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Afro hair. Use a conditioning cream

Use a conditioning cream like blue magic or pink lotion and use a shampoo/conditioner that is especially for afro or caribean hair types.

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Buyer beware! Comments By: Kismet on 2004-09-11
"Especially for" products are often only specialized in price or advertising. Check ingredients and experiment with what works for your hair!
using a conditioner for African American Comments By: Red on 2005-01-13
For African American hair any Pantene PRO-V conditioner is great it leaves your hair soft and manageable.
Mineral oil and petroleum Comments By: anon on 2005-06-25
be careful! mineral oil and petroleum can clog pores in your scalp and coat the hair suffocating it and causing a nasty build-up if you don't use a clarifying shampoo. For some people it has no effect try it for yourself.
pink lotion and blue magic? Comments By: regina on 2008-11-23
people do not follow this advice pink lotion and bluemagic?does nothing for your hair you might as well slap on some vaseline on your hair bad idea right. these products contain harmful ingredients that dry up hair, clog pores and cause uneccesary build up on your scalp. They also make your hair greasy and no that's not a good thing. I would recommend products that are non alcoholic, contain no petrolatum,mineral oil/parrafium liquidium
Any product suggestions? Comments By: Meaghan on 2010-05-15

Anybody have some great products they use or would like to recommend?

Ihave natural hair Comments By: Natural Beauty on 2010-10-03
Oyinhandmade hair products. Google It.
KinkyCurly Avail via net or wholefoods, or Target.
EcoGel OliveOil Treatment [Sally's or CVS]
Youtube natural hair and you will be amazed!
Minimize Petroleum and mineral Oil


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