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Framing Photos. Tips for framing your photos

Are you searching for a new method or way to display the photos in your home? Photographs of your family, friends, relatives, trips and memories of your lifetime are all great in decorating and detailing your home. All the walls in your home are empty canvases for your memories and fun displays.

One idea that you can use to make your display unique and uniform at the same time is to use the same frame. Wood frames, metal frames, colored frames of clear frames – what ever type you like the most is the type of frame you can use. Your frames can accent or contrast colors in your décor already. Using similar frames will make your display more of a package deal and easier to look at. Sometimes when you have various types of frames displayed on shelving or on the walls, it will look less appealing.

Maybe you already have a collection of photographs, in different frames, and you do not want to spend the money on getting all new frames. There are ways to display your photos without having to go through too much expense.

Add background matting. Using one color of matting paper, construction paper, or even using white printer paper, create borders inside of each of your frames. Making all the borders inside the frames the same color, while the frames are different will create a collection of photographs that you will really enjoy. The matching borders on the inside frames will pull the entire collection together for sitting on shelves, on the walls or even on the mantel.

If you don’t want to take apart all of your picture frames and add new borders or matting, you can still take the frames that you have and create displays in your home that will be appealing. What you need to do is break up your larger displays of photographs and display them in a little different manner.

What you can do is take a shelf that you want to add some of your photographs too, and work from the larger to the smaller sizes. Say for example, you are like most people and you have a collection of 20 – 25 photographs in frames. Take two or three of your largest photographs and set them in the back of the shelf. These are most likely your 8 x 10 framed pictures.

In front of the large pictures, you are going to place three to five smaller photographs. These will be the photographs that are 5 x 7. This arrangement allows you to see the photographs in the back and in the front at the same time.

Now you probably have a few smaller photos, the wallet sized, or the 3 x 5 that you have in frames. These you can sit in the very front of all the arranged photos. Now you can see all the photos from the front to the back, and the arrangement is very appealing.

If you have a large amount of photos in frames, you can put them on the wall in an arrangement that will be exciting yet appealing at the same time if you put a little planning into it. Even though the photographs that are in the same frames can be arranged on the wall with a little less planning, you can still make your multiple frames look nice.

Here is what you are going to do: you can arrange photos according to oldest to newest, a time in the past to now. You can arrange your photos on the wall according to family on one wall, relatives and friends on another and another wall would be just places you have been.

You can also use the size format to display photographs on the wall. Photographs on the wall that are arranged by size, with the largest on the top sides, mid size photographs in the middle and then using the smallest on the outside right under the largest photos will make a nice display. Just a tip, you can layout your frames on the floor and make a complete arrangement by size before attempting to hang them on the wall for the display that you will love the most without having to put all types of holes in the wall first.

The idea of displaying photos in similar frames makes your home look more complete. The photos that are arranged in different frames, but in a manner that is still appealing will make your house more like a home. Personalize your home and add photographs of all types on all your walls.

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