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Earache. To get rid of an earache

To soothe an earache quick, cover your ear with a towel that has been moistened with warm water. The combination of heat and moisture is soothing and the heat will help melt earwax which could be contributing to the congestion.

Another treatment would be to squeeze a clove of garlic and put a few drops in the ear, it will help kill the bacteria that are causing the pain. also up the vitamin c and take some echinacea.

Visitors comments

GARLIC JUICE IN EAR Comments By: SHERREE on 2005-05-12
wow! Comments By: beverly on 2007-04-04
right when i put the warm towel on my ear it alreay felt btter
Not only does it keep away vamires... Comments By: Jeff on 2007-08-29
not only did the garlic juice take away the pain of the ear ache it also took away the burning from the stupid mouthwash trick which didnt work. still have a little throbbing but no pain with it.
i tried somthing new Comments By: Anon on 2008-02-17
since the warm compress did not work well and i did not have any garlic i tried lemon juice instead and it had amazngly quick results.
Owwcchhh!....ahhh :) Comments By: Anthony on 2008-02-20
Ok your garlic idea worked very very well. But the problem is when I put the drop of garlic juice in my ear. It felt like it was working right away, and as in working, stinging really really badly. Haha but now that the stingings all gone it feels alot better. thanks.
OUCHHHHHHHH! Comments By: Natalie on 2008-07-06
ouch im 13 yrs old ive been u since 3am this morning ive treyed a hot water bottle and ive tyed paracetemol can any one give me a few tips plzz throbbing like mad !!!!!
oh my ! i get earaches like atleast 8 times a year. ! Comments By: rebecca on 2008-07-12
please i reallly need some help i have tried a warm cloth lemonjuice garlic jucie its just NOT working ! seriously pleaseeeee help me!
not workking! Comments By: Kate on 2008-07-22
its not working! just making it worse
might i have an infection?

owwww Comments By: holly on 2008-08-16
pain pain pain it feels like someone is digging my eardrum out im in so much pain please someone help me
Garlic Is Not Just A Herb.. Comments By: shannon is annon on 2008-10-29
Garlic helped alot!
Instant relief, It really cools the ear down.
The hardest part is getting the juices out!


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