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Preventing spots. Tip to prevent spots

Submitted by emily

All you need to do is keep your hands clean, never touch your face, keep your face clean and don't use any kind of foundation until your spot has gone.

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The odd spot Comments By: Rachel22 on 2008-04-29
Wearing foundation does not give you spots, you can actually buy a foundation with protective ingrediants for the skin, if any thing make sure you massage your face for about 5mins with your face wash, get a cleansing face wash ie:Simple, if your face gets dry, after cleansing use bio-oil, massage into your face very softly in a circular motion, as said previously try not to touch during the day, and if you are not a water drinker just keep 1 bottle with you at work and make sure it is finnished by time you go home, 1more thing if you drink alot of milk, try cutting it down to a small glass a day, it has been know to iritate acne & make the spots angry.
unhelful Comments By: meg on 2009-03-21
ive got spots and this info didnt help sorry
Thanks Comments By: Dearbhaile on 2009-04-17
I havent tried this but i'm going to give it a go. Thanks for posting it (Y) I would also just like to apologize on behalf of the very rude person who wrote the previous comment. It actually really annoyed me. Did you possibly consider the fact that your skin is completely different compared to the person who suggested these methods? And that you should have at least thanked them for taking the time to post their comment?
Some people are so ignorant !

Glad you helped. Comments By: GLSwinel on 2009-06-09
Hi, thanks so much for posting this I am definitly going to give this ago since I do drink a lot of milk. I don't so much have spots but recently i have been getting the odd one on my chin and I just saw that a small group are forming on my forehead but I think i know exactly what they're from, my fringe, the hair irritates my skins causeing spot. My mum who is also a nurse said that drinking water and eating lots of fruit can help prevent them. So I am definitly going to try both of your advice because I am dreading though though of getting spots. Thanks x
Comments By: Jodie on 2009-07-02
I have had spots for as long as i can remember and they have got better but i still get them bad its hard not to squeeze them i dont want a big yellow spot on my face i suppose im making it worse i drink alot of juice need to drink water really i eat fruit also im using a face wash i wash off my makeup when i go to bed but nothing seems to work for me...ive tried so many face treatments i even went to the docs about it and the tablets and cream helped but i had to stop them as it caused side effects


drinking water does prevent spots Comments By: kirsty on 2009-07-12
drinking water does prevent spots. when i drink water it makes me feel so much healthier and my face insteed of looking gaunt and unhealthy my eyes and skin glows.
people have said to me that using products on your face does not help... just wash it with clean water every night. but still i use a wipe to remove make up.
i have never sufferered from acne i get a annoying spot every once in a while.
but people do go to the doctors and if you have really bad spots he gives you a tablet .. i have seen the changes in peoples spots and it does work!

very good tip Comments By: kylie knight on 2010-06-07
hey ive just moved in to a hard water area and my skin has changed i never had spots now i get loads i hate them. Im going to drink loads more water now. Also i havent been going to the toilet lately number 2 so thats also will make me ahve spots. well thanks for the info xxx
My advice. Comments By: Rebecca on 2011-03-06
drinking water does work, and you should definitely give it a go! Also sudocrem is very good, its just a general cream. just leave a blob on your spot at night and it dries it right up. Cleanser and moisteriser also work for me, twice a day, i find that this prevents spots! OBVIOUSLY IT DEPENDS WHAT YOUR SKIN IS LIKE CUZ EVERYBODIES IS DIFFERENT! good luck everybody! <3 x

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