pulling out a cuticle.
I waited until I could see 3 heads of puss below the skin.
I soaked it for 20-30 mins in water as hot as I could bear and boiled a sewing needle.
I then prodded the heads with the needle and squeezed under running warm water.
I then washed in soap and TCP and dried. I went to sleep with a sterile dressing on it.
Ps. the pop it made was worth having one again!

THIS WORKS!! Comments By: BLOWER on 2009-07-24




o.m.g they bloody hurt so much Comments By: kayleigh on 2009-09-04
hi i have a whitlow and bloddy hell do they hurt im in so much pain its unreal iv been pokeing it with a pin and final iv got a bit of pus out it looks thick like cream but not to much came out and its red/purple and burns its like iv got a hart beat in the top of my index finger i can not wait for it to go away im hopeing that if i go to sleep tonight it would have gone by tomorrow..... wishfull thinking but yes ppl try and get it sorted a.s.a.p i no what u r feeling like
ouch i want my mummy Comments By: Kevin on 2009-09-10
6ft 4 rough and ruggered scouser in lots pain help!! hot salty water helped to soften and burst, but its still there and is pulsating like mad, put on savlon and wrapped up so will see!!! Heres hoping LOL
witlows go Comments By: debbie woodhouse on 2009-09-20
I had a really infected witlow,did the hot water treatment for 6 days,ended up buying magnesium sulphat paste,put that on it for two,reduced swelling,numbed the area enough to numb it and lanced it at home with hot needles.much better
living dangerously Comments By: ken on 2009-10-06
whitlow is a the result of viral infection. antibiotics will not treat the infection. like it or not, it's herpes and once you get it, it's never going away. not even if you cut your finger off. i have it on toe and thumb, and i count my blessing it is not on other parts of body, like my face. as far as i know, it's a very popular infection. there is 50% chance that the person next to you also has it, though he/she may be fortunate not know it or experience it's painful glory.

as with antibiotics, hot water with/withou any additives, in itself, will not treat infection. but my experience is that bursting blister does short cuts the healing time, so however hot water helps in bursting the blister, should work. but bursting of blister is EXTREMELY risky with regards to spreading the infection to other parts of body. rebeca the beauty therapist is right, if you can stand the pain, leave it alone and it will eventual (2-3 wks) go away. if you insist on popping blister, wash the site immediately and often with soap and warm water. repeat with any part of body or instrument used in the operation. during period infection (and some time afterward), try not to touch face and especially eyes. if your not "master of your domain," restrain yourself at least during the outbreak....and for godsakes, don't let anyone else come in contact with the site and/or fluids.

antibiotics Comments By: FD on 2009-11-12
I lanced the whitlow on Sunday, it has now retruned worse that it was. This was done by a nurse not me. With a new blade, in a a hospital.

I have also been taking Flucloxacillin, for the past 5 days, again this hasn't helped.

I have again returned to the Dr today, he said that if the problem persists, they will give me a local anithestic and t cut the area and clear it all, up which without the local would hurt like hell

Fingers crossed it won't come to that.

In the mean time I have been told to take 400mg of Ibuprofen 3 times a day and see if the antibiotics clear it up.

I will soak it in warm salty water to see if the pain reduces.

antibiotics Comments By: FD on 2009-11-12
I lanced the whitlow on Sunday, it has now retruned worse that it was. This was done by a nurse not me. With a new blade, in a a hospital.

I have also been taking Flucloxacillin, for the past 5 days, again this hasn't helped.

I have again returned to the Dr today, he said that if the problem persists, they will give me a local anithestic and t cut the area and clear it all, up which without the local would hurt like hell

Fingers crossed it won't come to that.

In the mean time I have been told to take 400mg of Ibuprofen 3 times a day and see if the antibiotics clear it up.

I will soak it in warm salty water to see if the pain reduces.

OUCH!! Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-15
Abour a year ago, I had a build up of blood under both my big toe nails after playing netball! Unbelievably painful so had to go to Minor Injuries and they were pierced with a hot needle, which immediately relieved the pain. However, after this, I lost both my big toe nails and ever since they have grown back with whitlows (I think) on the side. So painful I can hardly walk and not getting any better. HELP!
i dont like it!! Comments By: shirin on 2009-12-21
i have had this big lump on my toe for about a month now and it has popped but now a different one has come up and just will not go away its really painfull but dont want to go to the doctor so i just might stick a niddle in it can anyone give me a tip if you have had this before!
ashe Comments By: Afam Dugbere on 2009-12-26
i tried hot water it was like getting worse, i used lime juice still no effect.
Sudocrem Comments By: Sam on 2010-01-11
I am 14 and exeriencingy first whitlow all I did was soak it in hot water for 10 minutes pop it and then apply sudocrem and the pain was gone in 2 hours.
Hope this helps

Zoviraz=x! Comments By: rose on 2010-01-14
i have started to get whitlows and because they r linked with herpes i have found that zovirax or cold sore treatments work the best! keep clean do not spread contamination and it should be healed quickly!
bread poultice draws out the puss Comments By: KfromKent on 2010-02-09
Bread acts like blotting paper, drawing out the puss. Wrap some bread around the wound, hold it together with some gauze or even kitchen roll, then tape it up with plaster or even sellotape and just leave it. The bread also acts as a cushion, protectig it from knocks.
help me Comments By: fred on 2010-03-05
i have this whitlow for three days now and no therapy seems to be working. please tell me what to do
whitlow of the decade Comments By: smelly nelly on 2010-03-08
Did some self surgery.... under sterile conditions.. Video'd the momentos occassion.. lovely green yellow pus.. on anitibiotics now...
Different kinds of infection Comments By: Lachlan on 2010-03-26
Some people have complained that antibiotics aren't working. Whilst the common cause of this infection is bacterial, sometimes it is fungal so antibiotics wouldn't work and if anything might make it worse. If antibiotics don't work, ask for a course of anti-fungals e.g. Fluconazole.

Just got my first infection today and it hurts already. Tried puncturing the swelling with a sterilised drawing pin at work but the pus is too deep and didn't want to end up in hospital! Sounds like I've got a long way to go based on the posts here...

Bloody painful!! Comments By: banana on 2010-05-10
I got my second whitlow the other day... started off as a thin yellow line on the side of my right little finger and soon started to throb.
hurt like hell, had a heartbeat all it's own as mentioned before.
I went to the pharmacy, purchased some magnesium sulphate, applied liberally, sealed the bugger in half a sterile dressing, secured with micropore tape, had some painkillers...
A sleepless night later, opened the dressing and saw it in all it's glory, swollen, red and blue and yellow.
Took a sterile needle and lanced it, after soaking it in hot water for a few minutes.
I drained it, applied a plaster and now the day after it is still leaking into a regularly - changed plaster but about 99% less painful.
The finger is swollen at the knuckle and I can't bend it so will leave the plaster off today and see how it goes

Painful whitlow. Comments By: Nurse on 2010-05-21
I've just had my second Whitlow lanced at A&E, and despite having a local anaesthetic and freeze spray to numb the entire finger it still hurt like hell! I am no stranger to pain and painful procedures but this condition is one of those that for something so small is ridicously difficult to heal without medical intervention.
As a student nurse I agree that trying to bathe it in salty warm water will help reduce the risk of infection but due to the way it develops and the way the body deals with wound healing you'd have to be lucky not to end up with an infection. Ibuprofen and similar anti-inflammatory's and or paracetamol will help with the pain as will elevation of the affected hand, cold compresses can also help to reduce inflammation and help to numb the pain. However do not try piercing it yourself, you increase the risk of infection... leave it to a professional!!

I had it on my thunb Comments By: Michelle on 2010-05-26
I had it on my thunb. all i did was savolon and a plaster on it every so often and it went.
Cold Water and Winter affect Comments By: cynthia Chong on 2010-06-16
This wretched whitlow only occurs to me in cold countries. It happened when I was in Canada and the USA, and now back from Melbourne (winter) I got the most painful whitlow. Stay away from washing your hands in cold water!
My whitlow! Comments By: Sandra on 2010-07-17
Is it possible to have whitlow on your oes because my father sed that i do and it is disturbing me very much!
this hurts i need it out tonight Comments By: ouch withlow on 2010-07-19
it hurts badly and ive had it for two days now i need a cure
what do i do!!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-07-28
i seem to always get my whitlow on my middle finger and i cant get rid of it, ive tried the magnesium sulphate stuff and all it does is make it hurt like hell and the not do anything. please give me advice on how to geyt rid of it!!!
Tincture of iodine Comments By: Mummy Ann on 2010-09-10
My son Toby has one on his big toe. We are trying everything! The chemisy here in Kenya says Tincture of Iodine. The hot warm is too painfull !
Treetment. Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-17
I went to the doctors with a whitlow that was causing me a considerable amount of pain, he wrapped it up to draw out the puss but this didn't work so I eventually lanced it myself and squeezed out all the puss until it started bleeding. after the bleeding stopped I cleaned my finger out with an anti-septic wipe, applied some antibacterial cream and covered it in a plaster. I did this everyday until it sub-sided.
Not Sure Comments By: in pain + messy on 2010-11-03
I have a small red spot on the side of my thumb.every so often it gets very sore and I then know that it will pop and bleed within 24 hours.There is so much blood you would not believe.Once this has happened it heals up and will be OK for about two months ,then it starts again.It is very painful,but I am not sure if this is a whitlow as there is lots and lots of blood ,but nothing eles!

???? Comments By: tiffany on 2010-12-17
The doctor has said i have whitlow on my big toe can an ingrown toe nail cause this ..
what you need to do! Comments By: anon on 2011-01-19
well what i did was put a bit of savlon on it and covered it with a plaster over 24 hours this would make it soft so that you can squeeze the infection out off your finger or where ever it is. then i peeled off the dead infectic skin and now it dosnt hurt at all.
whitlow Comments By: robbie on 2011-01-20
i had a whitlo about a year ago, and i must say it never hurt, but it did swell a lot produced a lot of puss, and afterwards the muscle at the top of my finger completely deteriated. am seing signs of 1 now, and dont have a clue what to do, whats the best thing to do, in the early stages of a whitlow?
Cure for whitlow. Tried and proven Comments By: Shirley nundoo on 2011-01-27
Rub three tree oil onto nail and massage into cuticle.put a bit of cotton wool between nail and finger wet with three tree oil .
Works like a bullet

Needle, Comments By: Tanya on 2011-01-28
iv had a whitlow twice now, and wot i do is just pierce a tiny bit of it with a needle, and im 13, and HATE needles.
It does not hurt just squeeze the puss out and bandage it with sore cream too keep out infection :).

i hate whitlows Comments By: jodie on 2011-01-29
it hurts like hell when it comes to pressure if u have one go strait to the pros the docs im telling ya inm never getting mine done by my wife.
WHITLOW. Comments By: Shannon on 2011-02-12
I bite my nails alot, its a really bad habbit.
im 14 and im so scared of needles, should i poop it with one?

Very Painful Comments By: Anon on 2011-02-20
It's so painful, I can hardly write or type with my computer. Really don't know what to do. I have applied a special cream specified by a Pharmacist and taken anti-biotic. I hope this works. I do not want to pierce my fingers or go through any such crazy routine...
WARNING, DO NOT BURST!!! Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-13
I had a whitlow years ago, I went to dr's and he lanced it, which was very painful admittedly. So when I got another a few weeks ago, I was determined I wasn't going to the dr's again. I used every precaution I could think of to treat it myself. Soaked my finger and a pin in TCP to burst the skin and push all the pus out, this relieved it for an hour or so. After 2 weeks my finger was huge and so painful. I couldn't take the pain any longer so went to dr's, who told me it was so infected he couldn't treat it, so I had to go to hospital, I was given anti-biotics for 5 days and told to return. I went back after my 5 days as an out-patient, to be told I wasn't allowed to go home. I HAD TO BE OPERATED ON STRAIGHT AWAY!! The infection was spreading down my finger and was affecting the tendon flexor sheath, this is what is used to bend your fingers. I had an operation that night, then another 2 days later. At this moment it's 3 weeks after my operations, I've had the stitches out, but I CAN NOT bend my finger!! I'm now having to have physiotherapy, to try to bend and use my finger again. I have an ugly scar from the very bottom to the tip of my finger, all because I treated a little whitlow myself!! PLEASE GO TO YOUR DR FOR TREATMENT!!!
whilows Comments By: za on 2011-04-13
i have just had my daughter at the docs with one of these and he gace her some antibiotic crean called bactroban and it has worked a treat so before you think of sticking needles in your fingers i would suggest you get some of this cream first.!!!
healing the whitlow Comments By: mandy on 2011-04-13
Make a charcoal paste and wrap finger with a plaster and antiseptic cream the pain will be relieved .
My Way Comments By: Camas on 2011-04-14
There are more than two types of Whitlow and despite some crap that is on here they can be treated with anti-biotics, if, of course you have a generic infection.

I have always bitten my nails, and some times rip the skin a bit. This is what triggers them for me. I am 28 and must have had 30 of these starting when I was 8 or so. They invariably occur when I bite my nails too much, splitting the flesh nail boundey allowing infection in. I have just woken up with two. End of little finger, ring finger

What I do: I have been doing this with success for 8 years. On first sign of one (this is excruciatingly painful), grab the tip of your finger or the sore area, top of nail, and squeeze like you have never squeezed before. To make this better ice it first. Before the infection can form a volume, I believe this causes disruption of blood flow and disperses the impending infection into the blood stream which makes it easier for the body to deal with. My mum used to get them, and her mum (all nail biters).

My Way Comments By: Camas on 2011-04-14
Ps. You have to repeat this and after doing it once you may never want to attempt it again. I have just done it 4 - 5 times and they already feel better.


whitlow Comments By: Anon on 2011-05-05
someone must come up with a cure for this, its i so painful. i just had my first one and when i went to the pharmasist he told me there was nothing he could do for me i must just wait until it ready to pop and as a matter of fact i didn't even know what you call it in English i just had to show him my middle finger!!! can you imagine how embarrased i was and its been a 4 daysnow and i am still in pain. i have tried every trick with no luck even uphuthuh lushisayo lutho!!!
Whitlow, poultice of sugar and margarine. Comments By: Andrew on 2011-05-15
Make a poultice using sugar and margarine smear it over the whitlow and cover with a bandaid/plaster or bandage. This worked for me and also my son.
have a big 1 Comments By: billy on 2011-05-24
hi ive got A BIG 1 OFF TO SEE the doctor tomorow very pain full hurts so much

what should i do?? Comments By: live to dance on 2011-06-18
i have this massive whitlow at the top of my right, big toe...so painful. I have squeezed it but there is a part that is so painful i almost passed out!! The problem is, i have a dance show in a couple of weeks and at this moment in time i can't walk. What is the best way to cure it? Please help if you do no what to do???
SOOO PAINFUL =( Comments By: Kells on 2011-06-24
Oh my, i didn't even know what this ugly thing on my finger was. Never had or heard of one. Its horrible, that bad i keep cryin to my 9 yr old son (whats that about).This is the 3rd day, just soaked it in hot water, dryed and put magnesuim sulphate on then plaster and a bandage. I have work tomorrow and praying it goes as im a barber and dont want to agravate it more. if theres anyone, with any quick fixes out there please tell, i cannot handle this pain!!!!!!!!!!!!

* and to the people squeezing it......how, i can't even touch it without squellin!!

Whitlow Comments By: fabisch on 2011-07-06
Best way is when you start feeling the sharp pain after biting or plucking of some skin beside your finger nails, please start a therapy of squeezing and massaging that place with a cold refrigerated piece of cloth so it won't turn into a Whitlow. "THIS IS 100 PERCENT GUARANTEED APPROACH". Take my word to the bank. Am having one now simply because i did not act on time. It is bloody painfull
Whitlow Comments By: fabisch on 2011-07-06
Best way is when you start feeling the sharp pain after biting or plucking of some skin beside your finger nails, please start a therapy of squeezing and massaging that place with a cold refrigerated piece of cloth so it won't turn into a Whitlow. "THIS IS 100 PERCENT GUARANTEED APPROACH". Take my word to the bank. Am having one now simply because i did not act on time. It is bloody painfull
This works Comments By: Janet Daley on 2011-08-02
I had a whilow on my finger for two months,had two lots of antibiotics which did nothing.I looked on web site for advice and did the magnesium sulphate paste on gause and a plaster did this for 12days and it gone yippee
combination whitlows and warts on fingers Comments By: Dee on 2011-08-07
Dr said I have 3 warts with whitlows on 2 fingers. Offered no treatment. What do I do next, how do I treat them to be rid of them?
Fingers Crossed Comments By: Moll on 2011-08-30
Heyy xx I'm 13 and have a withlow on my index finger on the side of my nail. I lanced it the other data ms got my auntie to squeeze the pus and yacky bloody gunk out of it and it HURT LIKE HELL! If that wasn't bad enough the thing came back with a vengeance so... Repeated the precidure last night with my mum. Didn't hurt as much and then wrapped it in magnesium sulphate and a plaster and slept on it. Seems back to normal but.... FINGERS CROSSED!
hirfhrefhrgf4uiouch. Comments By: Anon on 2011-10-22
i tried this treatment for the recommended time but my finger only doubled in size and began to throb. i would not recommend it to anyone. go to the chemist and they will do a better job than this stupid idea.

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