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Earache. To get rid of an earache

To soothe an earache quick, cover your ear with a towel that has been moistened with warm water. The combination of heat and moisture is soothing and the heat will help melt earwax which could be contributing to the congestion.

Another treatment would be to squeeze a clove of garlic and put a few drops in the ear, it will help kill the bacteria that are causing the pain. also up the vitamin c and take some echinacea.

Visitors comments

GARLIC JUICE IN EAR Comments By: SHERREE on 2005-05-12
wow! Comments By: beverly on 2007-04-04
right when i put the warm towel on my ear it alreay felt btter
Not only does it keep away vamires... Comments By: Jeff on 2007-08-29
not only did the garlic juice take away the pain of the ear ache it also took away the burning from the stupid mouthwash trick which didnt work. still have a little throbbing but no pain with it.
i tried somthing new Comments By: Anon on 2008-02-17
since the warm compress did not work well and i did not have any garlic i tried lemon juice instead and it had amazngly quick results.
Owwcchhh!....ahhh :) Comments By: Anthony on 2008-02-20
Ok your garlic idea worked very very well. But the problem is when I put the drop of garlic juice in my ear. It felt like it was working right away, and as in working, stinging really really badly. Haha but now that the stingings all gone it feels alot better. thanks.
OUCHHHHHHHH! Comments By: Natalie on 2008-07-06
ouch im 13 yrs old ive been u since 3am this morning ive treyed a hot water bottle and ive tyed paracetemol can any one give me a few tips plzz throbbing like mad !!!!!
oh my ! i get earaches like atleast 8 times a year. ! Comments By: rebecca on 2008-07-12
please i reallly need some help i have tried a warm cloth lemonjuice garlic jucie its just NOT working ! seriously pleaseeeee help me!
not workking! Comments By: Kate on 2008-07-22
its not working! just making it worse
might i have an infection?

owwww Comments By: holly on 2008-08-16
pain pain pain it feels like someone is digging my eardrum out im in so much pain please someone help me
Garlic Is Not Just A Herb.. Comments By: shannon is annon on 2008-10-29
Garlic helped alot!
Instant relief, It really cools the ear down.
The hardest part is getting the juices out!

ouch ouch Comments By: chatelle on 2008-11-05
this isn't working i need to get rid of my ear ache.
earach Comments By: hannah on 2008-11-10
i am 11 years old and i use a heating pad it works really well and if you wait for a long time it pops and your ears all better
if you put rubbing alcohol it your ear and put your earlob to the sid then put a cotton ball in your Comments By: allie on 2008-11-29
you should a least try it. i mean if it helps your ear. then what the heck!
hey i got a one wat do i do plz let me now i am 41 Comments By: betty on 2008-12-18
hey i got ear herting
both of my ears hert ok and i d not now and i got a cough to and i cough and i got high blood pressure to so plz let me now ok at [email protected]

good techniuques but a simple fact Comments By: jessica on 2008-12-29
i went to the doctors today because my ear was throbbing that much i thought i had an ear infection but i hadnt he warmed up a teaspoon of olive oil and heated it up so it was warm he tilted my head and poured the teaspoon on he put a cotton wool bud on my ear and left it there until the pain had gone and from my releif it had!!! i thought it would never go but to my spuprise it did
you should just go to the doctors or do what they did with me for simple remedys that i and i hope hat you know that are easy and safe

help Comments By: Aemilia on 2008-12-30
im 13 and i suffer alot with these stupid ear aches i have a cold and a cough my mum is really ill aswell i need answers to get rid of it, with out it hurting or really badly popping that much it hurts. every time i do a little burp on the inside it hurts my ear. i sat up last night until 4.56am i really need help.
in pain Comments By: wil on 2009-02-01
Our 4 year old son woke up more or less screaming in pain. We placed a warm wash cloth over his ear for about a minute and then placed a cotton ball over his ear and he is now sleeping like a champ.
help me Comments By: katie on 2009-01-21
help me plz the earache has gotton really bad im death in one ear

Ear drops blocked my ear . and hot washer worked Comments By: Jorja on 2009-01-30
hi i am 13 years old and i have had an ear ake for 2 days . mum put some drops in it but they were really gluggy and they jut blocked my ear up and made it worse. so i tried the hot washer and withim seconds i could feel all the gluggyness in my ear melt and some came out . every few minutes i re heat the washer.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pian pian pian Comments By: SHIMARA on 2009-04-09
hi..x i am 11 years old and i feel so misreble...ive got a blocked nose my glans are swolen ear is thumping like mad been up all nite cant sleep hot flushes even if its cold andd no appitite havent eat all day and if i do it comes back up!!! HELP ME PLZ!
THIS HELPS SO MUCH ITS RELIABLE Comments By: anon on 2009-05-22
heat an onion for 1-2 minutes (watch it while its in the microwave!)
put it over your ear but make sure its not too hot first. it really takes away any pain in your ear. hope this helpss.

wow i didnt think it would work.. Comments By: ray on 2009-08-01
i boiled water put a towel in it and IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
does it work?? Comments By: brooke on 2009-08-11
hey does the lemon juice thing really work? my ear is in so much pain!!! i cant sleep at all!!! its 1:00 am! :(
warm towel work!!!! Comments By: anon on 2009-10-01
I just put a warm towel over my ear and it workss =].....I have a swollen ear with shooting pain in it....and I can't open my jaw but the warm towel soothes it =)
ooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuucccccchhhhhhh Comments By: destiny on 2009-11-20
thx a the tip, when i put the warm cloth on my ear it already strted to feel better,thx so much

11 year old, destiny

Peroxide Comments By: Chelsea on 2009-11-15
Putting a few drops of 3% hydorgen peroxide in each ear, especially at the start, will kill the infection/cold. Takes just a few minutes. You will feel lots of tingling. Tilt your head to the side and let it drain. Helps quick, but wait until about 12 hours go by and you'll feel amazing!
HURTS LOTS Comments By: pain in night on 2009-11-17
im 15 and been up FOREVER i cant sleep and neither of these worked...the pain is unbearable
help!! Comments By: kkkkk on 2009-11-30
am 14 and my ear is sare it hurtin it feels like its bleedin but am not shur what to do i have tryd drops from the doctor tryd the towle and the herb hing and nothing is workin :'( help mee pleas
Worked kinda Comments By: From what I "ear" on 2009-12-30
thanks. this method didnt take away all the pain but I slept with my ear on the pillow and found it took away enough of the ache for me to fall back asleep.
owwwwww Comments By: nicole on 2010-01-01
hi am 14 my ear is really badly hurting i cant get to sleep it hurts so much i am in a lot of agony i also av quiete a bad cogh n wen i sneeze or hicup my ear gets worse .
THE PAIN! IT BURNS! Comments By: Ouuuchhh! on 2010-01-11
neither worked this sucks and the pain is unbearable! I cant eat cuz it hurts my friggin ear to much!
earache Comments By: Kate on 2010-01-30
well wat i would do is to pu earmuffs on and take some paracetalmol and lie down for about an hour and the earache may go away
oww Comments By: jack on 2010-02-03
i went to the doctors a few years back and he told me to breath deeply through my noes so when i went to sleep i breathed through my nosed and the pain slowly but surely started to ease and go away try it
ouchie poo Comments By: anon on 2010-02-07
garlic and hot towel...both didnt work. it made the pain worse!!! im crying right now because its 3am and i cant sleep cus of the pain.
pain pain pain cant sleep Comments By: taylor on 2010-02-22
hi im 12 years old and have a pounding earache i dont know what to do. i can barly hear cuz my ears so pluged. what should i do. p.s. i havnt been listening to my ipod or anything loud.
Helpppp!!!! Comments By: Jadebabe on 2010-02-27
My ear is like riging ATM I cant get rid of it it is doing my head in any ideas please help can't sleep been up since 3.00 z
HELP! Comments By: Carey on 2010-03-08
OK I'm 11 years old!, AND I was up ALL NIGHT lastnight with the pain. I'd put my bad ear ( the right one ) onto the pillow, and I'd fall asleep but I'd wake up in 15 - 1hour later in pain. Any help? E-mail me at : [email protected]
try it Comments By: lesley on 2010-03-10
i tried the hot flannel thing on the ear it worked but i still have a really sore jaw
It works. Comments By: A bert13 on 2010-03-12
Hi, using a hair dryer really helps. Put it on low and then blow it at your ear,
also if you put rice in a sock and then warm it up in the micorwave and put it on your ear it really works!!!!!!!

ive a mind numbing earache Comments By: ryan on 2010-03-12
hi ive a mind numbing earache i need help ive no garlic or meds warm towel aint working ....
ahhhhhhhhh Comments By: kellis on 2010-03-13
It hurts so badly i cant get it to stop!!!What should i do??????????!!!!!!!!!!
this hurts so bad i cant stop screaming my ear hurts plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz HELP!!!!!!!!!!! i am in so much pain
this hurts so bad i cant stop screaming my ear hurts plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz HELP!!!!!!!!!!! i am in so much pain
HAIRDRYER Comments By: Gemma on 2010-03-18
heey im 12 years old and if you get a hairdryer and put it on low and blow it at your ear the pain goes straight away :D
GARLIC JUICE???? Comments By: Zoe on 2010-03-30
I have been reading your comments about garlic juice and would love to try the one for garlic juice but would love to know, how do you get the juice out of a garlic and for how long does it sting?
ear ache Comments By: graham on 2010-03-30
how do i get garlic juice out of the garlic? and any other ideas how to get rid of ear ache? please
Wowwwwwwwww Comments By: Siobhan on 2010-04-01
hi im 11 and im called siobhan and this stuff acuttaly works but when i burp inside my mouth it hurts my ear but im too scared to try the garlic on.
both is best Comments By: bethanyroma on 2010-04-05
I put garlic in my ear and then the hot towel over it and it didn't work at first but after I stuck at it and did it a few times it was feeling much better. to get to sleep I put a hot water bottle inside my pillow case which worked in the same way as the hot towel and when I woke up my agonising ear ache was completely gone :)
pain Comments By: sophie on 2010-04-11
my ear is realy givin me pain so i stuck a cotten bud in itbut its wose and im afrad i cant see them as they live 3 hours away so can u please help me
omg!my ears hurt im dyin Comments By: sarah on 2010-04-18
omg nothing helps im 11 yrs old my ear pain hurts god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DO NOT use IBUPROFEN Comments By: john on 2010-05-02
please to save you the trouble do not use IBUPROFEN it will make it worse. my doctor perscribed it to me and omg it was worse. i looked it up and it says do not use it because it will make it worse. just FYI.
Drink your earache away Comments By: Dr.Liquid on 2010-05-06
Okay this may sound stupid but it works, dehydration can cause earaches in many age ranges of people. try to drink as much clear liquid as possible. the hot towel works well, but never stick anything like garlic or lemon oil as this removes the natural oils inside the ear and away from the eardrum. I found if you take a few shots " of the good stuff" this helps put you to bed and allows your ears to drain. hope this helps
Help Comments By: Destiney on 2010-05-09
okay so my left ear is hurting real bad i am 13 years old n itz not like a throbbing pain i took amoxicylnn for that n tha pain went away itz like a huge bubble that is blocking i can not hear on my left ear and im really parnoid that something is very wrong last night i stayed up til 4:00 cuz it hurt so bad a couple days ago i was sick wit a cough n now i have an earache plzz help if u can wit advice [email protected]
other tips Comments By: florence on 2010-05-12
a few drops of lavender oil on cotton wool, then place in the ear. before bed is good :)
Hairdryer (Y) Comments By: Amanda on 2010-05-25
The hairdryer tip is like instant pain relief, and the hot cloth works too but not as well. My ear still hasn't popped though, and it still hurts a bit after like 7 hours now. So annoying.
Earache Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-02
Ive been up for two days straight with ear and jaw pain, and to top it of i have exams all week and im in so much pain i literally scream in class. Ive tried hot compress and by doctor gave me pills and ear drops and told me to take Advil. the pain is so bad i cant beacause my ears kill. any ideas..
good luck Comments By: jamie on 2010-06-04
any advice if you have had an ear ache every morning for five days and every night pure agony. the towel things works but only takes away half the pain. How do you get juice out of garlic?????. also 6 days ago i had a bad earache in my right ear i put olive oil in but the olive oil was at a scolding temperature ooooouuuuuuccccchhhhh. I have a burnt ear and it kills. But now i am having the same pain in the other ear. What do i do?????? The doctor said have some co codamol but its useless and makes it worse. my best advice is warm olive oil not scolding. Just a few drops then put cotton wool in after. Always check temperature. GOOD LUCK. But please let me know how to get juice out of garlic and how long does it sting for??????
Oucheeeee.......ahhhhhhhh(:13 yr old relief:) Comments By: Esme Rea Garcia on 2010-06-09
It's like 2:12 in the morning and I couldn't sleep AT ALL...... I read the stuff about the hot towel and decided to try it out(: Out of nowhere the pain started to ease. There was popping so I guessed it was from the earwax melting. It felt sooo relieving (: thanks for the help people.(:
It sooths very well Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-22
i used the hot towel method and my ear hasn't felt this good since before i had my ear infection.
hot towel!!!! Comments By: 3jemiller on 2010-07-07
im 13 and you know the hot towel actually works...it takes awhile though. the pain in my ear hurts when the towels on it but as soon as i take it away its all better... amazing!!! still waiting on the popping though.
help :) Comments By: Alys on 2010-07-09
I think mine is a water infenction i went to turkey you see. Im using a hot thing on my ear now, any more advice just incase it doesnt work? please help X
help :) Comments By: Alys on 2010-07-09
I think mine is a water infenction i went to turkey you see. Im using a hot thing on my ear now, any more advice just incase it doesnt work? please help X
omg Comments By: fish222 on 2010-07-21
my ear is giving me so much pain help i cnt sleep
Wow! Garlic=super pain in ear! But works! Comments By: Mert on 2010-07-23
Garlic really does help, however it really hurts, it stings like hell i started screaming like a spastic when it started stinging, i dont advise garlic any thing else but garlic :D
Aaaaaaaaaaaaa so nice Comments By: ArghThePain:0 on 2010-07-24
I tried the flannel and hot water thing it works and while it's on your ear tilt your head lie down and elevate your head it works so well. And anyone for lesbian s e x with dildos?
any other methods??? Comments By: Islam on 2010-07-24
im 11 and i have a realy bad earache.i didnt sleep all night, so i woke up and looked on the internet for tips.i tried the hot water and towel method and it worked, but it takes time.do any of you have more methods?thanks in advance.
Alright at first worse later Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-01
It works at first for about 10 mins then it gets much worse. DONT TRY IT EVER!
Go to the doctors? Comments By: Allie on 2010-08-10
The reason your ear may hurt while you have a cold is because your ear and your nose are somehow connected, and sometimes the Eustachian tube to the ear gets clogged or congested by mucous. But if you are having earaches reguarly and it's a pain I would really advise going to the doctors.
wow Comments By: Nikki on 2010-08-16
im 15 and i tried the lemon juice and it actually worked a lil. then i put the warm cloth over my ear and the pain went away. thxs so much for the help.
PAIN !! Comments By: life time sufferer on 2010-10-10
hey im a 16 yr old girl called ashlie and ear is killing me i have benn up since 3am and i have school in the morning
i have suffered with ear ache/infections all my life and the pain is unbearable can some plz help me im begging

THE SUPERHERO VICKS Comments By: Aida on 2010-10-13
please help me !! Comments By: joe on 2010-10-30
im 14 ,came off holiday yesterday ,have a big due with family tomoorow but i have a ear ache ,i carnt describe the pain im going though just please help me it kills me ,i have tryed the towel tip ,and took tablets ,please help
Saviour! Comments By: Samantha on 2010-11-17
I used the warm cloth and lemon juice method as i had no idea how to get juice out of a garlic clove, i also used the warm onion method. While the warm onion made it slightly worse, the lemon juice and warm cloth took away the intense pain I've been feeling for nine hours. My hearing hasn't returned to normal yet but I'm continuing with the heated cloth, reheating it every five minutes, and applying more lemon juice every fifteen. These methods have absolutely saved me, I've gone from crying my eyes out and literally screaming in pain to normal in the space of ten minutes. Brilliant.
try the hairdryer Comments By: Connie on 2010-11-25
I was crying because of how much my ear was hurting and throbbing so just tried using a hairdryer on it, i held it over my ear for 10 mins which was soothing and now the pain has mostly gone although my ear still hasnt popped, definitely try it!
Thanks Comments By: Samuel on 2010-12-09
Gonna Try it. Thanks for the tip!

Samuel - Age 13

PLEASE HELP ME !!!! Comments By: David on 2010-12-09
im 14 and i suffer alot with ear infections. ive had many ear aches & infections but this one takes the CAKE !!! its so painfull i have read all of the comments and have tryed nealy all of them i was just woundering if you guys could help me thank you ...
WOW Comments By: kleo moore on 2010-12-21
ok ..yall im 13 and iv had this ear ache/infectin for 3 days..i finnialy called mrandma ....she said to put a little proxide in my ear and wait 2 minutes then get a HOT washcloth and press untill cool ...rpt this for an hour. i kno this takes a while but IT WORKS...THE HAIR DRYER WORKS TO...OR if bedtime lie on a HOT HOT HOT heating pad and take a advil :)...hope it works for u
IN PAIN!!!!! Comments By: McKayla Clark<33 on 2010-12-26
It is 2:30 in the morning & my ear hurts really bad!!! I cant sleep and I tried the hot water with the syringe in my ear, and it did not workk. :( Please someone it hurts!! I dont have Garlic Juice or Lemon Juice, so i might have to try the towel method.
Not totally effective Comments By: holly on 2010-12-31
I tried the hot towel and it felt nice and soothing but when i took it off my ear still hurted just as much. I have a sore throat but i can't feel it because my ears hurt so much... yesterday i had a slight ear ache and a really bad sore throat and couldn't eat. Today my sore throat is mostly gone but i can't swallow because my ears hurt sooo bad help!!!
just confused Comments By: amanda!! on 2011-01-01
ive had a cold for about a week now and well new years eve we did alot of karaoke and all before i went to bed that night it felt blocked but didnt hurt, then when i woke up i put some polysporin ear drops in my ear to try to unblock, but now it caused it to staart to hurt! what do i do!!! i just want it gone,
please help :( Comments By: daannyyyyyy on 2011-01-09
my ear is throbbin i cannot stand it, how do you get juices out of garlic
HELP MEEE Comments By: Lauren on 2011-02-01

Ear calm Comments By: Anon on 2011-02-05
Hi, I just had a really sharp pain in my ear, I tried everything. Garlic, olive oil and hot water but nothing worked. Ear calm from the chemist did wonders. Within ten minutes my pain had gone.
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeeeee Comments By: becca on 2011-02-05
man i wke up wif seering pain in my ear at 1 its nw 3.53 i tryd the hot towl it poped my ear but didnt tk pain away i tryd lmon juice sum1111111 help me plz im cryin wif agony
HOT RICE SOCK Comments By: 25 yr old on 2011-02-13
I listened to all of the advice and called a nurse hotline. She said to NEVER put something in your ear (lemon/garlic juice). But I did the tube sock with rice and heated it up (much easier than a wet towel that cools too quickly) and it worked! My ear popped like crazy and is draining a ton of liquid. I did it all night long. The pain is gone.
TRY IT SERIOUSLY Comments By: Jordaan:) on 2011-02-16
first of all get a hair dryer and put it on low and put it blowing in your ear for about 7-10mins then i had a dissolving Paracetamol about 30 mins after the hair dryer as soon as you turn the hair dyere off it will be painful for about 10mins so when you feel like it after 10mins take a paracetamol:) it realy works and im only 12 :) xx
Swimmers Ear Drops! Comments By: blooapple on 2011-02-24
I used swimmers ear drops and i felt them working right away.

I figured I got the ear ache because I am sick and have a lot of congestion so i also took Benadryl, Tylenol, and Nasal Spray and after half an hour the pain went away.

it might work!! Comments By: emma:) on 2011-03-04
if you like hold your nose and and close your eyes and keep your mouth shut:L the kind of push your breath out wards it should unpop your ears, sounds weird i know. but it does work ;)
This will work Comments By: Tifffferzie on 2011-03-11
I'm 13 years old and nothing will get rid of my ear ache just been told that you have to melt some ice for 1 min in microwave then add 1 tbls of lemon juice and 2-3 tbls jam this should turn to a paste if it doesn't add some flour and then but a table spoon of it into your ear and it will sooth instantly and when you wash it out the following morning all damage should be fine
tips on your earache Comments By: mattie on 2011-03-11
hi i'm 11 and i have a really bad earache. I tried putting a warm cloth on my ear but it didn't seem to help much. It felt really relaxing with the heat and all but when i took my ear off the cloth it was back to the same intense pain. i don't think that i want to try the garlic because it sounds really scary. i heard that it can really sting. i would say that your best bet is to put some alcohol in your ear and then let your ear sit to the side and then put a cotton ball in your ear. if that doesn't work then just try the hot towel
This will work Comments By: Tifffferzie on 2011-03-11
I'm 13 years old and nothing will get rid of my ear ache just been told that you have to melt some ice for 1 min in microwave the mix then add 1 tbls of lemon juice and 2-3 tbls f jam tuis should turn to a paste if it doesn't add anti of flour and then but a table spoon of it into your ear and it will sooth instantly and when you wash it out the following morning all damage should be fine
pain!!!! Comments By: cole moore on 2011-03-18
hi im 10 and my ear hurts like heck. i havent tried anything yet but bought to try the hot towel
Hope it works Comments By: Arron on 2011-03-29
Hey I'm 11 and my ears killing me i just hope this work
Wow! Comments By: Diana on 2011-03-31
Oh My God! I'm 12 and I have a major ear ache right now. My mom crushed some garlic for the juice and put it in my ear. It feels so much better already. You should definetly try it!
awwwwshh**t it hurts it hurts awwww Comments By: dave on 2011-04-04
what the hell iv tried every thing aww tried lemon juice soothed just like 5min and the warm towel didnt work the garlic sucked waww the pain awa help mee!!feel like my head is going to explode
Help:/ Comments By: Mckenziestar1 on 2011-04-04
I have got a warm towel and put it on my ear it really does help try this if you have bdd ear ache!
swimmers ear Comments By: Brian on 2011-04-19
I've had a bad earache for 3 days now it goes away I'm an Emt and ur nose ear and throat are all connected by ur sinuses and if you are all congested it gives you a bad headache and earache and the whole side off your face hurts I took Sudafed decongestant tablets and used swimmers ear drops and the hot towel method it worked wonders
A New Way And A New Hope! Comments By: Unknown on 2011-05-05
Hey there people I had (well I mean I still have it) an ear ache for 3 to 4 days but I have a swimmer ear(I was swimming all weekend) and in those days I found out. 1.Sit up and don't lie down(sitting up may reduse pain) #2.Chew gum to decrease pain of ear . And remember people it won't stop the pain but decrease it (it is not my fault if does not work)
It hurts Comments By: Angelica on 2011-05-09
I tried the hairdrier its soothing but not stable.. The towel works if its super hott which doesn't last that long.. Garlic not for me.. Limon doesn't work.. I tried the Paroxide it kinda popped my ear made lil pop noises in my ear and I thought it had worked my ear soothed for like 15 min. Then started hurting again with pulsing :(
it hurts alot Comments By: kate on 2011-06-08
my ear is poping and it feels as if a bumblebee is just sting the shiznets outta my ear and i cant sleep at night i keep cring and the motren my mom gives me it wears off all the time and i am stuck with my situation agin plz help me i dont know how to get rid of it and i dont have garlic or vineger or whatever it was i need help alot plz helppppp
HELP ME...!!!! Comments By: Spencer on 2011-06-20
I've been doin this stuff all night/mornin and it doesn't work....... please help me. im in so much pain. i wanna go to the doctor but my parents will get mad if i wake them up****it's 3AM****** Please help me!!!!
NOTHING WORKSSS Comments By: Mamie on 2011-06-20
i cannot do anything with this ear pain. i cant sleep, talk,laugh,or eat because it all moves my ear. I am 14 and im in PAIN. Some one please help me:(
Owwwwww Comments By: Shannon on 2011-07-26
Hi x I'm 13 I've had ear ache since yesterday and its doin my headin :-( I've tried some ear drops but they made them worster and I've been up since 6.00 in the morning and rite now it's 4.42 at nite and my ear killin me plz can someone give me any tips x thanks
Helpful tips Comments By: Shannon on 2011-07-26
Hi x im 13 I just remembered a couple of tips.

1) never go swimming it makes ur ear worster.

2) never stick things in ur ear that might make them worsted to
3) the doctor said to my oldest sister that you shouldn't never mess with ur ear when u have ear ache u should leave them ( I'm engonring them though I have ear ache rite now and it's 4.52am at nite so just gonna go down stairs and try that hot flannel method

thank x

does this work Comments By: kirk on 2011-07-30
does a warm wet town work???
try this Comments By: anon on 2011-08-05
get a hairdryer put on 1 if that does not work get rice put it in a sock [ make sure the sock is old] and warm it up for 1 or 2 mins if not go to the docters as quick as possible i hope it works
im a believer Comments By: kass on 2011-08-15
So I've had an ear for a couple days now and it wasn't as intense until tonight. My left ear feels like water was stuck in it. So it was plugged. I looked on here and decided to use the sock and rice method, & I mean it didn't pop my whole ear yet but its going. You just have to keep going back and forth to wet your sock w/hot hot water. Trust Me. I'm no believer of these remedies on the internet but this does work. Also I might add the pain was unbearable!! It woke me up cuz it was very bad but I feel amazing now! :)

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