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Getting Ready for Spring Season

Spring is a great time to tackle jobs there are a few things that you can do that will lessen your load later in the summer, and that you can do during the spring months so that you can enjoy you summer later. As the winter snow if melting off, you will notice leaks, cracks or things that need repaired in your home that you won�t be able to fix until the warmer weather does come along. If you have problems with your roof, foundation or other bigger tasks similar to these you should make yourself a �to do� list so that you can do these when the weather changes to summer for sure. 

One thing is important when discussing spring projects, if you can�t get it done in one or two nice days, you should put it off until later when you can get four or five nice days in a row because spring is notorious for rainy weather. 

In the house

Inside the house, it is a good time to start your spring-cleaning. You can find articles about spring-cleaning and organizing your home throughout TipKing.com so be sure to look for more tips and ideas about spring cleaning here. You can take it room by room or you can start with the upstairs and work your way down, whichever is easiest for you. In your home, the spring months are a good time to start transplanting houseplants that have been outgrowing their pots, as it is so much easier to do this out on the porch instead of inside on your floor. 

Spring is a great time to put your rugs through the laundry and hang them out to dry. 

Outside of the house

The sun is shining and all you want to do is �be� outdoors, so put your time to good use and get a head start on all of those chores that you have coming up. A few chores that are great on those spring days are those that you can get done in just a few hours before the rain hits again, or before the weather decides to take a leap down in temperatures again. 

If you have had your driveway plowed during the winter months, you need to rake all the rocks and shell back into your driveway. Getting the rocks out of your yard is going to make your mowing grass later much easier. 

Speaking of mowing the grass, having your lawn mower serviced before you plan on using it is going to make your summer seem to go so much smoother. Have the blades sharpened on your mower and be sure to change the oil in the lawn mower since it has been sitting all winter long. 

You can paint the trim around the doors, the garage or anywhere you need a little touch up on nice spring days, all within just a few hours. You don�t want to do this in the middle of summer when it is too hot � it is better to be at the pool then!

Painting the mailbox, filing in ruts in the drive way or washing the outside of the windows are all tasks that can be done during those warm spring days when you want to be outside!

In the garden 

Cultivating your garden on a nice warm spring day will put you ahead of the planting season. Weeding out the smaller flower gardens that you kind of �let� go last fall is easily done during this springtime when the soil is still wet. 

If you want to plant bulbs, the very early spring months are a great time for doing this.

Sweeping off pathways and marking out where you want to put your stones, or walkways in, are task that are �easier� during the spring months when the ground is softer. 

Planting trees is a task that should be taken care of in the early spring months while the seedlings are still a bit in hibernation. 

For the car 

The spring season is a great time to work on your car. The car needs a good wash, maybe even two, or three to get all the salt and grime off from those long winter storms and traveling on the highways. 

Waxing your car in the spring months, a good rub on and a good rub off is going to extend the color of your paint, prevent build up of harsh summer heat and tar on your car and a good wax is going to make your car stay clean longer. 

Be sure to take the time in the spring to change your oil, rotate your tires and to sweep out the car really good � this gets you one step ahead when you are ready to head out on vacation as your basic maintenance is already done!

For the Children

Spring is a time when children are ready to head outdoors with the first rays of the sun. In the spring, it is a good time to put that trampoline up so the children can play on that warm sunny day. 

In the spring, you can check out the children�s bikes, making sure you have a few extra tubes on hand for their bikes, that you have checked and oiled their bikes, and even if their bikes still fit them � sometimes children can grow inches over the summer, which you might be able to fix fast just by raising the seat on the bike!

Spring leads to all the summer activities that you love the most, and getting ready ahead of time during the spring months makes your summer much more enjoyable!

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