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Hair Color gone wrong? Fix with this

Submitted by Karina

If you have recently dyed your hair a shade that came out way too dark and you want a easy solution, here it is. Simply mix 3 parts lemon juice to one part conditioner (acids in lemon juice naturally lighten hair) and saturate hair with the mix.

Lightly towel dry and blow dry til almost completely dry, finish off with just rinsing hair with lemon juice and styling as usual. I promise your hair will be lighter (you'll even see the dye trickling out!) and soft and bouncy.

Visitors comments

THANK YOU! Comments By: NET on 2004-09-26
You are a genious!!! I was trying to dye my hair back to its origional colour (brown) and my hair turned black! I am very pale, so I looked very gothic and dead! The lemmon mixture worked so well! My hair is now dark brown with natural highlights, and it is soft and smooth! THANK YOU!!!
It Really Works! Comments By: brilliantbrunette on 2004-10-19
I, too, was trying to get back to my perceived natural color of brown and it also came out almost black. I tried the lemon juice/conditioner mix this morning and it worked! My hair is still a little darker than I prefer, but is much, much better than yesterday! My summer highlights came back (actually a little lighter than before) and my hair is brown instead of black. I will wash normally this week and if by the weekend, it is still too dark, I will apply the lemon juice again. What a wonderful tip!
It really works! Comments By: Cassieclay on 2004-11-07
Thank you very much - I had my hair coloured at a salon yesterday - went from blonde with highlights to reddish brown with a few blonde highlights; colour went wrong in the salon so they did it again, differently this time - I woke up this morning with a very distinct green tinge! Thanks to you, it's gone now!! Thank you so much.
Getting There Comments By: Christina on 2004-11-20
I read this about a week after i colored my hair black i have been using the lemon juice about every other week it's gotten lighter but not that light. It's pretty Dark brown and wierrd bloches of lighter brown but it's still working. Good tip although it takes a while.
It's lighter Comments By: playbaby on 2004-12-20
I'm a guy. I tried this Just For Men stuff. I freaked. Your tip helped. At least it's not so black as to be purple. But I have a tip for guys...forget about it!!!
did not work 4 me Comments By: Ashley on 2004-12-23
I tried this tip and it did not work for me. I dyed my hair blk wich turned out way to dark for my skin tone. So i tried this and not a single change. E-Mail me if you have any other tips that may work. [email protected]
its ok Comments By: Miss K on 2005-01-16
thanks for the tip but it didnt do all that much for my hair i did see the colour running out but when i dryed it it wasnt that diffrent thanks anyway. xxxxxxxxxxx
worked 4 me Comments By: hayley on 2005-02-17
thanks for the tip the lemon and conditioner really works my hair looks a lot lighter and to start with it was nearly black
has no one heard? Comments By: carole espie on 2005-02-26
sorry to here all your colurs are going wrong, but havent you all heard of Elimin8 by RUSK. It breaks down the colour without damaging the hairs own pigment.
Great Tip!!! Comments By: Nurse Shannan on 2005-05-10
totally worked....just one thing though, you have to wash the lemon juice out at the end or your hair will be sticky all day.
black hair at my temples w/the rest auburn Comments By: lisa on 2005-05-17
i go to a stylist she dyes my hair auburn
but at my temples it is black,what causes
this & how can it be avoided? she doesnt
know what causes this,1st time this has
happened with her doin my hair,help.i am
42 & i do have plenty gray.

IT WORKS GREAT-WHAT A RELIEF!!!!! Comments By: anon on 2005-05-25
I have naturally medium brown hair...I dyed my hair with a brownish red, and it came out dark dark brown, almost blackish-I wanted cry! I used your tip with the lemon juice, repeating the procedure 2 times, and now it is back to a beautiful medium brown with reddish highlights=I love it, and it didn't harm my hair-THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THIS TIP!
No kidding, it really works! Comments By: Cis on 2005-05-30
I was kind of skeptical, but then I decided to give it a try. I went to the fridge and found a bottle of lemon juice 100%natural, those that u mix with water. Did what I had to do and squeezed it outfrom my hair. I saw the dye coming off, not a lot though. Then I washed my hair and after I styled it, I reaalized it is LIGHTER! It is still dark, but with brown shades, more natural then the gothic dead black i got before. You notice from the way you hair color will look more natural then it was. Besides, it is SHINY and SMOOTH! I bet if I do it again, it wil be even lighter!!! That is so amazing, spread the word girls!! Lots of people are struggling to deal with black dye that got too black. And that is so simple and easy , and it WORKS!! If u don't believe u can send me an email and I will confirm! :)
uhhh no Comments By: shannon on 2005-07-13
i tried it and it didnt really work for my BLACK hair =&...any other ideas?
I haven't tried it yet, but I have a question Comments By: Nicole on 2005-07-16
Like everyone else here I was going for the brunette look which is my nautural color and ended up looking black. I'm going to try the mixture, but it would help if you would tell me how much of eact to use, I know it says 3 parts to 1 part, but an average measurement would be better. Like... 3cups lemon juice to 1 cup conditioner?
ket Comments By: anon on 2005-07-20
This is unbelievable. Worked great. I too was trying to dye my hair back to its original color (med-dark brown) and it turned out almost black. I've been shampooing 5x a day and barely any noticable change...until this. Thanks so much.
Not so Lucky Comments By: JaQ on 2005-08-01
This didn't work for me. I did it the day after I tried coloring my hair brown and it came out black. It seems to have so highlights now when I walk outside but it still looks black inside. Maybe I didn't leave it on long enough? The directions are really vague - maybe you just have to get lucky and figure out excatly how much and for how long to use the solution.
i am going to try the lemon juice Comments By: lynn on 2005-08-09
how much lemon juice do I use with the conditioner?

TipKing says: The tip calls for 3 parts lemon juice to 1 part conditioner

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