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Boils. Use bacon fat for boils

Apply fat from bacon to the boil and let sit 10-15 minutes per day. Boil will come to a head in 3-10 days and will drain on its on.

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grandaddy knows it all! Comments By: Hollywood on 2005-02-01
My grandfather placed a strip of bacon fat over a boil I developed on my forearm... He applied the bacon strip with lots of fat over the boil and bandaged it...giving instructions not to remove till the next day...so I woke up that next day removed the bandaged containing a strip of bacon fat and to my surprise the boil had a white head that almost burst on it's own...I learned that day that old time remedies really work and today I am still a believer!
It's the salt, not the fat Comments By: Tryanythingonce on 2006-09-03
My stepmother swears by the same remedy, except that she insists it's the salt and not the fat that is the remedy. Try putting just salt on a bandaid instead of the bacon fat.
definitely the salt Comments By: lnoland on 2007-08-04
My father used to treat boils with salt meat. it is the salt that is the drawing agent. I have come up with a modern day alternative that works great. I take a large band-aid, spread neosporin on the pad part, then sprinkle it with salt and apply to boil before going to bed. By morning the boil is usually ruptured and there is relief. You should then keep the area clean and apply neosporin.
Bacon and boils Comments By: Anon on 2007-11-21
It really does work! My grandmother used to cover my brothers boils with a strip of bacon and change the bacon once a day. Within 3 days, the boil came to a head and relief was felt. Old home remedies can and do work.
Boils are no fun Comments By: boil hater on 2008-05-20
Yes, it does work! My brother used to get boils a lot of the time during his childhood and our mother would cover the boil (be sure to cover the entire boil and surrounding area) with a strip of bacon, cover it and leave on for for 2-3 days (changing the bandage every evening). Within 3 days or so it come come to a head and could be removed easily. Some of those "old timers" home cures did work and this is one of them.
The boils are coming...the boils are coming!!! Comments By: Helen on 2008-08-10
Since May I've had nothing but problems with boils showing up to the point of going to the emergency room. Then after being prescribed antibiotics...the boils are showing up more!! Every 3 to 4 days another boil shows up in all the wrong places! I'm tired of them. Has anyone else had the bad experience of seeing new boils show up after they've finished their antibiotic(s)?
Bacon for boils. It really works! Comments By: Roxanna on 2008-11-24
My grandson got bit by a spider and consequently got a boil. We took him to the doctors but to no avail. Tried drawing salves and still nothing helped. Great grandma recommended raw bacon on a bandaid and 24 hrs later the BOIL broke. I am a believer!!!!!!
bacon fat isn't just for boils anymore Comments By: Nora McCain on 2008-12-11
Once I had a cactus shard in my leg. My mother bandaged a small piece of bacon fat to where we thought the actual sore was. After a day and a half we took off the bandages and the cactus was in the bacon fat. Cool~
This really works Comments By: TipKing on 2009-04-01
I passed this tip onto someone close to me whom had a stubborn boil for several weeks on their lower chest.

They were very skeptical but gave it a try. Applied the bacon to the boil. I told her to change the bacon that first night. When she went to change the bacon after just 8 hours the boil erupted when the bandage was removed.


boils and bacon Comments By: Jason on 2010-03-29
I had a big not on my side had it for a few yrs after 4 yrs it turned red i asked a close friend what to do well I put bacon fat on it for 3 days finally it burst it was nasty blood and puss but it worked cheaper to!
moma knows best Comments By: anon on 2010-04-10
the bacon fat on a boil trick does work. my mom puts a big piece on a bandaid at bedtime and leaves it on til the next morning.when she gets up it is busted and drainned all in one night. then she applies neosporin to it for 2-3 days.
For Helen Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-29
Helen, have you been tested for MRSA, short for Methylicin (a powerful antiboitic)-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus? It's a nasty antibiotic-resistant strain of the staph bacteria, sometimes called a "super bug." A severe infection with MRSA, or some other "super bug" can, though rarely, be life-threatening. Often, if a patient's infection is bad enough, hospitalization may be required to receive "hospital only- administered" antibiotics (like Vancomycin) to which, as yet, no bacteria is immune. After the treatment, most recover completely. Googling your symptoms may help you self-diagnose, but PlEASE go to a Dr. if your symptoms continue.
Glove-warming pouches for boils Comments By: Anon on 2010-04-29
A standard home treatment for any superficial skin infection- including minor boils- involves the use of what medical folks call "hot compresses." This almost always means soaking a wash cloth in as-hot-as-you-can-stand water, and applying it to the infection. Once it's no longer hot, it's re-heated, and the process is repeated for 15-30 minutes multiple times per day. The heat kills the bacteria. My home remedy is similar, but, for me, works over night, and usually requires one treatment. Buy a pack of those "air-activated" hand warmers. Wash and thoroughly dry the boil, then cover it with a layer of OTC medical tape. The tape protects the skin from the warmer from- though rare- burning the skin. After activating the warmer to full heat, securely, but not tightly, tape the pad to the boil, then go to bed. Wait 30 minutes before falling asleep to make sure that the warmer is not too hot for you. If so, remove it, and find another treatment. Discomfort might lead to a minor burn while you sleep. It should feel pretty warm, but not HOT. The next day, hopefully, you should notice a decrease in swelling and pain. The process may be repeated, and it may be done during the day, as well.
works better than the doc Comments By: Lin on 2010-09-14
I got 3 nail punctures in my foot and went to the doctor who bandaged it and gave me antibotics. After a week of following his prescription it was getting worse. My grandma put bacon on and it drew out the puss and dirt- after 3 days it wasn't infected, I put new bacon (smoked) on every day for a week and it was totally better.
Giving it a go! Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-15
Trying the salted bacon out tonight. Will update with the progress..
mom does know best Comments By: carol on 2010-11-01
my step dad use to get them nasty things all the time in some not so good spots and no matter what the Dr did they came back her old boss (she was a certified nurses aide at the time) now just does inhome care, but they told her this and it worked great, the raw bacon who would ever think of that, but hey it works. but the bad news is now I gotta use it....hopefully it works on me. im sure it will.
Bacon grease... Comments By: Alicia on 2010-12-29
I've been having some problems with boils. My mother suggested that I use bacon grease. We always save the grease from cooked bacon. After reading the results from using raw bacon fat, I can say that the left over grease works just as well. Put it on a band-aide just as you would antibiotic ointment, then stick it on the boil. One boil I did this to drained within 30 minutes! The others usually drained over night.
Bacon Comments By: caysie hester on 2011-03-07
It is the salt...I have Localized Staph and it does not get rid of the infection itself however it does get rid of the boils one at a time...Now, the salt from the bacon pulls it to a head...Also, if u dont have bacon, try a sliced potato..put salt on it..put in on a gauze and tape it to where ever ur boil is...Leave it on for a couple days, the potato will turn black and the boil will reach to a head...Now if u can handle pain...scrap off the top layer of skin, get 4 strings of thread and twist it over the boil, it will pull the core out!!!

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